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Message from Diane 4-20-06

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    Diane 20-April-06 It was not too long ago that the word “alien” was widely used to describe us. It has a feeling of alienation and presupposes that
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      Diane 20-April-06

      It was not too long ago that the word “alien” was widely used to
      describe us. It has a feeling of alienation and presupposes that
      extraterrestrials are some species entirely different to you. Your
      imagination has at times given them grotesque and unhuman like
      appearances, largely due to your science fiction writers. This has
      tied the two together and the very mention of ET’s often conjures up
      frightening appearances. When you follow the story line that portrays
      us as intent on taking over the world, the idea of us coming to Earth
      causes many to fear our possible presence.

      The dark contribute to the ideas that show us in a bad light, and even
      some religions view us as disciples of the Devil. All in all we have
      had a difficult time to convince you that as members of The Galactic
      Federation, that we come in peace. There are of course the activities
      of the Greys with their “abductions” and cattle mutilations. Many have
      no understanding of the difference between them and us, and it clouds
      the whole question as to who we really are and our purpose in
      contacting you.

      It must first be made clear that the Greys are a rebel group that have
      contacted the dark forces. They have a mutual agreement that allows
      both to share advanced knowledge, and for the Greys to have their
      bases upon Earth. Generally speaking they allow each other to work
      free of interference, although there have been altercations between
      them. You have progressed faster than you would have done without this
      contact. However, your Government and military have been the principle
      beneficiaries of the technology that has been given to them. The Star
      Wars program came as a result of these developments, and the weaponry
      is also pointed at us and our craft. Fortunately, we are ourselves
      very advanced and have no difficulty in avoiding any attempts to
      attack us. The Greys have been less fortunate, and have suffered
      losses that are well documented.

      Our contact has been one of peaceful intent, and helpful to you in our
      roles as your Guardians. We have been monitoring your progress for
      millennia of time, and this is why more recently we have openly been
      in contact with you. We have stated it before, and confirm that we
      have never intentionally caused harm to anyone upon Earth. Fear is of
      course something we cannot avoid, but even so where we have landed and
      made contact we have been able to calm people. You have yet to learn
      of how we have helped you in a number of ways, as our work has always
      quietly taken place in the background. We have curtailed many natural
      events upon Earth, and also rescued people from life threatening
      situations. Often those involved have no actual knowledge of our

      It has never been our intention that you should be distracted from
      your responsibilities whilst upon Earth. We have largely kept out of
      sight and as you will know by now, have the ability to stay cloaked in
      invisibility. Our visits are recorded throughout your history and go
      way back into ancient times, and many references appear in your
      religious books. Because of our advanced evolution and technology that
      we use, we are often referred to as gods but that is not through our
      own intention. Related to Sumerian times there are historical
      references to the Anunnaki, also known as the Nibiruans. They
      intentionally presented themselves as gods, but that was for ulterior
      motives, power and control. They no longer have any influence on you
      and have since left this planet, but left their mark.

      Our approach to you has been one of careful planning, and primarily
      intended to get you used to the idea of our presence in your skies.
      This has been going on for hundreds of years, but more frequently over
      the last century because you have become able to comprehend our
      significance in relation to you. The time arrived when your own
      technical progress allowed you to accept that other forms of
      spacecraft existed that were more advanced than your own. With it we
      also made contacts that were intended to enlighten you as to our
      demeanor, and our purposes for them. We gave messages and advice that
      was usually circulated, and warnings that often appertained to the
      dangers of Man’s use of nuclear devices. You needed guidance in this
      new knowledge, as there was a real danger that you would destroy
      yourselves. If you were bent on doing so we could not have stopped it,
      but we were allowed to inform you of the dangers as the plan for you
      and Earth was quite different.

      Today you stand at the door to Ascension, having overcome the attempts
      of the dark to prevent it. Your consciousness has grown amazingly fast
      since the Millennium, as you have gradually reached up out of the dark
      into the true Light. Your experiences have been all about your
      personal growth, and this has been going on the whole time whether you
      were aware of it or not. You have never stood still, and with the
      incoming energies of the higher vibration you have every opportunity
      to establish yourselves in the Light. Many have done so and can
      rightly consider themselves to have risen above the dark energies.
      That is some achievement given that for the time being you are still
      in the cycle of duality. The raising of your consciousness is one of
      the reasons we are here, and soon we shall come together for your
      final uplifting.

      I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and we are dedicated to ensure
      your success. We have always been part of the plans for your
      enlightenment, and who better than ones who have already experienced
      the final stages that are now taking place for you. You have a need to
      be guided along the path that finally leaves the dark behind, and
      opens up the whole vista of Ascension. We are ready to do so, and it
      is the purpose of our presence at this time. We are together in this
      great adventure, and we are waiting to welcome you as the newest
      member of the Federation. Your lives will take a wonderful leap
      forward, and into the harmony and peace that comes with finding that
      balance within and fully coming into the Light. We send you our Love
      and Blessings.

      Thank you Diane.

      Mike Quinsey.


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