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Message from the Angel of Ascension - Mar 2006

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    March 2006 Ishmael Channelled by Edwin Courtenay ANGEL OF ASCENSION I am Ishmael, the Angel of Ascension, and I come forwards in order to bring message of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006
      March 2006
      Channelled by Edwin Courtenay


      I am Ishmael, the Angel of Ascension, and I come forwards in order to
      bring message of the nature of ascension to all so that all may
      understand exactly what ascension is, so that all may comprehend the
      symptoms of the ascension shift and work towards its stabilisation and
      encouragement and to aid others as they journey through this process
      themselves. Much has been spoken and written about ascension and much
      will be spoken and written after my words have long been forgotten.
      The conscious awareness of what ascension is has changed as the years
      have passed and the consciousness of mankind has opened to comprehend
      ascension's true nature and purpose and in time too the consciousness
      of man will shift again and they will have a clearer understanding of
      this truth. But for today I have been entrusted with these words,
      that they may be digested and applied to ascension's nature at this
      time and so that people may begin to more fully comprehend what this
      process entails, to recognise it and to flow in accordance with its
      power and its presence.

      Ascension is evolution. It is part of mankind's natural spiritual
      growth. It is a process of nature, a process that mankind has been
      experiencing from the moment that they were first born, first
      incarnated on the Earth. It is the process that leads them to
      reunification with the Divine. Reunification with their own divinity,
      the "I Am" presence, the seed of the Divine that lies within the heart
      of the soul, and reunification with the Divine Source, the source of
      all light, love and life. Ascension must not be confused with
      enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process of consciousness only,
      which can affect the body but which is of itself not of the body.
      Enlightenment is a point of personal spiritual realisation which can
      enable the individual who experiences it to transcend and control
      their bodily needs and functions and give them power over their
      environment and the universal laws. Ascension brings qualities of
      enlightenment but enlightenment can occur before a person might
      naturally experience ascension. It renders the process of ascension
      for that person unnecessary but it can predate their point of
      ascension. It can occur before they might naturally reach this level
      of personal spiritual evolution and is brought on by hard personal
      spiritual discipline and attainment. Ascension, when it occurs,
      occurs not necessarily because of the spiritual work that has been
      done as a precursor to its occurrence, although spiritual work can
      catalyse ascension shifts. Ascension occurs when the person is ready,
      when it is their time, and this time is agreed by the soul, by the
      higher self. It is not dependent upon karma though the decreasing of
      karma can be a catalyst to activating ascension. It is not dependent
      upon religion or belief, race or creed or social position. It is like
      an act of nature. It is dependent upon the season of the soul. It
      does not always transpire that the soul is old or approaching the
      completion of its cycle of incarnation. It is more dependent upon the
      quality of experience that the soul has accrued. These experiences
      create for the soul a foundation of consciousness that enables
      ascension to occur without damaging the soul, but that foundation can
      be achieved in young or mature souls as much as it can be achieved in
      the old soul.

      Imagine then a tree devoid of leaf or bud or bloom. It journeys
      through winter in a dormant state waiting for the spurt of life force
      to spur it into growth. Each tree is unique, different to the other.
      They will of course respond to light and water and to the rising
      energy of the earth as winter gives way to spring but each one will
      burst into bloom at a slightly different time, some seemingly
      premature and others late. This is like the process of ascension but
      the process is stretched out over millennia rather than days and
      therefore some may ascend hundreds of years before others and others
      may ascend hundreds of years later, dependent upon the season of their
      soul and dependent upon the work that they might do to catalyse the
      ascension shift. Although ascension will come to each and every
      person in time, there are certain things that can be done to catalyse,
      to speed the ascension process into being and to stabilise or
      harmonise the ascension process when it comes. The same spiritual
      application that often creates enlightenment in some can be used to
      speed the process of ascension into occurring. The adoption of a
      spiritual discipline, be it meditation or the recitation of mantras,
      be it Tai Chi or Chi Kung, be it Transcendental Meditation or Buddhist
      rhythmic breathing, as long as it is done with earnestness, as long as
      it is done with passion, can contribute towards ascension. Feeding
      the consciousness with philosophical, theological, theosophical and
      spiritual truth, working on opening the heart to higher levels of
      compassion and love, working to clear the karma and cleanse the energy
      system of impurity and impediment of flow, working towards being a
      better person, non-judgemental, unconditional and loving, forgiving in
      their nature, all of these things can contribute towards the ascension
      shift. Of course if the soul feels, for whatever reason, that the
      person is not ready to experience this move then it will hold them
      back but if the soul feels that they are ready, that they have shown
      themselves to be worthy and indeed done all the necessary preparations
      that will allow them to begin their ascension and not be harmed, then
      the ascension process will be triggered. But, as I have said, with
      some ascension will occur with no preparation, with no conscious
      awareness of spiritual reality or truth. If it is the right season
      for the soul to express more of its light on Earth then it will
      descend and the ascension process will begin.

