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    For the images that go with this report, please visit: http://www.psychicweather.com There s an interesting mix of algnments right now, which are neither
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2006
      For the images that go with this report, please visit:

      There's an interesting mix of algnments right now, which are neither
      'good' or 'bad' but are definitely active, and there will likely be some
      major events happening over the next month or so. Most of them will
      revolve around the movements of Mercury, which goes retrograde on March
      2nd, but before that happens, there are some important aspects to look
      at in the present.

      The most prominent alignment right now is the Sun conjuncting with
      radical Uranus, and both of them square to Mars. The Sun and Mars have
      been square for the last few weeks, which is probably best symbolized by
      the violence over the Dutch cartoons and the beginnings of civil war in
      Iraq. Since we're now adding voliatile Uranus into the mix, I expect
      that both violence and political rhetoric will only increase in the near

      In your personal life, be prepared for radical changes. Uranus has a way
      of upsetting the natural flow of things, and when conjuncted with the
      Sun it could mean a new career or a major change in your lifestyle.
      However, the square to Mars adds some unneeded aggression into the mix.
      Mars is a physical planet, but it's in the very mental sign of Gemini
      right now, so it's more likely you'll be challenged by ideas that affect
      you physically. For example, you may learn new medical information that
      causes you to make changes in your diet.

      We're also still dealing with the remains of the earlier Grand Cross.
      Specifically, Jupiter and Neptune are still in a tight square, and will
      remain in one for some time. When these two planets were trined last
      year, it was a great time for consciouness expansion, but now that they
      are squared it's time to look out for ways in which you avoid your
      deeper connections to self.

      Neptune rules both spirtuality and the lack of it, and when it's harshly
      aspected it highlights those ways in which we avoid ourselves.
      Compulsive behaviors, addictions, even just being a couch potato, are
      all ways in which we can avoid facing our true selves and growing.

      Another ongoing alignment has been the Saturn/Chiron opposition, two
      teaching planets that deal with difficult lessons. Saturn deals with
      fears and Chiron with limiting beliefs, when they're in opposition you
      often feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, not seeing any sort of
      solution. The best answer in the moment might just be to say: "There is
      no solution right now, but I'm open to one presenting itself." This will
      at least keep your energy flowing towards resolving the situation.

      As March begins we'll Mercury go retrograde on the 2nd. Remember that
      Mercury rules communication, travel and electronics, so all these things
      may be affected during this period. Patience is the key during
      retrogrades, they're nature's way of telling you to stop and smell the
      roses. I find the more meditative I am during retrogrades, the less they
      affect my daily life.

      There's an aspect of secrecy building right now as well. Mercury is
      squared to Pluto, the planet of secrets and the subconscious. This
      alignment will peak around the 27th, but then return again in April
      after Mercury goes direct again. Since Mercury is in the water sign of
      Pisces, there could be either diplomatic secrets on the worldwide scale
      or something that you've been repressing working it's way to the surface.

      Either way (and both could happen) as Mercury travels backward, it will
      conjunct with Uranus on March 27th, and very likely those secrets will
      come out in a big way. I suspect that March and the beginning of April
      will be a great time for public scandals. In your own life, if you come
      aware of something that you've been repressing, it would be best to deal
      with it straight away rather than try to cover it up.

      The tarot card for this period is Change (Shapeshifter Tarot)

      The image of both the river and the tree are reminders that we are
      always growing and changing, even when things look stable to our
      rational minds. This card indicates that major changes are about to take
      place in your life, and you may have to juggle several new situations at

      My next report will be for March 24, when the Sun and Saturn enter into
      a trine and should provide a stabilizing force to the upcoming changes.


      The song in my heart...
      Is that of a thousand distant...whistling coyotes..
      Beckoning the sun's light....
      So that others may see..
      It's love..
      Measured by the distance..
      Of a falling Star..

      Earth Star Indigo

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      The song in my heart...
      Is that of a thousand...
      Distant, whistling coyotes..
      Beckoning the Sun's light..


      Yahoo! Mail
      Bring photos to life! New PhotoMail makes sharing a breeze.

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