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Message from Ashtar & Soltec 4-26-06

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    Ashtar and Soltec Speak Out, and So Do I by Candace Frieze, Ashtar, & Soltec # 50 something, April 25, and into the 26th, In the Glorious Year of our Lord, all
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006
      Ashtar and Soltec Speak Out, and So Do I

      by Candace Frieze, Ashtar, & Soltec

      # 50 something, April 25, and into the 26th, In the Glorious Year of
      our Lord, all of us, 2006

      Hi everyone, today comes a work from Ashtar and Soltec in answer to
      the continuing statement of Patrick Bellringer, that lift off is
      potentially near. Today on www.fourwinds10.com, I have been informed
      by others, is a copy of a chapter on the liftoff from Phoenix
      #5 composed primarily by Ashtar. It is an interesting read, I read
      much of it today, after I did this message. I downloaded it a long
      time ago, and never finished reading it. Much history behind the
      interference in Earth, and the remedies for it. I have read some of
      this in other material, and was unsure of the validity until today.

      Dearly Beloveds, I Am Ashtar, yes that Ashtar my friends of the
      mighty Ashtar Command, deliverers from evil. It has come to my
      attention that a section of my previous dictation though Dharma of
      `1989, in Phoenix Journal #5 is being misused. That was 1989. Things
      have changed.

      At this time the planet, Shan is reasonably stable. She has moved
      into 4D consciousness overall, an average you might say, with many
      still living in petty circumstances, and beings from 9D and higher
      incarnate upon the Earth plane.

      People, the Earth is not going to roll over, at least not at this
      time, and I see little now that should cause this to occur. Now, I
      going to Soltec, your friendly geophysicist, for an update on the
      nature of the planet's magnetics at this time.

      Soltec: Yes, beloved I am here, you are surprised at bit? You always
      seem to much enjoy my energy. ( I do) Recently you pointed to your
      readers about the beauty of the moon shine, and someone was able to
      place a picture upon your forum of it. Now this moonshine, is very
      directly related to the glow which is everyday increasing from the
      Earth herself.

      Granted the time waiting for this last cartel to be leaving is
      irritating to many, but in the larger picture, I remind you, they
      in the very minority. Earth would not be lighting up the moon, if it
      was otherwise. It is your 4D effect, visually seen. The magnetics
      stabilizing a good deal now. There is little risk whatsoever of a
      magnetic pole shift. There are two types of shift, one in which the
      poles reverse their polarity, the other in which the planet rolls
      over. You are well past that danger now, actually of either

      The "pole shift" coming, is a good one, and not a catastrophic
      The planet, is approaching the stage of unipolarity, meaning it
      magnetically will not have a North and a South Pole. This is a
      gradual and not a sudden occurrence. We are will pleased with the
      progress. And what does unipolarity mean? Unity. The end of duality
      as you know it. The unipolarity is the positive node of the
      minus the negative node.

      When this does occur, and it is still a bit off in the development,
      your magnets are not going to work as usual. This is the goal of
      Ascension. Often times this is a sudden event, and if so, it occurs
      on a vacant planet, but such is not the case with Earth, as you all
      know. You are taking the unusual journey, a great experiment of
      moving with the planet. Actually, this is not so unusual, as planets
      customarily do this over a prolonged period of time, and come into
      light and life gradually.

      What is different on Earth, in the cosmic plan at this time, is the
      Correcting Time. You are not on the slow journey, it is being sped
      up. Now there will be more Earthquakes, particularly in the coming
      months, because people have not awakened quite enough about this war
      and the condition of the planet. But they are on the cusp.

      The current tornadoes and rains are the Earth cooling herself off.
      You will continue to have stormy conditions to drive the heat into
      the outer atmosphere and into near space, actually space cools it.
      This will calm down a great deal, in a few years time, when you
      create less heat, and as we get the firmament rebuilt.

      There may come periods of time, once the planet is awake, that we
      evacuate and move people, an assistance to you, who are in dangerous
      areas. The Mother, Gaia, does not desire the stress that her life
      forms would feel from massive events, but until we are on the
      ourselves and can provide education directly, we can't evacuate. It
      would not only frighten ones, but the churches would take advantage
      of that rapture teaching.

