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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ The Key to Personal Ascension is YOU. from: The Fifth Realm Your movement from the 3rd density
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2005
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      The Key to Personal Ascension is YOU.
      from: 'The Fifth Realm'

      Your movement from the 3rd density (dimension) to the 4th is the first
      You have already begun this process, as it is the life/destiny of all
      Mankind. Each of us who has chosen to make this our life/destiny in
      this particular incarnation (and all have not, in their current
      incarnation) need to raise our individual (and thus, our collective)
      vibrations. In doing so, the 3rd strand of our DNA begins to "spike"
      (form and grow). This spiking effect is the beginning and an element
      of the process of personal growth within our journey.

      When in the 4th density, we will have the ability to "tele-transport"
      ourselves at will. We will have the ability to heal ourselves and
      others. It is a step toward our movement to the 5th density.

      At the 5th density, we will be able to manifest ourselves in both the
      spiritual and earth planes at will. We will be able to heal ourselves
      and others by touch or merely by intent. We will have absolutely NO FEAR.

      Not all will necessarily be successful in moving to the 4th and 5th
      density. It is a "soul choice" to have this intent before incarnation,
      and a "soul path" to achieve it.
      We must all remove our "need" for worldly possessions. This is not to
      say that we cannot have them, but the key word here is your INTENT. We
      must give to others truly in need and we must LOVE ourselves and
      others. We must respect our planet. We must educate ourselves and
      BELIEVE that we CAN BECOME who we set out to become before our current
      incarnation. We must BELIEVE that each of us IS DIVINE and can achieve
      our DIVINE life/destiny.
      If your INTENT is pure--for example, you want a particular house/car
      because it pleases you, that is pure intent. If, for example, your
      intent is to give you "bragging rights" then the intent is not pure.
      Each of us can be "monetarily wealthy"-there is no law against being
      "rich". But we must know that our INTENT is what should be pure.
      Having material wealth means that we have the option to help others
      less fortunate, with no expectation of a "pay back" in kind. You see,
      then, this example of pure INTENT.
      The GUIDEPOSTS to all our decisions and actions are INTENT, INTEGRITY
      and BELIEF.
      If you do not rid yourself of (transmute) those issues related to your
      growth then you cannot move successfully to the 4th or 5th density.
      Issues from past lives can be the limiting factors for those who are
      so very close to the ascension to the next level. These issues, for
      example, could be fear of the powers and skills available to you
      because of what might have happened to you in one or more previous
      lives. For example, if you were a healer, religious figure, etc., in a
      previous life and were killed because of it, the trauma associated
      with that experience may still be with you at a subconscious level.
      Your challenge, then, is to identify the existence of that remaining
      trauma and clear it from your psyche.

      KARMIC issues yet unbalanced can keep us from moving to the 4th
      density. We must BALANCE them as it is THE LAW of the DIVINE. However,
      the DIVINE LAWS themselves have a hierarchy among them so it is
      possible to transmute karmic debts through "indirect" means. If each
      of us can understand and give UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to all-TO ALL-it is
      then possible to transmute some of our karmic debts that can be
      overcome due to the LAW OF BALANCE.

      Our HIGHER SELVES are "screaming at us" to get our attention, to "wake
      up", to understand that it is our DIVINE RIGHT and DIVINE INTENTION to
      move our vibrations higher by becoming aware of who we REALLY are and
      what we REALLY CAME here to accomplish.

      Many of those who have incarnated during this lifetime on the Earth
      plane have come here to experience this special period. It is the one
      prophesied by many spiritual teachers, prophets and channels/mediums
      for thousands of years. It is the first time that mankind will be able
      to make the transition to the 4th density and still chose to
      PHYSICALLY incarnate on the Earth plane, or to move beyond the
      3-dimensional Earth plane to a purely Spiritual plane.
      EACH OF US CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We CAN help the people of this
      planet and we CAN help the Earth energies and its balance.
      We can make a difference by sending LOVE to others we come in contact
      with. LOVE TRULY DOES CONQUER ALL. We can DEMAND that the senseless
      killings all over the Earth END.
      And while we are demanding we can send LOVE to all of those in power
      or to those who are the object of the ones in power.

      Much has been prophesied about cataclysmic changes to the Earth. We
      have the power, as we individually and collectively move within the
      ascension process, to negate these prophesies. As the Earth planet
      aligns itself with the stars on key dates over the next 18 months to
      the year 2012, WE HAVE THE POWER TO ENABLE MASS ASCENSION. The key to
      this probability is that the Masses must be aware of this potential
      and the masses must be awakened at an individual level. This state of
      awakened awareness can be quickened by seeing, by hearing of, those
      who can "perform miracles"-that which is our DIVINE RIGHT!
      The key here is the BELIEF that these "miracles" are real and that
      they come from the DIVINE. And in that knowing, in that belief, comes
      the knowledge that we ALL can have the ability to perform
      "miracles"-to heal others by touch or by intent, to know that our LOVE
      Each of us has one or more personal "guides" that we have lived with
      and helped in our past lives. Some of these guides are totally
      dedicated to helping you with your spiritual development and your
      personal enlightenment. Learn to know them and to hear them and you
      will be moving rapidly along your personal ascension path.

      A Spirit Of Joy and all materials on the A Spirit Of Joy website
      are freely offered. In return, any support or love offering would
      be gratefully welcomed. To make a love offering, please send to:

      Karen Karbo
      P.O. Box 891
      Yellville, AR 72687


      *¸..·´¨¨)) -:¦:-
      ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
      ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
      -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´ *

      Together we are One,
      Sharing love and light in ever-expanding
      Harmonic Waves of Pure Being.

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