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Message from Archangel Michael

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    Lightworkers Wake-up! by Lady Isis and Archangel Michael(c)2006 ================================= You are at a critical point in your history and many of you
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2006
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      Lightworkers Wake-up! by Lady Isis and Archangel Michael(c)2006

      You are at a critical point in your history and many of you need to wake-up. Stop being complacent and stop just playing with the Light. Stop thinking you are on the right path.

      You have received many wake-up calls. It is time to wake-up and stop the insanity. It is time to see the reality that vengence/ retaliation / war/ hate/ destruction/ killing only breeds more of the same and it has not in the past and cannot now nor in the future solve anything. You are still putting people on Death Row ... does that sound as if you are awake and walking the path of Light? Those who are using violence in any form to get a message across are not walking the path of Light. There are still thousands of people homeless and starving children. Do you reach out a helping hand or ignore them as you walk by? We are all ONE. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all is helped. "All things come full-circle" . . . if you do not remember anything else I have said, remember that.

      You cannot create peace with war. You cannot create harmony by creating chaos. You cannot fight terrorism with terrorism. What is the meaning of the word terrorism?. . . {Websters New World Dictionary}. . . terrorism 1.) the act of terrorizing; use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjegate, esp. such use as a political weapon or policy. 2.) the demoralization and intimidation produced in this way. terrorize 1.) to fill with terror; terrify 2.) to coerce, make submit, etc. by filling with terror, as by use of the threat of violence.

      If you want to continue the circle of violence then keep the same mind set of "you do this to me and I will do this or worse to you!" You have to 'stand up for peace' put your voice where your heart is. You have to LOVE each other no matter what they do to you. Stop sitting back and waiting for someone else to do the job for you. How many lightworkers are working daily to awaken mankind and only ask for your help to allow them to continue their work. Once again... stop sitting back and waiting for someone else to help, because then no one helps. Believe me when I tell you you are fooling yourself if you think everything is coming up roses and all messages from beyond you are 'sweet and soothing' ... they are not. You are just not allowing the 'truth' to sink in.

      Thousands of souls have transitioned/crossed over from this physical world to awaken the masses . . . don't let it be for nothing.

      Don't try and destroy darkness . . . bring it into balance with the Light. You cannot have one without the other anymore than a light bulb can work on only positive energy. It takes both positive/negative for electricity to work. Darkness cannot remain if fusion of Light with dark takes place. Both will then be in balance.

      We need your help if more and more of God's children are to be awakened and ascend.

      I am now going to share part of a personal message I received from my beloved Archangel Mikael [a.k.a AA Michael] he told me years ago the correct spelling of his his name was Mikael ...Lady Isis

      "...this message is to assist in the rescue of the lightworkers who have not yet awakened. We are trying to awaken them and help them move with us on to the next assignment in the Golden Galaxy so her messages are at times not filled with fluff and speaking of how wonderful the world is but will focus on the hard facts and realities of what they need to hear. We have no more time to molly coddle the lightworkers and are accelerating the pace of those who are working on their missions and being the hands and feet of the Ascended Hosts and the Beings who are coming from all the Universe to assist Mother Gaia to ascend and not be lost or destroyed.
      "So many of my lightworkers are just dabbling and have deluded themselves that they are on their true path but they are just playing with the light and you know this in your heart as they lack commitment. Many of the messengers of Hierarchy are missing the boat so to speak as the physical shift of the planet nears and the transition to the new dimension begins, they think this will happen by magic and that their efforts do not count so they do nothing. Even they cannot acknowledge what is coming and how much Spirit needs help from those in the physical but are useful to some degree.

      "It is time to bring forth new information but many are stuck in the old information and part of your function is to filter this new information and you are excelling at disseminating positive up to date information to help those commit to a higher degree of service with commitment and understanding.

      "In closing my beloved Isis I wish to say thank you and let you know I am well pleased and honored to be working closely with you. I wish I had ten like you then things might be going smoother over on your planet but mankind is not giving us as much help as we need. So keep on keeping on little one whom I hold dear in my heart and embrace with arms of love.

      Your beloved friend and confidant
      *Excerpted from: The Light Circle Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.(c) 2006
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      HOW TO RETURN TO HARMONY AND BALANCE You think you are disconnected. You think that you are alone. One of the most important things you have forgotten is that
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        You think you are disconnected. You think that you are alone. One of
        the most important things you have forgotten is that you have a
        beautiful stream of light that comes down from your God ray and
        pierces your crown chakra and permeates your physical being, a
        continuous pulsation of divine energy that is your lifeline from and
        to the Creator.

