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    World s first paranormal radio station to be broadcast out of Perth, Western Australia The countdown has begun for the launch in Perth on April 1, 2006 of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2006
      World's first paranormal radio station to be broadcast out of Perth, Western Australia

      The countdown has begun for the launch in Perth on April 1, 2006 of

      Ghost Radio; the world's first dedicated Internet Paranormal radio station.

      The ambitious project, which has taken more than ten years of research and Internet development, is from Lia and John Ramses, the creators of Australia's biggest paranormal website www.hauntedaustralia.com.au. (See Media Profiles below).

      In January 2006 alone, more than 270,000 people logged onto the popular site to see its myriad of paranormal stories, news, photographs and more; validation of the public's ongoing fascination with all things "spooky". Ghost Radio, say the Ramses, is the next big step.

      John: "People are embracing television shows like Medium and Supernatural almost as if to say, we need hope that there's something out there. Ghost Radio will tap right into that huge public demand".

      Lia: "Ghost Radio will be like preaching to the converted. Listeners WANT to know how many UFO's have been sighted this week, what's happening in the world of the paranormal and what experts have to say about various unexplained phenomena".

      Streamed 24-7 via US-based servers, Ghost Radio will feature an eclectic mix of talkback, music, ads, news and interviews all with a paranormal twist. An important element of the show is to have fun and as well as paranormal news on the hour, there will be "Ghost" (host) DJ's and promos featuring the "voices" of celebrities past including Elvis.

      So why not "Come on over to the other side" and log onto www.ghostradiox.com from April 1, 2006 and be part of the phenomenon of Ghost Radio: Streaming the Paranormal to this world and the next!

      John and Lia Ramses are available for media interviews NOW

      on Ghost Radio Australia, Haunted Australia or any paranormal phenomena

      Please contact +61 8 9309 5932 ” 0438 248 358 ” 0407 655 109

      or email admin@...


      Lia Ramses, Director, Ghost Radio Australia

      Lia Ramses (35) is a writer, paranormal researcher and mother of three children with a passion for earth mysteries, ancient history and culture. When her eldest child, Gary was diagnosed with autism at an early age, Lia set out to learn all she could about the condition. Today she is one of the many un-sung mothers who have become an authority on autism through diligent research. Lia is currently studying filmmaking and photography with husband John Ramses and as well as overseeing the Haunted Australia website, she will be actively involved in Ghost Radio Australia.

      John Ramses, Director, Ghost Radio Australia

      John Ramses (46) is an author, historian, treasure hunter, and photographer as well as a singer-songwriter and artist from the United States. He is both a humanitarian and philosopher and was born with a talent for solving puzzles such as the Peralta-Ruth Map. John met Lia on the Internet in 1997 through a shared interest in researching paranormal and anomalous mysteries. He moved to Australia in 1999. As well as Creator-Producer of Ghost Radio Australia and the Ghost Radio Network, he owns I-Prodigy Advanced Communications, a web development and IT firm. A former Producer of radio programs in the US, John is eagerly awaiting the start of Ghost Radio Australia and keen to don his headset for some "Ghost" DJ hosting and in-depth interviews.

      Denise Blazek, "Ghost DJ"

      Denise Blazek (38) is a Producer, Researcher and Presenter having worked for more than two decades in the Australian and International media. Over time, her contact book has expanded to include all areas of alternative research, from UFO's to Exopolitics, Crop Circles, Forbidden Archaeology and Psychic Phenomenon. She has been a Producer on Discovery Channel's cryptozoology series 'Animal X' and traveled to South-East Asia for 'Asian Enigma-Strange Encounters', a series commissioned by Discovery Asia. Denise was the sole Field Researcher and Producer for Animal Planet's special "Bigfoot--The Skookum Cast" for Animal X, Series Two. It remains one of the most popular and hotly debated segments of the series. Among the many experts Denise will be interviewing for Ghost Radio are:

      a.. Mary Rodwell, world expert on alien "contact" experiences and founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounters Resource Network)
      b.. Scott Russell Hill, renowned psychic, top selling author and star of the Channel 10 series, Sensing Murder
      c.. Lloyd Pye, controversial American author, researcher and lecturer in alternative knowledge of human origins
      d.. Karen Ong, Perth UFO and alien investigator; Founder of SCETTAL (Study Centre for Extraterrestrial Technology and Life)

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