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John Hogue Prophecy

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ Hurricane Katrina Will it fulfill a prophecy I made in 1998? by John Hogue
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005
      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      Hurricane Katrina
      Will it fulfill a prophecy I made in 1998?
      by John Hogue

      August 28, 2005

      I have been making the case for decades that prophecies of many various traditions recorded from ancient to modern times pinpoint a sudden and catastrophic rise in natural disasters after the turn of the millennium. In 1998, I published the following prediction in the book 1000 for 2000: Startling Predictions for the New Millennium. On page 16 of the chapter entitled “Global Warming: Hothouse Hurricanes” I said the following:

      "The destruction of a major southern U.S. metropolitan area, such as Miami or New Orleans, by a global warming enhanced superhurricane will take place in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium."

      The 2005 hurricane season started early and has already experienced a record breaking number of tropical storms and hurricanes "before" the projected peak months of September and October have arrived. Ten storms plowed across the Western Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico from the end of May to the end of August despite the long lull of the last six weeks. Then comes the eleventh hurricane, Katrina, appearing suddenly several days ago as a chaotic tropical depression over the Bahamas. It drinks a draft of gulf stream waters and becomes a powerful Category One hurricane sitting astride the southern tip of Florida for half a day throwing down a deluge of 13.5 inches. Then, Katrina rolls west-northwest. Its storm cells feast on 90 degree waters of the Gulf of Mexico and it grows unexpectedly fast and strong from Category One to a rampaging Category Five hurricane with sustained winds of 175 miles per hour.

      The twisting cloud bands of Katrina feasted on the Gulf's waving fields of hotter waters made so by what climatologists say is an ocean harvesting hotter mean temperatures than in past decades because of the greenhouse effect. Human-made C02 pollution traps the sun's heat inside the atmosphere. If vitamins enhance the performance of athletes, global warming of the climate through the greenhouse effect works like lacing the vitamin tonic of tropical waters for a hurricane with steroids. Sudden and monstrous storms will arise in our times pumped up and muscle bound with 50-percent more power and stamina than hurricanes of the past.

      As I write this, Katrina is on a steady track to inflict catastrophic flooding and destruction on New Orleans, Louisiana. I sincerely hope tomorrow's events will not fulfill my prediction above.

      I repeated the prediction four years and three months ago on U.S. national television on 31 December 1999 to Shawn Hannity of Fox News Channel's "Hannity and Colmes" talk show. I recall how Hannity bristled at my prediction that the first souped-up super hurricanes could take out a major U.S. city any time during the first five hurricane seasons of the new millennium. I pray that he will still have grounds to continue dismissing such predictions in the next 24 hours, if it turns out that Katrina did not become the storm that flooded and devastated New Orleans. However, we are only half way through the fifth hurricane season of my prophecy and the most dangerous months are still ahead. Ominous days of runaway climate changes foreseen by the Biblical prophet Joel, may yet come soon--or a little later.

      "The day of the Lord cometh, because it is nigh at hand. A day of darkness, and of gloominess, a day of clouds and whirlwinds."

      Book of Joel, 2:1 (c. 600 B.C.E.)

      Many will debate whether climate catastrophes are an act of God, or only the sum of humanity's stupidity to overpopulate and consume their range and consequently pollute the atmosphere to abandon. I would like to hope that if a city is destroyed this year or in the coming few years by a hot house hurricane the fulfillment of this second prophecy I published in the same book will see a positive outcome, albeit galvanized by tragedy:

      "The leveling of a major U.S. city by globally warmed storms will galvanize the American people to bring their resources together to fight global warming, as Americans fifty years earlier united to fight Hitler and Japan during World War II. "

      John Hogue (1996) "1000 for 2000", pg.18

      May today's Americ-"can't" become an Ameri-"can" in the fight against global warming.

      John Hogue * Rogue Scholar/Author: HogueProphecy_Bulletin@... *
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      *Excerpted from: The Light Circle Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.(c) 2005
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