      The ascension process has many different phases and occurs differently
      for each person. For some the ascension process is very physical. It
      is about changes occurring within the physical and energetic structure
      of the body. They will experience the growth of new energy centres.
      Their meridian systems will be rewired. The integrity of their subtle
      forms improved, restructured. The auric field dynamically changed.
      Their assemblage point will be shifted within the energy cocoon.
      Their chakras will take on new hues or begin to merge together as one.
      They will begin to experience alterations within their psychical and
      spiritual senses and their capacity to channel energy. For them the
      ascension will be a very physical process. As with all growth they
      will experience pain around those areas of the energy system that is
      shifting. Sometimes the pain will be very physical although there is
      no physical reality to it. Sometimes the pain will be very mental or
      emotional in nature. They will feel very isolated and separated from
      their world and want to leave. As the light of the soul shines more
      greatly through them, cleansing and purging them and forcing itself
      into __expression through their spiritual body, burning away the
      negative traits of the ego and forcing them to stand more in their
      power as a divinely realised being, they will seek to clamber back
      into the spiritual world, finding the harsheties of their material
      reality too difficult to bear. For these people there are certain
      practices, certain objects that will benefit them greatly: working
      with the Merkabah light body field will surround them not only in a
      protective layer of energy but create a portable incubation field that
      will stabilise, balance and catalyse the ascension transformation.
      Working with Sugilite in order to form an extra powerful light field
      of protective power and in order to call around them the magenta
      rescue ray that will enable them to move through the process of
      transformation more easily and also utilising the powers of Moldavite
      to help, to encourage them to journey through the transformation with
      grace and flow and to prevent them from feeling the symptoms of
      desiring to leave the planet will be of great benefit.

      For some the ascension process will be more to do with their
      consciousness. They will not experience the aches and pains and the
      shifts within their spiritual energetic bodies. They will experience
      an expansion of their awareness, an alteration within their perception
      and their mind. Not necessarily a psychical acceleration but more an
      acceleration of understanding, of thought and comprehension. They
      will become open to the truths of the universe, to the presence of the
      Divine Mind, the supernal triangle. Temporarily they may experience
      moments of blankness, forgetfulness, confusion, dizziness, moments of
      recapitulation where they find themselves stuck in reverie thinking
      about the past. This will be complimented by times of great clarity,
      perception and mental power, the capacity to multitask, to juggle a
      thousand different things in their head at the same time, an awareness
      of other truths that they had been closed to previously. The
      ascension of consciousness does not always either follow or precede
      the ascension of the body. Sometimes people will experience both
      simultaneously, sometimes one after the other but they are not
      necessarily synonymous with each other. The ascension of
      consciousness can be equally taxing and frightening but can also bring
      the same amount of joy and liberation as the ascension of the energy
      body does. It is once again dependent upon the nature of the soul.
      The ascension of consciousness can also be eased by certain stones:
      celestite, sapphire, aqua aura and platinum aura can aid in the
      consciousness reconfiguring itself to take on the multidimensional
      hues of energy that it is becoming exposed to. As the consciousness
      becomes aligned with those parts of itself which exist within the five
      spheres that separate the gap between Earth and Heaven, the individual
      may need to lean upon azestulite, a stone which enables people to
      become more attuned to their higher chakras in order for them to
      integrate the consciousness of their higher states into one. They may
      need to utilise visualisations such as the Hexagram of Light within
      the brain, formed from two triangles initially created as one triangle
      is drawn by linking the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus centres of
      the brain together. They may need to work with other visualisations
      that can be found within the systems of the Gaiadon Heart (previously
      known as the Melchisadek Method) or by drawing upon other sacred
      geometric forms like the Flower of Life made popular by Drunvalo
      Melchizedek. There are at this moment in time many different
      techniques, visualisations, stones and systems which can aid people in
      their ascension processes. There are people trained as light body
      surgeons who can aid in the facilitation of the transformation of the
      energy body. There are light body psychologists who can aid in the
      transformation of the consciousness of an individual.

