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Strings and the cosmos...

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  • tobbyturnip
    Strings and the Cosmos…. The entire concept of Strings fascinates me. The more I learn about this theory the more curious I become. If in fact this radical
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2005
      Strings and the CosmosÂ….

      The entire concept of "Strings" fascinates me. The more I learn about
      this theory the more curious I become. If in fact this radical theory
      proves to be correct, the `big bang' theory becomes an event that is
      a common occurrence. If this is true what implications does it have
      for man and our sense of reality? Perhaps the great distances of the
      cosmos are but micro measurements in a colossal system of some sort.
      Time when measured in human terms may be an insignificant measure
      when compared to whatever or whoever this system really is. Perhaps
      we were never meant to find answers to questions that are beyond the
      scope of our understanding. Maybe life and in turn intelligent life
      is simply a parasite that clings to a system ever changing.

      Great minds of the past have given us wisdom to reach today's levels
      of what we refer to as advanced technology. Today the ones that will
      push the envelope still farther dabble with concepts that defy
      explanation. Science fiction writers have relied upon imagination to
      create situations that at the time of their writing seemed
      impossible. Later we often utilize many of these ideas in everyday
      life. Tomorrow will bring with it answers to many questions but more
      importantly it will bring more questions that need answers!

      Currently I am writing a new book tentatively titled "Parallel
      Universes-Man's First Steps Beyond!" Researching the topic of
      parallel universes has already stretched my imagination and I would
      suspect that this story will give the reader some thought provoking
      ideas of what man might expect when the technology is perfected that
      allows travel between the layers of parallel universes. Many
      scientists believe such a layer exists and travel between them

      I invite you to share with me any ideas you may have as to `parallel
      universes' and the `string theory' and please do not be shy. It has
      been said, `whatever can be will be' so any ideas you may have are
      equal candidates for discussion. Please take time to visit my website
      and check out my writings.


      Also you may be interested in my two groups at Yahoo. One deals with
      Dream Tranversion and the other deals with Shadow People. Join them
      if you like and add your comments to the discussion.

      Dream Tranversion


      Shadow People


      I hope to hear back from you!
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