      You have chosen, all of you who read these messages, to stay on the
      surface and ride this out, for your own growth. You have chosen to
      rebuild just about everything on the planet. You will be rebuilding
      the politics, the infrastructure, housing, how you eat, the media,
      and many other technologies to come when you are mature enough for

      The planet's population will decrease, because some people will
      return home. Couples will pay attention to their reproduction. And
      many who are of the robotics will find their fertility will decline
      greatly because of the change in vibrations. Shortly, maybe in about
      2 years, the magnetic changes will cause those of lower vibrations
      not be able to conceive. This is a natural event.

      As a planet ascends, because of the like attracts like, star people
      incarnating can't use this lower DNA. It can't even be remodeled,
      the higher vibrations of the planet will prevent incarnation of
      evolved forms. And some will make their transition in some of the
      earthquakes yet to come, because people have chosen to live and
      their homes on faults.

      We continue to relieve pressure as we can, generating earthquakes
      daily, many at sea, or deep below, where they are not as easily
      You will have a hurricane season once again this year, and there
      be plenty of hurricanes, matters not the name, some are called
      cyclones. The Earth must vent the heat, or she will blow to bits
      otherwise. At some point, those in California are going to have to
      get well back from the coast, because the coastal areas of a large
      portion of California are actually a shelf, and that shelf is going
      to go into the sea, and it will take a lot of buildings with it.

      You do have a time of chaos before you, because these events are
      going to occur, and you must solve the problems with them. God is
      going to solve these surface problems, God will give some notice,
      you my friends are going to do the work. And simply prayers,
      of us, and "thought" will not solve the problems of where the people
      are going to be when part of California slides into the sea. This,
      I said is some time off, and I am not today going to say when,
      exactly, but we will say when, in greater estimate of time when we
      are on the planet and can do so. It is not the time to "freak out"
      your saying goes.

      Patrick, you need to stop this nonsense you are proposing. You are
      creating not only fear in some, but you are promoting a change of
      consciousness that is not beneficial to the magnetic fields.
      Fortunately the number of your readers are small, but you give also
      information of incorrectness to a few readers who check you out, and
      then create coming rapture propaganda for the churches. You are
      harming the cause, and I personally am requesting, that you do what
      you on Earth call "Shut Up."

      There is some possibility, that ole depend thing, that there will be
      partial evacuations for a time to allow cleansing in specific
      regions. But the whole of the planet will not be, and partial
      evacuations are not in order at this time. The folks of Inner Earth,
      some may need some evacuation themselves, because some of the
      will affect them. Had we had to evacuate the planet back in the late
      80's to early 90's we would have had to evacuate also the people of
      Inner Earth, because a roll over is worse than a reversal of the

      So Patrick, your information of masses being evacuated not only to
      ships, but to Inner Earth, would be a bit incorrect to a degree.
      There are those in certain Inner Earth regions, not to be disclosed
      at this time, who will be unaffected by changes, and they have made
      some room and allowance for the care of people of the surface if
      required. But it is not developed in inner Earth enough to handle
      huge populations suddenly.

      Now what are your poles currently doing, particularly the North
      It is moving around. You with compasses can determine that. Also the
      Earth is changing its tilt, slowly, this is normal remodeling. Earth
      is titled away from the sun at the maximum in its yearly cycles, now
      about 18 degrees. At one time, it was about 38 degrees, so we have a
      20 degree change. This is causing the milder winters, simply because
      you wander less far from the sun.

      Now to chemtrails. Stop the squawking now on them, because this is
      part of the divine plan, that is rebuilding your firmament. These
      draw moisture, by the forming of clouds up into the higher sky, from
      the Earth's surface. There are then some, specializing in this
      activity, who use energy to draw it even higher. We test them
      constantly, and there are no longer additives that will cause
      in them. Your increased respiratory problems are from pollutions,
      the successful establishment of virus upon the planet in you and
      animals, which you pass around in the usual patterns.

