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Message from Krishna 4-9-05

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    I give you my Mantra Lord Krishna, April 9, 2005 I AM Krishna, coming to you through this Messenger. I AM Krishna, Lord Krishna. They know me and worship me in
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      I give you my Mantra
      Lord Krishna, April 9, 2005

      I AM Krishna, coming to you through this Messenger.

      I AM Krishna, Lord Krishna. They know me and worship me in India.
      Also, they know me in many countries of the world thanks to the
      devoted of Lord Krishna. Really, I am - everywhere. I am - in a form,
      and I am - in formlessness, I am - in consciousness, and I am - in Spirit.

      My achievement-level allows me to be in many forms simultaneously. I
      AM Omnipresent. My portraiture in the appearance of a shepherdess-boy
      with a reed-pipe is the most widespread. I like this appearance most
      of all indeed, and the last time I appeared in my earth`s embodiment
      in Vrindavan just in this appearance.

      I gave my devoted mantra, adoring the names of God. I gave this
      mantra, because people`s mind is not able to perceive(apprehend) the
      high teachings during the time of Kali Yuga cycle, began after my

      Mind is restless (disturbed) and insubordinate. Therefore it should be
      busy with constant saying of mantras, adoring the names of God. When
      mind is busy with repeating of God`s names, then it has too little
      time for to think low thoughts and feel low wishes. These mantras, the
      mantra-saying-practice, allows to hold (to keep) mind in check (in
      leash) and in resigned to the Highest Self of a man.

      I wish people all over the planet returned to the adoring-practice of
      the names of God as to the shorttest Way, leading back to God.

      You become that, what your mind is striven for. And, if your mind is
      constantly concentrated on the images, pictures, being propagandized
      from the television screens and publicity boards, then such mind is
      attached to this world and is not able to be torn off (to become
      detached off) this world.

      The adoring-practice of God`s names doesn`t demand any special
      conditions for to be realized. You needn`t attend church services and
      any church ceremonies, you needn`t belong to any religion group or any
      religion organization. All, that you need, is - to learn to pronounce
      correctly the names of God and say these names, being in the right
      state of mind. During your saying of mantras, you are to be fully
      concentrated on the Divine. Your mind has to stop its wandering over
      things and appearances (figures), that surround you in the physical world.

      You should think about God and only about God. Even, it is not
      important, what you are doing, while saying mantras. You may wash up,
      go by public transport, do farming, walk with the children, be at your
      working place.

      It will be good for you to say mantras aloud, may, even, in undertone,
      for not to disturb people around you, and you may say mantras to
      yourself (silently), as well, for not to attract attention from outside.

      Remember always, that you say these mantras to God, but not to impress
      people around you.

      Some devoted too much say the names of God. They keep themselves
      pronouncing mantras all days long. Especially they like saying mantras
      in the presence of crowds of people, so as everyone could see them
      serving God so diligently. The effect from such saying mantras will be
      direct opposite, because, the energy, the Divine Energy in this case
      will be spent for strengthening of ego, but not for strengthening of
      the connection with God.

      I`ll give you my mantra.

      Please, find people, who know how to pronounce this mantra, buy the
      cassettes with this mantra recorded. It is of great importance that
      the cassettes with a recording of my mantras should bear the right
      Divine vibrations. Feel the true Divine vibrations with your heart.
      And, if you or your nearest become confused because of your saying of
      the names of God and adoring the names of God in an unknown language,
      then, do not force (compel) yourself.

      In this case you should use other practice, leading you back to God.

      There are many roads and there are many ways, leading to God.
      Practically each person has his own way. But never should forget, that
      there are also many roads and paths, leading to nowhere.

      But if you will sit without doing and move nowhere, waiting for a
      wonder, then, most likely, this wonder will never happen.

      God needs you to put your own efforts. And the more you will put your
      own efforts, - the more help you will get from above.

      I give you my mantra. Promise me to say my mantra just as many times,
      so far as you will take pleasure in saying of my mantra. Say my
      mantra, performing your home duties. Use every free minute for saying
      my mantra.

      I know, that many people in their past embodiments came to the land of
      India. And saying of mantras - is natural need (necessity) for them.
      Exactly these people must respond to my call more quickly, than others.

      There is an ancient historical link, connecting India and Russia. Once
      long ago the more developed civilization, in comparison with that
      inhabitants, that had lived in India at that time, came to India. That
      civilization, those people came from the North. And it will be
      unexpectedly for many, if I say, that these people came from the
      territory, what Russia occupies now.

      That is why there exist very close links between the Land of Mother
      India and the Land of Mother Russia. These two countries are very
      close to each other, first of all, in their spiritual traditions.

      And I hope, that Russia will remember her ancient historical roots and
      the faith (belief) of her historical ancestors, the roots of which
      were the faith (belief) of those people, who had inhabited this
      country at the ancient historical times.

      Many temples and many crystals were laid there on the territory of
      Russia. These sacred things has been sleeping for the time being. But
      the time will come, and, together with awakening of consciousness of
      this nation, the historic sacred things, being concealed from the eyes
      of ignoramuses for the time being, will return to life, the focuses of
      Light, placed on the territory of this country, will work in full power.

      I give you my mantra, and I know, that this mantra can awaken in you
      the historical memory and the common roots, that were laid even in the
      basis itself of the Russian language.

      Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
      Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama
      Rama Rama Hare Hare

      Repeat this mantra in the Sanskrit (language). The sounds of this
      mantra will give you power and joy, and cheerfulness, and confidence
      (reliance) in yourself, confidence in your future and the future of

      I AM Krishna. I feel your need in my help. And I will give you this
      help, if you call to me.

      Let you not be confused because of my appearance and my difference
      from those portraitures, you have got accustomed to worship to, in
      your churches.

      There is not any difference between me and Jesus. We are the one whole
      and indissoluble Oneness at the level of Spirit.

      And my name Krishna means the same, that the name Jesus means.

      All difference and all division exists only in your limited
      consciousness and only at this historical moment, at a very important
      moment of awakening of your consciousness from sleeping, in that you
      had been staying for millions years. And I will be glad, if someone of
      you will take my advice and will say my mantra.

      I AM Krishna and I came to you, that to bring a small part of my love
      to you.

      © Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
      Translator Golovina Nonna



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