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Face On Mars

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    From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/ ~ Extraplanetary Archaeology ~ perhaps the most important scientific discovery in history. Why then are
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2005
      From: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circle2012dreams/

      ~ Extraplanetary Archaeology ~
      perhaps the most important scientific discovery in history.
      Why then are the authorities so quick to dismiss literal mountains of
      hard scientific data brought forth by reputable scientists, in their own employ ?

      A Glimpse of History
      There is a face on Mars. There are pyramids on Mars. At 41° north latitude of our second nearest planetary neighbor, there is an area we Earthlings call Cydonia, where exists an elaborate complex of massive artificial structures. No matter what NASA, or other government officials, or professional skeptics, or the so-called "mainstream scientists" may, between fits of hysteria, tell the media about how incredulous that may happen to sound, make no mistake: there is incontrovertible evidence for the artificiality of the Cydonian structures, predating any known civilization on Earth.

      The only questions that remain are: "who built them?" and "why doesn't anyone seem to be taking this seriously?" The answers are, of course, "we don't know" and "that's just the way things are." The way of the world today, at this level in our intellectual and social development, nearly every foundation of our society would be challenged - from science and technology, to economy and politics, to religion and superstition. All the history books would have to be rewritten. "The way things are" would surely change, almost overnight. Imagine the church's position, if there were irrefutable evidence that Man was not created on Earth - turmoil indeed. Every nation on Earth would be clamoring for control of every archaeological site they could guess at or half imagine, (or even fake, having become commodities themselves) -

      and finally, seriously, searching for Atlantis; trying to find something of the lost super technology, that could snap us, as a species, out of our long amnesia. Perhaps this is the most important reason why those currently in power shallowly yet casually dismiss any piece of evidence even remotely along these lines. They don't want anyone else to learn the truth - not just yet anyways: not until they have complete control over the situation, and why stop there?

      NASA's official position is that "most scientists" think that the images are an optical illusion. The truth is: that most scientists are afraid to bring forth findings that challenge the establishment. The established timeline is dubious, and fulfilled a political need in past centuries for science to have an answer to many burning questions. These conclusions conveniently followed very closely to matters historic and existential found in western translations of the Bible, and thus were generally accepted as fact without question. It is surprising however, that despite the many technological advances in recent decades, very few of these suppositions have been openly challenged - despite their now glaring inaccuracies.

      Science seems to be making an incremental ascension to the truth, as each new revelation becomes convenient. In the Renaissance era, Galileo's telescope proved earlier "heretic" theories that the Earth orbits the Sun, and not the other way around. The People of the day were ready for this, but the Church was not - neither was the Church ready for the People to know the Truth. After all, if they were seen to have been so wrong for so long about something like that, everything else may have come into question. Today, Earth is gradually being downgraded - accepted as being no longer unique in its ability to support life. These are grudging admissions, however - but everyday, the scientist who stands firm in his belief of life on other worlds, becomes more and more accepted by his colleagues in mainstream science - but there is still a long way to go.

      Among the most obvious, and most ridiculed, of scientific facts supporting the artificiality of the Cydonia Complex is that all of these objects are precisely arranged using the same universal mathematics and "Sacred Geometry" that are found in all of the most impressive ancient archaeological sites here on Earth - where there also just happen to be giant pyramids, another sacred geometrical form - but nothing even approaching the scale and scope of those found on Mars.

      Today, thanks to the Mars Rock ALH84001 and recent robotic missions, it is widely accepted that there was once water, and even a breathable atmosphere on Mars. But whatever cataclysm made the Red Planet inhospitable to Human life, these massive monuments remain in stony testimony to the once thriving Human civilization, of human beings, present on Mars so long ago - who were obviously far more technologically advanced than we are today. This is not science fiction. This is science fact.

      The Red Menace

      Ironically, as far back as historical records go, even in the most ancient mythologies, we seem to have almost instinctively wondered about the red planet. In the modern era, we have Little Green Men and even Marvin the Martian. From Perceval Lowell's canals, to "The Martian Chronicles" and "The War of the Worlds" the idea of life on Mars has become a part of our pop culture - and now it's a part of our reality.

      Moreso than the moon, perhaps mostly because of its habitable possibilities, Mars is in the news. Probes are being sent at every opportunity, manned missions are being planned, even by private entities - and every square meter of "the little world that possibly could" is being thoroughly photographed from above and mapped for future reference. Although the few new images of the Face that become public are arguably doctored in the interests of the NASA party line - that it's just "a trick of light and shadow" - the rest of Cydonia, with its many pyramids and other curious anomalies, is coming into sharper view.

      If this site were a work of art (and one can easily make the argument that it is), it would be widely heralded as the long lost work of those same architects who designed the Giza, Mexico City and Teohuanaco sites. Like a lost Michaelangelo or Van Gogh, found at a neighborhood garage sale, it's practically a fingerprint - or a DNA signature. Even better, an eyewitness account, a physical depiction of the former residents of the ancient coastal region of Mars we call Cydonia.