      If you want to observe our work with the quakes, just check out, as
      have suggested before your government websites.(
      http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/ is one). I know of what I speak
      on all of this. I could give some more numbers and statistics, but
      you would not understand them, and we will not give out certain
      information yet to the general public. Your scientists in
      with us, do know them. I return you now to Ashtar, I bid you Adonai,
      I AM Soltec

      Ashtar: I return my friends. In all of this, put on some humor and
      laugh a bit. You can have some fun with the rapture idea. I would
      love to see comedians take on the rapture with some humor. It would
      be a great way to teach others. I think shortly the comedians, once
      they are freed up a bit more, will do much teaching to the peoples

      Can you imagine a sky filled with naked humans, sitting on clouds,
      watching the destruction of Earth! How would they stay on the
      There could be wonderful celestial humor in all of this.

      However, the idea in the rapture, of returning after 7 years does
      have some validity, because, if Earth either would roll over, or
      change her polarity, the place wouldn't be habitable for some time,
      and most likely well more than 7 years. In that Journal, this is
      covered, and I need not repeat it here.

      Those of you incarnate, even if unaware of this "Second Coming"
      event, have made huge changes upon the planet. There is of course
      still way too much pollution from the failure to develop methods
      given the planet, but even those in organized religion have made a
      difference in changes of the mass consciousness, and thus made
      changes in the magnetics of the planet. It will all happen. Earth
      will ascend with her plants, animals, and peoples. As it should be,
      just hastened a bit over the usual process, but of course at the
      time long delayed by her unfortunate history.

      You all are going to build with Gaia, the most marvelous of places
      creation, a virtual heaven. You will ascend this planet over a
      short time, into the heights of glory. You will, with help,
      particularly from Shekhmet rebuild the evolutionary process as it
      should be. And one day, you will live in small clusters, often under
      the Earth, not necessarily inner Earth, so that the surface of the
      planet can resume the creation of new souls by the evolutionary
      process, that this great planet intended and was stolen away.

      You will decrease your populations, but not by the hideous methods
      planned by the dark, but by the natural process of sorting going on,
      and by the moving of those staying with the planet onto other
      at a future time, colonizing in essence. Many of the star people
      go home for a long deserved rest, some have been incarnate here for
      several thousand years now. Many will graduate the 5D school, and
      move to 6D planets. In time you yourself will move into 6D, and
      onward in schools of learning. The planet will become Eternal as all
      Light and Life Planets do, because they are beyond the lower levels,
      and exist in different ways. They are in Heaven.

      You will journey about, perhaps create another sun from Jupiter,
      after you have a firmament again, to supplement your current sun.
      Perhaps you will build new Mother Ships, and journey the galaxies.
      Many on Mother Ships live on them entirely, they have become home. A
      personally created Heaven. And of course many of you are in training
      here for the great journeys to come, the Creator Beings of the
      creations coming into formation in the Outer Space Regions, You will
      be the Gods. And your experience shall be magnificent, gained from
      your learned experience of returning Urantia to Heaven. How great
      will be, for your "been there, done that," experience. Let the
      roll over and cleanse, NO THANKYOU! We have all come to far in this
      grand experience to toss in the rag now.

      I know you all sit there, in your inferior body, or meat suits right
      now, trying to understand that you are great and grand souls of
      substantial experience already, but this is Truth. You only fail to
      see it because the meat suits are animal suits, and you are deprived
      of your psychic abilities. Even the animals have lacked some in
      but are coming back into their knowledge too. You will build back a
      lush garden of Eden upon the surface, from whence the new souls
      come, continuing the journey of life.

      In entering the meat suits, you understand by your experience, a
      fallen planet, and you will know the signs when you become the
      Creators, when you colonize other systems, and you will know how it
      feels, and you will not allow it to occur again. I have never
      a meat suit on the Earth Plane, I would think it a horrid
      and your bravery is to be so very commended. Again I say, throw in
      the rag now, I don't think so. Go in Peace, beloveds, and continue
      thy journey. Namaste, Ashtar.

