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Message from Sananda 2-24-06

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    MESSAGE FROM SANANDA SANANDA : EVENTS TO COME Question : Good Evening Beloved Sananda. Could you talk to us about current events in the world? Sananda : Good
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006


      Question : Good Evening Beloved Sananda. Could you talk to us about
      current events in the world?

      Sananda : Good Evening my friends. We are gathered again to pursue
      our work. The question you are asking tonight is about what is
      happening in your world at this moment. As you can feel, events are in
      the making and they will be of the outmost importance to regain the
      peace that you are now missing.

      First, I must say that you should not try to fight the many forms of
      violence and oppression that are coming from rich and powerful
      governments. There will be inevitable and ferocious conflicts. Some
      will get carried away by anger and hatred, and consequently entire
      populations will have to leave their countries in order to protect
      themselves. All this will grieve you immensely.

      If I am telling you this, it is to ask you even now to shower your
      planet with Light and Joy so that those conflicts may be lessen, even

      Whenever you will gather, I am asking you to send energies of Love to
      those endangered populations and to visualize them in a state of peace.

      Once those human upheavals will be over, you will finally enjoy the
      universal harmony you have been dreaming about for so long.
      Totalitarian governments will be pushed aside and replaced by the
      possibility for you all to unite and to be under a world government
      that will maintain peace, harmony and respect between all nations.

      All this will not come without suffering, without sacrifice.

      You must expect that you will have to open your homes, whenever
      possible, to people without shelter, money or work. Hear me. You must
      now prepare shelter centres that will be used in the future.

      All those who will hear my words must know that they are not said to
      produce fear, but to raise the desire in you to help your neighbour.

      All your efforts will enable this world to become a world of sharing
      and solidarity.

      This is my request.

      Question: What shall we do with this message?

      Sananda: My friends, this message that I am giving you now must be
      distributed as fast as possible, so that all those who work in the
      same vibrations as you are able to hear it.

      I thank you.

      Question: Is it about a nuclear conflict?

      Sananda: What you sense, my friend, may happen indeed. You must know
      however that we are doing as much as possible so that this never
      occurs. Beings from your galaxy are actually working with Love and
      Temperance energies. They are using their powerful vibrations to
      defuse those conflicts that may degenerate. They are operating at a
      level that you are not able to perceive, but be certain that they are
      working on your behalf.

      All that I have just said may be published and it should be.

      Now, I cannot assure you that this risk will not happen, that I cannot do.

      Question: What can you say on those epidemics that are occurring
      through animals (avian flu.)?

      Sananda: Those diseases are the signs that your planet is mutating to
      other realities. It is also a sign that your must be guided in the
      fields of science and understanding. Our answers will be heard only
      when you consciousness will clearly order you to cease all genetic
      manipulations on the animal kingdom.; those diseases that are
      manifesting now are the result of experiences that were done
      voluntarily. That nobody has told you that should not surprise you.
      Those who work for the Dark are using scientists to achieve their

      My friends, I feel you are disturbed by my words, but it is my duty to
      tell you those facts.

      Question: What are you recommending we do in order to reduce or stop
      those results?

      Sananda: My recommendations are always the same and the Love I am
      giving you is of the same purity also. The necessary patience and
      understanding will be required to bring back health in those who will
      be affected. I want to tell you that Nature will know how to slowly
      absorb those damages and that her goodness will lead her to give you
      back an healthy animal kingdom.

      You will ask me how will this happen. Well, you will soon see
      appearing on earth other species that will replace those that will be
      have been decimated. I do not doubt that you will consider this a
      miracle. But you will see this.

      All that I have said must be revealed. My words are not for you
      personally. They are for your whole world to hear.

      Question: Governments have stockpiled medications for their
      populations, but there are certain voices being heard that say that
      those remedies are worst than the diseases. How should we protect
      ourselves from those pandemics.

      Sananda: Do not listen to rumours! Only do what your heart tells you
      to do. I can only say that your doubts lead you sometimes to be lost
      in the solitude of your soul. There are beings among you that are
      really working for the benefit of your health and who have found ways
      to protect you from those diseases. All they require are the means to
      have their research transformed into concrete solutions. They are
      dedicated to you. My friends, do not believe everything you are told.
      You must use your judgement.

      Concerning plants and vegetation growing in the soil of your planet,
      there will also be major changes. You will see appearing new regions
      that will look like deserts, where there was previously luxurious
      vegetation. You will see more and more desolate plains as you will
      travel. Where there was previously life, nothing living will be found.
      You will have to take your destiny in your own hands and know where to
      go in order to survive. Entire populations will be migrating with very
      little belongings. These people will have to travel on foot, very
      often under a very hot sun and no water. They will have to find water
      and food by their own means and they will be very exhausted. It has
      happened before in the history of your planet and it will happen again
      soon. They will be dragged down into that painful past again.

      Question: Why should they suffer in such a way? Why wouldn't they be

      Sananda: Their souls must experience, then go beyond, those violent
      events that nature will soon bring upon them. I am not surprised that
      your understanding cannot comprehend whose words, but know that this
      must be so. Nature will soon give back to man what man has made Nature

      (We are receiving images of parched lands and men with black skin.)

      Question: Is there a way to avoid this?

      Sananda: No. You will not be able to avoid this.

      Question: Are there volcanoes that will be erupting in the region
      where those black men are?

      Sananda: Yes, my friends. It is exactly that.

      My friends, I see the sorrow and the disarray brought to you by my
      words, but I still had to warn you. Even if the events are more or
      less far from you, your heart will be aching nonetheless.

      I am asking you to form a human chain to help those in need and to be
      ready to extend a hand in all such occasions.

      A large number of souls will ascend at the same time by this natural
      mean and by doing so, they will be able to help you.

      Question: How should we understand this?

      Sananda: Those souls that will be called to the Light will be in a
      position to help you, who will be still inhabiting a human body. They
      will return to your side under a form different than the one they had
      during their incarnation and they will help you rebuild what will have
      been destroyed. In that sense, any natural disaster may be considered
      a help from Nature.

      Channelled by Elizabeth and Guillaume
      February 24, 2006
      Distributed by Azura (Hélène Hainault)
      Original Distribution: Group of Love


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