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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ 2012 Resources and Links ... Russell Boulding – www.preparingforthegreatshift.org Russell Boulding,
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      2012 Resources and Links


      Russell Boulding – www.preparingforthegreatshift.org

      Russell Boulding, from Bloomington, IN, is a scientist, energy healer, spiritual seeker, lover of humanity and planet Earth and cosmic explorer. His work focuses how the coming dimensional shift in human consciousness will lead us to health and wholeness as individuals, create global peace, and sustain an ecologically healthy planet. He has developed a rational approach for critically evaluating channeled information from higher dimensional sources and shows how humanity and planet Earth are being helped make the Great Shift from higher dimensions.

      Russell has identified a dozen different kinds of higher dimensional Beings that are providing assistance at this time. His approach also includes geophysical and astrophysical evidence that humanity has reached a collective level of consciousness that allows us to shift the location and intensity of stresses the Mother Earth is experiencing. He shares how, as part of the dimensional shift, to minimize harm to humans. His site includes practical information on how we as individuals can more actively participate in the Great Shift.

      John English – Dreamtime Publications - www.dtpublications.com

      John is a shaman from Phoenix, AZ who believes in the human capacity to dream one’s life destiny into being and uses this skill to direct his path in life. He dreamed into being his 2004 COVR Book of the Year, The Shift . . . an Awakening, and finds the events he wrote about now becoming a reality. His mission is to promote personal and planetary healing through the publication of visionary fiction. DreamTime Publications believes it is vital for all of humanity to reawaken our innate ability to dream and use this inspired tool to create a world that reflects and honors the divine spirit within all life.

      Calen & Jini Rayne - Raynemaker Center - www.raynemaker.com

      Calen and Jini Rayne, who live in Asheville, NC, are energy shifters who know how to harmonize people with their living environments. Together they operate the Raynemaker Center, which provides a variety of services and products that merge Eastern philosophy with Western practicality. RayneMaker and its subsidiary Eye of Nature help their clients use energy tools to bring harmony and abundance in their lives. Both Raynes are Reiki Masters.
      Calen offers meditation and mandala instruction in support of the sound/energy modalities, including personal energy mandalas and energy therapy using a system designed by shamans of the first religion of the Himalayas known as "sacred conventions."Jini’s practice of Feng Shui and Interior Alignment ™ includes pioneering space clearing and house blessing techniques to clear subtle energy fields.

      Grandfather Yellow Horse Man - www.yellowhorseman.com

      Grandfather Yellow Horse Man was chosen by a group of Native Elders to learn the many messages of peace. Through his Medicine of the Heart Ministry, based in Lakemont, GA, he brings together families. He has spoken at universities, the Whole Life Expo, and traveled as a peace elder with a Maori elder from New Zealand. They traveled for four years doing ceremonies for peace. Their vision together was to reunite all the families of the world.
      Grandfather recognizes that the approach of 2012 and humanity’s great transformation requires “right relationships” between men and women, parents and children and between humans and Nature and Earth. In this presentation, he shares his wisdom garnered from many years of experience as a partner, parent and Peace Elder. Grandfather places special emphasis on the New Children’s role in shifting consciousness in the next seven years and recognizes these emissaries of love, including a child of his own, as ancient spirits who have come back to be the peacemakers of tomorrow.

      2012 site - Geoff Stray - www.diagnosis2012.co.uk

      This comprehensive website is a data-base for information about the year 2012 and the "end of the Mayan calendar. “1999, Geoff started collecting information, theories and ideas from diverse sources that predict 2012 as an evolutionary pinnacle—a leap in consciousness, a dimensional shift, an end of linear time, an encounter with an asteroid and mass genetic mutation from solar or cosmic rays. He gathered ideas come from scientists, artists, mystics, alternative Egyptologists, prophets, divinatory systems, shamanic psychonauts, mythology, and Mesoamerican research. It is the most comprehensive resource available regarding the implications of 2012.

      Other related sites:

      ascension2000.com - This site, which belongs to David Wilcock, presents a lot of scientific information validating that The Shift is happening throughout the whole Milky Way Galaxy. The Ra/Law of One Study Guide is very helpful in understanding cosmic history and the paradigm in which David operates.

      viking-z.org - This site focuses on expanding human consciousness, responsibility and ability and helping people become personally and socially responsible for the way they use energy

      perelandra-ltd.com - Perelandra is both an experimental Farm and a website operated by Machaelle Small Wright. Her site is designed for everyone who wants to take charge of their health, their environment and their life in simple, new and extraordinarily effective ways. She began her research 1976, when she dedicated herself to learning about nature in new ways from nature itself. She began working with nature intelligence in a conscious, coordinated and educational effort that has resulted in a new science called "co-creative science." Traditional science—commonly known as "contemporary science"—is man's study of reality and how it works. Co-creative science is the study of reality and how it works by man and nature (nature intelligence) working together in a partnership, as peers.

      Goro Adachi - www.goroadachi.com/entemanki

      Scott Stevens - www.weatherwars.info

      These sites contain information about alternate realities, multiple timelines and ETs:





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