      In the angelic realm we prefer to keep things as simple as possible,
      knowing that simplicity is closest to divinity, and as such in order
      to aid mankind with their ascension process I was created. My light,
      my presence, therefore can be invoked whenever anybody is experiencing
      symptoms of ascension. My force can be called down around a person to
      hold them within my presence so that my light, my consciousness, can
      smooth and balance the body's energy fields and guide gently the
      consciousness of the body to move in greater sync and harmony with the
      higher self, bringing about the ascension shifts with much greater
      ease and grace. My breath, my light, can breathe a space into the
      mind so that the consciousness can find respite from the
      transformations occurring within its nature. I can guide people to
      the places, to the stones, to the visualisations, to the teachers and
      the healers that they need. I can help them reacclimatise themselves
      with their world so that they will not feel so much the desperation
      that often descends when people require to leave the material plane
      and re-enter into the higher spiritual realms of their origin. I can
      provide people with energy, for energy is often lost when people enter
      into their ascension shift and they can feel very tired and drained
      indeed. I can reacclimatise people to the vibration of their
      environment and reacquaint them with the vibration of their friends
      and family so that they do not feel so fearful of these harsh
      frequencies that they suddenly become exposed to. I can also be
      called upon to guide those who would draw upon my light to help those
      others who are experiencing these processes. My light, my wisdom, can
      be channelled in order to heal, in order to point the way. My power
      can be called upon to help all of those who find themselves evolving
      in this way.

      My name is Ishmael and I can be invoked through prayer, through the
      simple recitation of my name, through its singing or its chanting or
      by focusing upon those symbols that are connected to me. My colour is
      the platinum white ray, a white ray that is filled with the soft
      rainbow hues of the platinum aura crystal stone. My symbol is the
      lightening bolt superimposed over the Tree of Life, representing the
      descension of the Divine into the realm of matter. My sound is the
      sound of light, the sound of a single, simple tone descending from a
      high point to a low point, the descension of a scale of music, and
      represents the lowering frequencies of the light of the Divine as it
      moves closer and closer into the physical planes of consciousness and
      body. I have come at this time in order to clarify, in order to
      illuminate, in order to bring ease. My presence is not to glamorise
      the process, for at times it is difficult to endure, but equally I
      have not come forward to isolate those who are not experiencing these
      changes. Ascension is a process of life and existence but we must not
      envy those who journey through this state if we ourselves do not. We
      must not look upon ourselves and consider that we are lagging behind,
      that we are unworthy of this state of change. We must content
      ourselves with who and what are and acknowledge that each part of the
      process is valid, is unique to who and what we are. It cannot be
      stimulated above and beyond the rhythm or meter that is beaten out by
      the soul's decree and should not be desired with envy or jealousy but
      rather looked to as an inevitable attainment as part of the natural
      flow and cycle of existence and life. Each phase of life is
      beautiful, designed by the Divine to be enjoyed. With each change and
      transformation that occurs something is gained and something is lost.
      Innocence maybe or the capacity to enjoy life simply without the
      deeper repercussions of understanding the finer nuances and details of
      synchronicity and eventuality. It is very important then that each
      and every human being tries within their circumstances to enjoy the
      place in which they find themselves and not to hanker for that that
      will naturally follow but to stay within the moment and embrace it
      when it comes.

      Children of the new dawn, humankind who stand on the cusp of
      evolution, I leave you with this simple prayer:

      "I call upon the light of ascension, the platinum white ray. I call
      upon the power of natural and organic spiritual growth. I open myself
      to the light of the Divine and my "I Am" presence. I invoke it. I
      call it down into my heart. Purge and clear me of all that that I am
      ready to release. Of all that that I have surpassed and no longer
      have need of, be it thoughts or feelings, be it memories or energies
      within my spiritual and physical bodies. Shine through me, light of
      the soul, light of the higher self, light of the "I Am". Purge me,
      transform me, remake me in the image of the Divine Source. Grant me
      ascension in accordance with the right time of the universe. Let me
      be free. Let me be free. Let me be free."

      Go forwards in love and trust with the greater grace and goodness of
      the Divine. So mote it be.

      Distributed by Carole Humber: carole@....
      Tel: 020 8337 4122.
      Website www.edwincourtenay.co.uk


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