        Without it you would not be alive; you could not exist. Know that
        this column of light is widening and becoming stronger so that more
        and more divine elixir of life can pour down into and through you as
        it permeates your body and radiates down into the soul essence of
        the Earth. This rarefied energy is critical for your host planet as
        this great being struggles to return to balance and harmony within
        and to lessen the intensity of the cataclysms on her surface; and it
        is especially important in the process of purifying and returning
        the auric field that surrounds your planet to its original blueprint
        of perfection.

        The return to harmony and balance begins within each of you. Unity
        consciousness can begin with you, here and now, in this moment.
        First you must acknowledge and bring forth into your consciousness
        all of those unbalanced fragments that you have created during your
        many lifetime experiences: those things that control you, those
        things that have created an emotional and mental prison around you
        in your auric field.

        First of all, you must become aware of these fragments and how they
        affect your reality, and then, through your conscious intent, you
        must create a desire to change and to fill those fragments with
        love/light energy. We are always ready and willing to assit you in
        your positive endeavors, but you must ask and give us permission so
        that we can reinforce your resolve, so that we can give you the
        necessary knowledge, along with the swiftest and best way to
        accomplish your transformation with ease and grace.


        In the past, you have tried many times to stifle or gain power over
        your addictions, your negative habits and thought patterns. You have
        resisted them, hated them and constantly thought about them, thereby
        reinforcing their control over your emotions, your mind and your
        quality of life.

        Remember what we have said many times, for it is a universal truth:
        Wherever and whatever you focus your attention on-whether it is
        positive or negative-you give energy to and reinforce. You must free
        the fragments you have created by loving them and acknowledging that
        they have served you well, and by sending forth an impassioned
        thought that now it is time for them to be reunited and to once more
        be a part of you within your solar power center of the heart, to be
        filled with light and to become an empowered facet of your God

        Know that everything, at some level, is seeking the light, is
        seeking balance and harmony, is seeking to return to that which it
        was in the beginning. Each phase of new awareness or expanded
        consciousness has its special miracles and benefits that are to be
        savored and enjoyed. Each time you release some old, self-limiting,
        painful thought form, habit or discordant energy within, you are
        transformed and you remove a small (or large) part of your disguise,
        which allows you to integrate another facet of your wondrous God-
        self. In doing so, you are gradually creating a new empowered "you,"
        and a new reality opens to you, whereby you have access to many new
        concepts as well as new talents, and your sensitivity to the
        exquisite nuances of Spirit miraculously unfold around you.

        This is from Ronna Herman (The Archangel Michael) from Sedona Journal


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        Accessing Higher-Dimensional Light Cities Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman RonnaStar@earthlink.net www.RonnaStar.com SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ July
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 7, 2006
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          Accessing Higher-Dimensional Light Cities
          Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

          SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ July 2006 Issue

          Beloved masters, many years ago, I conveyed a message entitled
          "Mandate for Change." The opening paragraph read: "I wish to give you
          a mandate for the coming months and for the new millennium. Take heed,
          if you will, for these are some of the most critical, important years
          you will ever experience on the planet Earth. I have told you that
          these are years of integration, integrity, and of transcending the
          illusion of the third and fourth dimensions."

          Many of you, as seekers of light, took this message to heart and have
          diligently striven to transmute or eliminate old, limiting thought
          patterns and your narrow-focused reality of the past. You have learned
          to return your consciousness to your heart center and to live in the
          Now moment, thereby balancing and harmonizing your own force field and
          gradually expanding your sacred space farther and farther out into the
          world at large.

          For a very long time, we have been preparing you for your spiritual
          journey back into higher-dimensional awareness and for the
          reintegration of your vaster God-self. We are most pleased to inform
          you that all is now in place for the next phase of the accelerated
          ascension process. We will recap a very small portion of the important
          information we have given so you will understand what is transpiring
          and also help you prepare for these momentous times.

          We have given you the blessed gift of how to access and build your
          pyramid of power/light in the fifth dimension. This was to show you
          how easily you can manifest your desires when you are no longer
          influenced by the collective consciousness and the distortions of the
          third/fourth dimensions. We taught you how to release old, outmoded
          agreements and potential karmic "probable futures" as you raised and
          balanced your frequency patterns and moved through the process of
          stepping off the wheel of karma and into a state of grace. You quickly
          learned how to heal the past and script your future with the help of
          your angelic friends; however, the most important aspect of spending
          time in your fifth-dimensional pyramid was to help you become
          acclimatized and accustomed to functioning in a fifth-dimensional

          Those of you who have diligently stayed the course are making
          remarkable headway in becoming a living meditation and are well on
          your way to self-mastery. As cocreators of peace, joy and abundance,
          you have become much more disciplined in your thoughts, actions and
          deeds. When you are heart centered and soul focused, you move quickly
          through the challenges, tests and opportunities before you as you
          process them and turn the knowledge of the experience into the wisdom
          of a master.

