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The Great Shift

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ Learn more about The Great Shift Workshops When Will the Great Shift in Consciousness Happen? by
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      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      Learn more about "The Great Shift" Workshops

      When Will the Great Shift in Consciousness Happen?
      by Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

      KIRAEL: Let us go back before time was even measured. Let us go back into a space and a light where the Creator sat with all of its councils and made a most dynamic decision to bring life onto your Earth plane, a life that would be forecast into a generative light that would open onto all of which it could possibly become aware. This light, as was said, would be created one day through the weaves—the weaves of everything from the mineral weave up through the plant weave, the animal weave, the insect weave, the human weave, and all other weaves combined. And each and every time that the Creator would bring the Earth plane to a certain level of consciousness, it would interject into this beautiful Earth plane some sort of an evolutionary being, much like what you see in your common, everyday human being.

      Throughout time the Creator brought this force onto this Earth so that it might experience this most beautiful earthly journey through the senses of a sensory being. And each and every time the Creator brought these beautiful particles of light into this world, calling them humans, they were left to evolve. They would evolve through great understandings. They would take themselves as far as they possibly could, and then usually one of two things would take place: either they would evolve beyond what this Earth plane could bring forth, or they would damage Mother Earth to such an extent that the Creator would need to heal her.

      And so the Creator would always bring home all of its experiences, all of its light particles, all of its humans. Each and every time they were brought home, it gave this Earth plane a chance to rejuvenate itself.

      My friends, it was decided in the last councils—when the Creator met with all of the loving lights of all beingness—it was decided that, upon this very incarnation you are experiencing today, the evolutionary experience of human would come to a greater scale. It was decided that the human would journey through many different levels of awakening, and that once it arrived at a certain time and space, the Creator said it would not call everyone back home. Instead, the Creator would leave a certain portion of its experience—its light particles, its human beings—here on the Earth plane to go through this most auspicious shift in consciousness. Hence, the Great Shift is upon you, my friends.

      I am asked on a daily basis, "When will this Great Shift take place, Master Kirael? Can you give us a date? Can you even come close to the date?" Oh, I might be able to come close, my friends, but the real truth is that the date is left up to you, what we call "We the People." For as you heard me say just now, it is the Creator’s desire to keep itself in the form of human here on this Earth plane during this great shifting process. But in order to do that, the Creator must be able to raise its vibration through these human beings to such a level that they can cope with the huge and wondrous changes that are about to take place.

      And so the Creator evolves itself through the human light. It evolves the human through its light. And at one given point, the human being will be ready to go through this most awesome event. It will be prepared to open up its heart light and simply move from one level of conscious awareness into another. So that is the date, my friends, that is the date when the Creator deems you are ready and that you say in your own hearts that you are ready.

      When will it begin? Oh, my friends, it long since has begun. It began way back when I wrote my first book1 on this project and before. But now it is unfolding at such a crescendo that the world plane begins to see it in a much more intensified reality.

      So as time and space began to fold in upon one another, it became evident that the world was changing and no one knew what to do about it. And then came the guides. On came the Kiraels, and the Kryons, and The Groups, and the Gaias—all of them came to bear on your planet system that we may be in service to you, We the People. For it is our journey, it is our destiny, to abide by your light and help you through this Great Shift in consciousness.

      Oh, the signs, my friends, they are all there. You can see them in the great happenings of your world plane. For instance, if you look at the physical plane, you see the most aware plane you have ever seen before. You see Mother Earth definitely removing many obstacles in her way. She is resetting her form. She is readjusting her center core. This is why you will see your earthquakes and your great storms float across her seas and her lands. You will see the flattening of lands and what used to be mountains will no longer be. You will see what used to be flat now turned to mountain because the beautiful Gaia light, the Mother Earth herself, is adjusting these projections.

      If that is not enough, look at your emotional world. If you can’t see a change happening all around you, then I suggest you are literally asleep somewhere in a cave. I am saying to you, my friends, that what the politicians, the religious leaders, and all of those people used to be able to do in the past, the emotional world will no longer let it take place to the extent that it used to. Change is adrift on the winds. I say to you that the emotional energy of this Great Shift is causing each and every lightworker a destiny unfolding. It is causing in them the ability to open their hearts and know that change is now a must.

      And what of the mental world? Oh, that is probably the most interesting one because it includes energies such as the over-mastermind, the secret government, the Illuminati—all of what you in the human world have blamed for all your woes and cares. Only now you are coming to a greater clarity that you truly are the ones who are in control, and that in the mental world, you must accept the ability to control, you must accept the ability to weave and to use your wills and your words to cause an Earth plane of magnificent, structured beingness.