      Candace: We must not fear these coming changes. I talk about them
      with others, think about it, and consider our tasks. We can do this,
      we can ride it out for the most part on the surface, and have that
      grand, been there, done that experience for it all. We are the ones
      who are brave, who can do this. We are creators already, and we
      come together now, in this new endeavor to us, and we shall
      We shall solve the problems as they come. We will make some errors,
      and we shall learn too from that. Can you imagine, how we will feel,
      when we do stand victorious some day? This is the "victory in God"
      that churches misteach, meaning shallow, in their teachings of
      following Jesus and the Ten Commandments.

      Now an uncomfortable but necessary note. I am not putting more of my
      time into this liftoff issue with Patrick, nor any more of my
      personal time into his other statements, such as the NESARA updates.
      He apparently has not learned that Clinton did not sign the bill. I
      need to detach from him, and I never do know what he is doing,
      when others inform me. I have had considerable email over this. I do
      what I do, and it is up to people to read me or him or both of us,
      matters not to me, because we are all on our personal journeys. I
      personally have experienced great darkness from Patrick, that broke
      my trust of him, and I am not going to be continually dragged about
      in these soap operas. Ihave and continue to delete many emails
      suggesting I remain entangled with him.

      Again, it comes out in the wash. Maybe we will be lifted off, maybe
      my messages are wrong. But I wish to get on with what I do and not
      sidetracked. I allowed it, once again this time, because of the
      nature and concern generated. I feel, and this is my genuine
      that at least part of what is behind this lift off stuff, is the
      continuing effort to raise fear and distrust and I do not like
      playing this game. I feel that when Patrick does the "we can't get
      involved in 3D thing," that he is saying we are to back off, and let
      Santa Claus, aka the star folks do it.

      If you want to work with thought in a more directed way, I suggest
      you might practice your telepathy or similar psychic skills, by
      picking somebody in the media or political scene, and attempt to
      contact a higher self, and see if you can influence change in this
      manner. Be supportive and encourage doing the right thing.

      I tried after I opened the forum to generate interest in getting the
      names of several in media and politics and pushing on them as a
      concerted effort. I encouraged also the listing of missions. What I
      got was a huge attack on the forum by parties using it merely as a
      chat room and nothing more. Taking a great deal of my time and
      energy. As I pressed to move into higher activity, I was struck by
      some who posted some very nauseating stuff, and I closed the forum
      for remodeling, which was the goal of the dark interference,
      me down for a bit, but it was necessary. So I lost the momentum, we
      all find our excuses don't we, for procrastination. Then came my
      Father's passing, and a long nasty illness from, guess what, the
      flu. It is amongst us all very well now.

      I am now back in action, and it seems we should not continue in
      awaiting our own version of the rapture, using it to avoid action on
      our part, because in a short time, we won't need too. But we will,
      because there will be many actions, such as new elections, and we
      need to be the leaders in this. We need to show another way to be
      politically, we need to say, never again, and mean it. Some folks
      will get elected who are not worthy and don't stand up to promises
      made, and we need to then remove them.

      It seems Illinois and California may use an obscure law to impeach
      the resident of the White House. Had Americans stood up in the first
      place, this would all be done long ago. I still am at unrest about
      the lack of huge antiwar protests in America. We need numbers, and
      when I search myself for groups, I find lots of little groups, doing
      just what we do, bitching, but not making a change. There is so much
      good information on the Internet, but it is only information if
      on. It to is a great place to bitch, but not to go into action.

      After I started writing for Lewis News, I was not satisfied, because
      I was just another person bitching, but accomplishing little else. I
      do run into lots of people who want Bush gone, they don't like him,
      but how do they handle the situation? Bitch. Think on it. Take care,

      PS. I have an old favorite T Shirt. I says "I Bitch, therefore I AM.
      It is taken two ways by people. Some think it means I am a bitch.
      (rarely true, but more so when I was much younger). The others see
      the same meaning I did when I bought the shirt, it means I have a
      mind, I bitch, therefore I AM. And that is the truth about me,
      I do lots of it, and I have done lots of it, in this wait. And I AM.

      But it hasn't brought the resident of the White House to his knees,
      nor has it brought truth to the forefront on 911. I don't know the
      solution, except that action is required. And action does seem hard
      to generate. And like many of you, I have those around me, who
      threaten that if I can't stop the bitching, I will drive them away.
      So I basically support the idea of waiting for America to get mad
      enough to bitch in loud concert and demand change. So Be It.