      This brings forth new questions to the origin of man. Were the artisans of Cydonia (and other anomalous archaeological Martian sites, like Elysium) the same people who founded Atlantis? Which came first, life on this planet, or life on our red neighbor? Did man actually come here, to these worlds, to this solar system, from somewhere far out in space? Was this star system colonized by humans, millions of years ago? Are there other Humans out there, somewhere among the constellations of our zodiac? Can this puzzle piece of human history teach us something about our true place in the universe? Will we dare learn from this, before it's too late, and possibly save ourselves from a similar fate?

      No matter what the original purpose may have been for these structures, they were built to last. Were they intended to support a lasting human outpost? Were they created by ancestors stranded on a dying planet - desperate for anyone, even their estranged descendants to know the truth of their existence, or at least where we should begin looking for it? Whatever the reason, one effect has triumphed - these gigantic monuments, averaging a cubic mile apiece, shout to the heavens "we were here" - and in the absence of clouds, anyone with a powerful enough telescope can tell what specific species is represented in indigenous stone. Even carved out of natural outcroppings, the project was a phenomenal undertaking by our standards - so it either meant a very great deal to them, or it was no trouble at all. Either scenario is Earth shattering - or in this case, Mars shattering - literally.

      Exactly opposite the three largest volcanoes in the solar system, are three largest craters on Mars - whose curious, almost total, lack of a magnetic field further lends credence to the theory of a great multiple asteroid impact. Also seeming to have been created suddenly, the largest known rift on a planet's surface: Valles Marineris, which makes the Grand Canyon look like a rut in the mud. Any oceans on Mars would first fill this chasm, stretching a third of the way around the planet, and would be approximately half the volume, even by Earth's water standards. Recent evidence shows that Mars was once abundant with water - and once, long ago, experienced cataclysmic floods on a planetary scale. What little water remains is thought to be trapped in the permafrost beneath the ground and at the poles. This leaves some scant hope for rejuvenation of the Martian atmosphere, but the Terraforming of Mars is still a 22nd Century pipe dream - and will only happen if we are able to avoid
      another asteroid incident.

      Marsquakes and floods, the extreme and sudden loss of atmospheric pressure - not to mention the months of meteor showers that followed - whoever lived there, and built these amazing monuments, they were likely obliterated in this almost unimaginable disaster. In any case, their summer home destroyed, the Human species could only survive in a more habitable climate, namely Earth.

      Seeing Red

      Whoever it is up there, depicted for everlasting posterity, it was designed to be appreciated from above - and at a mile and a half across, over half a mile wide and a quarter mile high - one wonders if the denizens of this ancient coastal region ever considered themselves a planetbound society. Maybe it was pure artistic __expression, or even simple vanity, very much like the kind of statues we have virtually everywhere in our own modern cities today. One thing is certain, it stands out like a sore thumb - you can't miss the site. Intentional or not, meant for themselves or distant descendants, namely us - this is exactly what one would expect to find if our society were to hold the belief that Humans came to this planet from somewhere else. Sadly however, it is not.

      In any case, this is the trademark mysterious way that the ancients did things - and so-called "serious" science seems to be refusing to even attempt to figure it out. Many researchers have felt their way blindly through the science, faithfully going where facts lead them, and come to the almost baffling conclusion that authorities are in fact taking this very seriously. But it's a "Members Only Club" - and those who would speak the truth aloud, for anyone to hear, need not apply themselves.

      The Viking Photos Photographic Evidence of Humans on Mars
      Viking 1 took the first main images of Cydonia - 35A72 and 70A13.
      Because of these, the Cydonia region has been given further attention,
      and many respected scientists have arrived at new and startling realizations.

      From the very beginning, certain NASA officials have attempted to cover up and ridicule the photos.
      They were only accidentally rediscovered years later, and have been the subject of controversy ever since.
      Due to successful disinformation campaigns, science and the media still treat the Face on Mars as fantasy.

      In the years since, most Mars missions have mysteriously failed ~ could this also be official disinformation ?
      Might there have been a few Top Secret "Black Project" manned expeditions to Mars going on all along ?

      The Investigation Esteemed Scientists Uncover the Truth
      Despite the ramifications and enormous historic importance
      authorities have constructed a "Laughter Curtain" around the Face.
      But many scientists have now gone on to pursue the truth on their own.

      Scientists have developed new techniques to determine if they were, in fact, natural formations,
      and the Face is now proven to be "Non Fractal" ~ therefore indisputably unnatural by any standard.
      The odds that the Face on Mars could be a natural formation are calculated to be many billions to one,
      while all other "tricks of light and shadow" go completely unnoticed by the computer's fractal analysis.
      These same techniques have since been adopted and used extensively by the US Military Intelligence
      to make out countless camouflaged terrorist and other enemy installations, from satellites in space.