      And oh, of the spiritual. Well, how many of you are reading this particular article? How many are listening as I speak these particular words? It is an unfolding that is occurring at an unprecedented rate. People are coming from all walks of life to listen to the spirit world. What used to be solely the realm of religious leaders is now the realm of those who work in the spirit light, and it is getting stronger; it is a flow of energy that is washing over all of Mother Earth, awakening We the People into such a grand experience.

      How can we look forward to seeing it more clearly? I say to you this: you need only open your heart to recognize that the world changing in such a vast array of possibilities. You will not know, the exact moment, my friends, until the moment is here.

      What will it look like? It will look like what it looked like when you woke up this morning… multiplied by a thousand. So look at your morning this morning. How did you feel? Did you feel positive? Did you feel negative? Did you feel aligned with the light? Or did you feel pressed by it?

      Hear my words, my friends, and practice where you are now. Practice where you are right now because if you keep waiting for the Shift, then it will catch you unaware one day, and you will be your grumpy self, you will be your dissatisfied-with-the-world presence, and you will find yourself slipping deeply into the throes of that energy.

      So practice now. Practice that the Shift is already upon you. Practice that you can already feel the love of a God Creator that is made of love and only wants to be love, and in that light you will begin to see your journey.

      Will these great winds that are blowing across the Earth plane now become warm or cold? Will they be harsh or gentle? If you hear nothing else of what I am saying this day, hear this: these are things that only you can control.

      I tell you that right now a small percentage of you are left to try the hold a positive, redeeming value of light that will infect the whole of the world, because there is a great world out there that is waiting for nothing but the three days of darkness.2 There is a world out there that lives with the fear of the Great Shift. There is a whole world out there, my friends, that has nothing but the journey of decimation in mind.

      Yet there are also the saviors, the lightworkers, the metaphysicians, the true spiritualists, who know that they must continue to keep a high vibration wherever they can. They must continue to infect or affect everyone around them because it is so easy to slide into the doldrums. It is so easy to look at the negativity that your world has held for the last few millennia. It is difficult for you now to be able to look at a future that brims with light and lustrous energy and power beyond your wildest dreams. It is almost impossible for you to look at a world that is not governed by tyranny of great energetic patterns that wish only to control you through fear. It is almost impossible for you to see a loving gathering of angels that will swoop down onto your Earth plane and open up a pathway for your galactic brothers and sisters to bring themselves forth. Oh, it is a difficult time for the human world to accept anything but the doom and gloom they have been brou! ght up with.

      But I say to you, lads and lasses, there is now a great influx of power. There was an unfolding recently they called the Venus transit, whereby that beautiful little planet of Venus—with all of the energies of the Goddess light laying upon it—somehow managed, as it does every few hundred years, to open itself and move in between your sun star and your Earth plane. And when it did, the light forces swept from Venus all of that beautiful Goddess love that had been laying there for ever so long and deposited it right onto your Earth plane.

      And yes, my friends, your wizards, your great magis, all of them are beginning to awaken. Those who have slept for so many hundreds of years—your Native Americans, your Native Africans, your Native Polynesians, your Native Orientals, the indigenous lights of your world plane—are finding themselves again. And hear me clearly, my friends. These are not the indigenous Native Americans that you see held up on reservations. These are your Native Americans that have woven themselves into your banking systems, into the entertainment businesses, and into the places where they will make a difference. These are not your Native Africans who still live in tribes and are being held prisoner by folks of other colors. These are your native wisdom sources that are praying very silently and causing great energy to be evolving itself around the world. I am not tal! king of your indigenous Polynesians who are still waiting for someone to help them figure out what they should be doing with their world.
      I am talking about those that have already made their way into the mainstream. They have infiltrated, my friends. The native energies, the indigenous tribes, are awakening very quickly.

      You can already see it. The indigenous tribes are awake and starting to make noise. They are rattling their light swords. They are donning their garbs of old and they are standing in front of the people and saying, "It is time. It is time to awaken." Around the world the indigenous tribes are awakening and they are filled with a need to bring harmony to your Earth plane.

      When is your Great Shift coming, my friends? You are already in it. It is amongst all of you. You can feel it. You can feel your voice being raised to the point where you will no longer be sat upon or put aside. You are feeling the need to connect with your spirit world, which is where you came from and where you are going to return to. You know that you are there because it is a healing journey and you are willing to heal the four bodies of humankind.3

      Know this: the Shift is with you now. You need only catch up to it. Don’t let it be a bucking bronco. Let it be a smooth wave of influence, a light that shifts itself through the very beauty of Earth and all of her inhabitants.


      "The Great Shift" Workshops
      Get ready. The Shift is now.

      A series of weekend adventures
      preparing you for the Great Shift in Consciousness

      Featuring Kahu Fred Sterling
      and Master Guide Kirael


      Toronto, Ontario – September 10-11, 2005

      Asheville, N. Carolina – October 1-2, 2005

      Santa Clara, California – October 8-9, 2005

      Lancaster, Pennsylvania – December 3-4, 2005

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