      Another PS: (added this Wednesday morning) The problem with
      lift off scheme right now, is that it is an invitation for you to
      just pack the bags you don't need to take with you, and stop doing
      your works during the packing. And should liftoff happen, partially
      or completely at some point, we will still be doing our works, just
      in another environment, and we won't be the ones who will be put
      sleeping for the journey.

      Our good friends and neighbors who attend rapture teaching churches
      are getting the same thing, it is not necessary to do works, and
      learn et al, just be a friend of Jesus, and await the rapture, and
      nothing to fix of self or this planetary home. Read Journal #5,
      the doing of the work on the planet, and on ourselves, and you will
      see the misuse of what Patrick does with the Journals. He uses them
      to support his current scheme, whatever it is. If you read his
      writing of long ago, as Patrick Henry, you see in it, the asking of
      God to fix the problem. It is still there.

      Did he not plead and ask you to plead (beg) to the forces of light?
      If he had truly gotten the message in Journal #5, that is not the
      comment he would have made. A rapture solves non of our problems,
      even if it becomes necessary, meaning lift off. We will still have
      problems to solve, and we are not going to be pampered during the
      time in flight. Perhaps Patrick has battle fatigue too right now.
      the solution is to return to the void for a bit, and redesign the
      game plan, not to rapture oneself away from the reality.

      This is occurring a great deal on the planet, with people who have
      lost the will to stay in this reality. Some incarnate star folks are
      doing this, returning to old worlds in their minds. This is a cause
      of some of the mental illness I used to work with long ago on psyche
      wards and in the MS society in the support groups I used to run and
      as a counselor. People fracture when it gets to be too much, and
      in other worlds. Earth is a tough place, but the solution is not to
      rapture into a nonexistent reality or past life. Others use alcohol,
      drugs, and sex and open themselves to the potential dark side
      manipulation, which Ashtar covers also very nicely.

      Ashtar, or possibly Sananda or CM in it, I don't remember, talked of
      Maldek, and asked just where did the souls of Maldek, after it was
      converted to the asteroid belt get "raptured" to complete their
      journeys? Planet Earth. Many are being raptured off the planet right
      now, being placed on the new planet, or the void planet, or
      uncreated. Maybe the ones who are staying on the planet, those left
      behind, are perhaps the Gods themselves, us, who together, two or
      more in my name, will ascend and rebuild the planet. Quite the
      opposite story from that apparently created by the Left Behind
      and related stories. I haven't read those books, the covers gross me

      This journal is highly recommended by me, I finished it at midnight
      last night, because it does a fine job of explaining just how Satan,
      who can`t create, uses us to do his bidding and with our permission.
      Ashtar is pretty good with his explanation, and I laughed and
      chuckled and experienced quiet understanding, some reinforcement for
      my battle fatigue so nicely described by Christ Michael with Jess
      recently. I have needed some time in the great void, to recreate or
      create some more, a battle plan, but it must move now from the void
      into this reality. When the student is ready, the teacher shows up.
      have read much of this type of stuff already, but I did need the
      reinforcement, and I am happy to announce, I am back in the great
      game. So for that I do thank Patrick, nice timing.

      I just this morning, read the message from Sheldon, sent to me in an
      email. You are seeing the "networking" and planning done by our sky
      buddies, as Sheldon's work is discussing the monopolarity
      Notice the Sheldon report is not suggesting a liftoff at this time
      either. To do so, is to cause us to pack instead of work. But I do
      admit that Sheldon's reports have suggested the possibility at some
      point. We can assist the Earth and her peoples, and we must, now is
      the time, do not pack of thy bags! Take care, again, Candace

      And yet another PS: As long as I am still on the Patrick stuff, he
      once put down the concept of many messiahs, just what is a messiah
      anyway? Many people are trying to concept the messiah, it seems a
      messiah to most is a God that comes and walks in the flesh amongst
      us, picking us up, setting an example, fixing the problems of the
      planet, doing what others can't do for themselves. Now beloveds,
      doesn't that describe all of us? LET US STAND IN OUR HOLY SHOES.


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