      Why, when evidence points to artificial features on another planet, is it casually dismissed ?
      Why does simple pursuit of truth suddenly brand respected scientists as irresponsible ?
      What will it take before authorities even grudgingly admit that the Face exists ?

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      The Face Staring Out Into Space
      Unmistakably Human features on a giant mound,
      reminiscent of the Sphinx, beckoning us to its home planet,
      where who knows how many other mysteries await our attention.

      A mountain, a quarter mile high and two miles across, strongly resembling a Human face,
      has been ridiculed by NASA officials and the media at large as "a trick of light and shadow."
      But the Face has brought our attention to a very special archaeological site on the planet Mars.

      Could the builders of Cydonia have actually designed the site to be a timeless message in stone ?
      Could they have intended for the Face to be instantly recognized by their distant descendants ?
      Could the Face possibly have been altered, and purposely damaged by our own astronauts ?

      Pyramid Cities Ancient Martian Monuments in Stone
      Further investigation of the Cydonia anomalies reveals
      archaeological evidence of man made monuments on Mars
      conspicuously aligned, and using ancient "Sacred Geometry."

      The ancient Egyptian city of Cairo, built in the shadow of the Pyramids of Giza,
      gets its name from an old Egyptian word which loosely translates as "City of Mars."

      Nature never builds mountains with so many straight lines or precise geometric shapes.
      The layout of the site also conforms to certain known patterns such as the "Golden Mean."
      Several of the pyramids are arranged on a grid with a ratio of one to the square root of two.
      Avebury, an ancient Druidic site near Stonehenge, is an exact mirror image of Cydonia.
      In addition, a straight 10 mile "Wall" on Mars corresponds to an ancient English road.

      Why were these identical sites constructed around universal mathematical values ?
      Could this be further evidence that our distant ancestors once lived on Mars ?


      ~ pages beyond this point are still Under Construction ~

      Disaster The Death of Paradise
      Mars appears to be a wounded world
      This frozen desert was once abundant with life,
      but was suddenly destroyed in a horrible cataclysm.

      Nearly one half of Mars is scarred by literally billions of impact craters.
      The largest three are exactly opposite three giant volcanoes in the solar system.
      It seems as if it were suddenly shot three times with a rifle, then blasted with a shotgun.

      The far side of Mars from the impact sites is significantly lower in altitude ~ by several kilometers
      ~ suggesting that this disaster actually caused half of the Martian crust to be blasted out into space !
      Could Mars have been the victim of a massive meteor storm, the fallout from its own once fertile terrain ?
      Could this be the same one that destroyed the dinosaurs ~ or even, more recently, the legendary Atlantis ?


      Other Worlds of Information
      Essential Documents from Outside Sources

      Face on Mars FAQ
      From the book: The Case for the Face
      (Stanley McDaniel & Monica Rix Paxon, Editors)
      Putting the skeptics straight, and the rest of us at ease
      that Cydonia is definitely worthy of serious investigation !
      Cydonia: Two Years Later
      Detailing how mysterious MGS malfunctions
      prevented a more detailed aerial scan of the face.
      From: The Malin Space Science Systems Website
      UFO - Mars Correlations
      A study of the correlations between
      UFO waves and the distance of Mars !
      Geographic Geometry
      "A New Look at an Old Design" ~ by Jim Alison
      Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships
      Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World

      Siriusly Links
      Martian Enigmas Home Page
      Mark Carlotto's official Face on Mars website
      Evidence for Artificiality - Summer, 1997
      Vincent DiPietro - The Face on Mars
      Image processing technique provides new information
      on the Face photos and the search for life on Mars
      New MGS Face in Cydonia Analysis - May 17, 1998
      The McDaniel Report Newsletter
      Further research into the possibility
      of artificial objects on the surface of Mars
      The Mars Society
      Exploration and settlement of the Red Planet
      through broad public outreach - that will enable
      robotic missions and ultimately human exploration
      Biospherics - Life on Mars
      In 1997, Dr. Levin announced his conclusion
      that his 1976 Viking life detection experiment
      found living microorganisms in the soil of Mars.
      Viking Labeled Release Experiment and Life on Mars
      Malin Space Science Systems - The "Face on Mars"
      Includes list of other Viking Orbiter images of the Face

      The Cydonia Plateau
      in the northern hemisphere of Mars
      was evidently occupied, by Human Beings!
      A red stone Martian face is staring out into space
      from a time when the planet could support Human life.
      Who was this person: a great leader, a King, a living God?
      And how long ago could people have lived on the Red Planet?
      Were the Cydonians our ancestors, or the founders of Atlantis?
      The Face got us looking at Cydonia - perhaps that was its purpose
      because the more we look, the more we learn about so much more.
      The conspicuous universal mathematics, ancient "Sacred Geometry"
      ~ all employed so beautifully in the monuments surrounding the Face.
      Could extraplanetary scientists hope for more in their wildest dreams?

      More- http://www.dudeman.net/siriusly/

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