          We have requested that our messenger excerpt a recent message, which
          will give you a better understanding of the process that is unfolding
          on your planet in this pivotal year.


          We have often spoken of the portal openings and cities of light;
          however, you still do not fully understand what we are endeavoring to
          tell you. We have also told you that there are wondrous beings of
          light from throughout the omniverse who have journeyed to your
          galaxy/solar system/planet to observe the phenomenal transformational
          process now in progress. In the past, these great beings sent down
          refracted portions of themselves; however, because this is a critical
          and momentous era in the evolution of your universe-and especially the
          Earth and her solar system-they were asked to come forth fully
          empowered, in all their magnificence. If you understand the workings
          of the universe, you know that it is not possible for any of the great
          beings to come down into the lower dimensions, in which you reside, in
          their full brilliancy and splendor. Remember, we have told you that
          all of the great masters, avatars and messengers of the Creator, in
          order to walk among you, brought forth only a small facet of their
          true magnificence into the physical vessel in which they incarnated.

          In order for these emissaries of the Creator to make the journey down
          from the highest realms of creation, they formed great celestial
          spheres of light that contain the frequencies and geometric patterns
          of light from the dimensions in which they reside. Their suns of light
          contain all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of their
          home environment, as well as the wisdom, knowledge and information
          that they wish to impart to humanity. These great beings carry
          specific gifts and talents bestowed upon them directly from the
          heart/mind of the Supreme Creator, some of which have been made
          available to you via the pyramids of light you have created in the
          fifth dimension. These great lightships or cities of light are now
          firmly in place in the higher dimensions throughout your galaxy, with
          a high concentration of these magnificent structures in many key
          places around your Earth. The portal openings of unlimited potential
          you have heard about and have assisted in opening are gateways to
          these cities of light whereby you can access all the magnificence they
          contain, and for the first time since you left your lofty home among
          the stars, you will be able to commune and interact with these
          phenomenal beings.

          Many cities and places on Earth have been and will be designated as
          light cities whereby great ascension columns of light will radiate
          forth from the higher realms through your endeavors. People by the
          thousands are migrating to these cities, drawn there by an
          inexplicable impulse. There are other places that have been designated
          as light stations, where centers of learning, healing and spiritual
          wisdom are being formed. Thousands of dear souls will be drawn to
          these places to gain knowledge, to be healed and to join with their
          soul families or companions on the journey. They will take the seeds
          of new creation and wisdom back to their homes, and they will radiate
          these transforming frequencies from the realms of light to all those
          around them.


          We will now give you a more detailed overview of how awesome these
          cities of light are, what they contain, what their purpose is. The
          light cities are huge spheres contained within and protected by a
          golden band of Creator light. They incorporate graduated dimensional
          spheres, with each sphere being separated from the next by membranes
          of light. The central sphere contains a fraction of the diamond-core
          essence of the Supreme Creator and is the generating force field for
          each light city. The next concentric, inner-dimensional circle around
          the core sphere contains the vibrational essence of our Father/Mother
          God for this universe, and stored within that circle are the divine
          theme, plan and overview for this universe, along with the divine
          schematic for the future, which is now being actively radiated forth
          throughout all the universe's multidimensional levels and especially
          to the Earth and her solar system.

          There is not space herein to explain in detail what each of the
          remaining dimensional levels consists of. Suffice it to say that the
          cities of light contain a microcosm of this universe's dimensions six
          through twelve, along with the overlighting radiance of the Supreme
          Creator as the Central Sun/core. Within each light city are
          representatives of the Elohim, the Creator councils of twenty-four,
          twelve and nine. There are representatives of the orders of Metatron,
          Michael and Melchizedek, and there are also Creator sons and daughters
          (who in the future will be the cocreator gods of new universes,
          galaxies, star systems, solar systems and planets). There is a host of
          archangels and angelic beings in each light city, representatives from
          the divisions of the seraphim and the many other angelic orders. For
          many of you who have reached a certain level of enlightenment, your I
          Am presence has sent down a powerful aspect of your God-self into a
          light city nearest to you so that it will be more easily accessible to
          you as you visit and become acclimated to these wondrous cities of
          light via the many portals or gateways.


