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    I recieved this today wanted to share it with you~~~~~~ Jeanne ~Butterfly Dancer~ There is a college textbook being written that is looking for poetry by
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2004
      I recieved this today wanted to share it with you~~~~~~> Jeanne
      ~Butterfly Dancer~

      There is a college textbook being written that is looking for poetry by
      Native American women on the theme of "Native Women Surviving Violence."
      The deadline is May 30. The information is just below this paragraph. I
      encourage all Native women writers (including Alaska Native) to consider
      submitting something to them. I hope to see some of my favorite authors
      published there. Remember, I believe in all of you. I know you can do
      The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (www.tribal-institute.org) is
      seeking poetry submissions for a tribal college textbook. The theme is
      "Native Women Surviving Violence." This is a one-of-a-kind textbook
      about the impact of violence in the lives of American Indian and Alaska
      Native women and girls. The Institute is seeking to include poetry in
      order to broaden the scope of voice and experience on surviving
      All American Indian / Alaska Native women of all ages are invited to
      submit poetry, whether they are experienced or beginning poets.
      1. Poets should include their name, tribal affiliation, address, phone
      number, email (if available) and brief biography.
      2. Submissions must be related to the nature of the book, "Native Women
      Surviving Violence."
      3. Poems should contain no more than 100 lines. Only poetry will be
      4. Poems intended to be used as song lyrics are acceptable.
      5. Poems may be submitted in any language. However, poems in languages
      other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.
      6. Poems may be typed or clearly handwritten.
      7. Poems must be written by the person submitting the entry.
      8. Original poetry is encouraged; previously published works will be
      considered if copyright is retained by the author.
      All submissions will be acknowledged when received. If your poem is
      selected to appear in the textbook, you will receive 3 complementary
      copies of the book when published.
      The book is scheduled for publication in early 2005. Poetry submissions
      must be received by May 30, 2004.
      Please send your poetry submissions to:
      Sarah Deer, Staff Attorney
      Email: sarah@...
      Fax: 323-650-8149
      Or Mail To, Address: Tribal Law & Policy Institute, 8235 Santa Monica
      Blvd., Suite 211, West Hollywood CA 90046
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