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  • Mitch Dotson
    NEWS OF THE STRANGE AND CURIOUS Stories of Stuff that you probably would not hear elsewhere. December 23, 2003 I would rather live in a world where my life is
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      Stories of Stuff that you probably would not hear elsewhere.
      December 23, 2003
      "I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it"     - H. E. Fosdick

      Surface-to-air missiles are ready to be deployed around Washington, New York state troopers are authorized to ride commuter trains and air travelers are encountering more delays -- all results of the heightened terrorism threat alert level in the United States.
      Authorities raised the terrorist threat assessment over the weekend after new intelligence indicated that operatives of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terror network, possibly trained and licensed to fly passenger jets, may now be pilots for some foreign airlines, ideally positioning them to carry out suicide attacks, U.S. officials told NBC News on Monday.
      Two people died when a historic building collapsed in Paso Robles after a strong earthquake jolted the central California coast Monday and sent tremors from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond.
      Islamic leader says terror kingpin staying in nation with 'consorts'
      Pakistani officials questioned the man considered the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb Monday after news reports that the country may have been the source of nuclear technology and information for Iran and other countries.
      Judge Bars Forced Anthrax Shots
      Servicemen and women no longer have to take vaccination against their will.
      Has politicization of Senate committee threatened national security?
      The Seismic Window of December 21-28, 2003 should top off the year with significant seismicity. The maximum possible Golden Gate tides of 9.2 ft. will take place on December 23-24, accompanying a notable perigean spring tide. The Full Moon, perigee, winter solstice, and the closest yearly approach of the Earth to the Sun (perihelion) will occur just ten days later, on January 4, 2004. Such extreme tides last took place on December 31, 1986, and my widely predicted quakes occurred on schedule.
      The ocean in the tropics, by the equator, has become must saltier over the past 40 years, while the parts of the ocean close to the poles has become less salty. This shows that major ocean currents are changing-currents that are a fundamental part of the weather system here on Earth.
      More than 2,500 people in England and Wales are likely to perish from cold in the week leading up to Christmas.The forecast comes from the Faculty of Public Health and Met Office. Each winter, a larger proportion of Britons die because of cold weather than in either Finland or Russia. An estimated 40,000 more people die between December and March in the UK than would be expected from death rates during other times of the year.
      Soot 'makes global warming worse'
      Soot may be twice as potent as carbon dioxide in raising surface air temperatures.
      With 2003 coming to a close, the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant is about enter a critical period in its 34-year history. A decommissioned plant would mean that Ocean County would lose a major employer. Due to the specialized nature of their jobs, most of the plant's 440 workers, many of whom live in towns around the plant, would leave to seek employment at other reactors if their jobs here were eliminated.
      Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have carried out an experiment which disobeys the Second Law of Thermodynamics, one of the foundation laws of physics. This law is more commonly known as the entropy principle - that disorder, or entropy, always increases in a closed system - basically, things fall apart and dissolve into randomness.
      Québec was founded by the French explorer Champlain in the early 17th century. It is the only North American city to have preserved its ramparts, together with the numerous bastions, gates and defensive works which still surround Old Québec. The Upper Town, built on the cliff, has remained the religious and administrative centre, with its churches, convents and other monuments like the Dauphine Redoubt, the Citadel and Château Frontenac. Together with the Lower Town and its ancient districts, it forms an urban ensemble which is one of the best examples of a fortified colonial city. <The Historic District of Québec (Parks Canada)>
      However, the tunnels themselves are real, and similar underground passageways have also been found in Europe. Malcolm W Browne in his article 'Underground Tunnels Threaten Town In Hungary's Wine Country' refers to over sixty miles of ancient tunnel systems of unknown origin and purpose which have been discovered beneath the town of Eger, Hungary, some of which have collapsed
      "I personally feel that the Crystal Skulls are not only here to share ancient knowledge and wisdom, but to assist in awakening our race to higher spiritual laws and understanding of itself....If the Crystal Skulls were not brought by extraterrestrials then certainly we must conclude their [sic] have been civilizations much more technologically or spiritually advanced than our own today." 

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