          As you are aware, the higher frequencies of light were showered down
          upon the Earth in greater and greater amounts until the Harmonic
          Convergence of 1987. At that time, it was decided that the vibrational
          frequency patterns had reached a level whereby it would be much too
          chaotic for the Earth and humanity at large to attempt to integrate
          and process any higher-frequency infusions. Therefore, a great clarion
          call went forth, and you, the slumbering starseed, began to awaken.
          You became what we called the transformers of light, the transducers
          and lightning rods of Spirit who breathed in the living light,
          sending it down into the core of your blessed planet to be mixed and
          melded with your Earth's essence before radiating it out into the
          world via your heart chakra/solar power center. Through your pure
          intentions, without even knowing the details or scientific reasoning
          behind what your higher self was guiding you to do, you-the
          lightworkers-began to spread and build the crystalline grid of light
          around the world, firmly anchoring it to the ancient established grids
          and ley lines beneath the Earth.

          You are also the ones who have traveled the world, visiting the sacred
          sites and the important power spots under the guidance of Spirit as
          you assisted in the activation of many of the great, semidormant,
          sentient crystalline structures deep within the Earth. You have
          anchored, activated and been empowered by many of the record-keeper
          crystals and rocks, and you have had some starseed activations of your
          own, as well as recapturing memories of some of your most important
          lifetimes on planet Earth. Now it is time for your next assignment,
          beloveds. It is you, the warriors of light, who must move up the
          ascension column, which contains a double-helix spiral of light
          whereby you may gain access to the outermost sphere of a light city.
          The right, clockwise spiral will take you up to the light city; the
          left, counterclockwise spiral, will bring you back down into your
          earthly plane. Each time you visit a light city, you will integrate
          and bring back to Earth a little more of the refined frequencies of
          light containing the divine blueprint for the future of humanity and
          the Earth. You will also gain access to the vibrational pattern of
          your perfected vessel of light as you strive to return to the health,
          vitality and longevity you were originally designed to enjoy.


          The portals are now open, but you must rise up and enter, for this
          great gift of radiant light is accessible only to those who are firmly
          on the path of ascension and are capable of being baptized in the
          living light of new creation. Have no fear, beloveds, for just as an
          acolyte in an ashram or in a school of initiation, you must slowly
          work your way through the different levels of awareness. The key to
          each higher-dimensional inner sanctum is vibrational, and each one is
          more refined and exquisite than the last. If you have been reading our
          messages over the past few years and have made an effort to integrate
          even a small portion of our teachings, you are ready to be a part of
          this grand mission and to enter a city of light.

          If you still have doubts, go into your pyramid of light and lie on the
          crystal table therein. Ask your angelic friends to assist you in
          harmonizing your frequency patterns both within and without, and then,
          while in a meditative state, with pure intention, envision the
          double-helix spiral of light. See yourself being lifted up the spiral
          on the right and allow your higher self to orchestrate your journey
          into the light city. Do not place any conditions on your journey or
          expect a certain outcome. Allow Spirit to be your guide, and you will
          not be led astray. You will be infused with the appropriate amount
          of Creator light, with as much as you can integrate, process and
          project out into the world-no more, no less.

          Gradually, you, the ascending starseed of new creation, will move
          farther and farther into the inner sanctum of light as you bring more
          and more of the rarefied light of the Creator and the divine schematic
          of the future back to Earth with you. As has been said many times: As
          you are lifted up, so is the Earth and all her inhabitants. That is
          why we are urging you, the messengers, lightworkers and earthkeepers
          around the world, to gather together in order to access these cities
          of light and synergistically anchor these ascension portals on Earth.
          We will focus on major portals at first, those that are attuned to
          strategic power points around the Earth, so that the ancient grids and
          ley lines can merge with the crystalline grid, which is the new
          power grid overlay for the ascension of the Earth and humanity.
          Eventually, every area on Earth will be plugged in to this power
          source of ascension.

          Follow the nudgings of your heart/soul, beloveds, and you will be
          guided as to the part you have to play in this grand unfolding drama.
          Any positive endeavor, no matter how small, will be added to the whole
          as we march forward together into the glorious new age. I am ever near
          to guide and protect you. I am Archangel Michael.

          Just Channelings ~ For current channeled & ascension related material.

          Adi Gaia
          Universal Citizen

          Visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

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