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22 Tornado's Occurred in US Southwest, 5 More Expected This Hour

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  • Samantha Synder
    22 Tornado s Occurred in US Southwest, 5 More Expected This Hour...11/19/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) East Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2003
      22 Tornado's Occurred in US Southwest, 5 More Expected This
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      East Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida have all reported
      tornado's adding to 22 incidents, with more on
      the way. Moving over to the US East Coast, USA TODAY is reporting a swath of
      showers and thunderstorms will dump
      locally heavy rain Wednesday from the Northeast to the Southeast.
      Thunderstorms from southeast Pennsylvania southward
      to central Florida could be severe with hail and high winds in excess of 58
      mph. Even an isolated tornado is possible

      Yesterday's 'space weather' forecast and Earth's weather forecast:

      So far at least 3 three M-Class flares have occurred with signs of continued
      solar flare activity with possible
      escalation to X-Class flares likely. Watch for "freak storms". Most likely
      in the way of 'straight-line winds', 'wind
      shears', 'micro-burst', and in this case "tornado's" I have already
      received reports of strong winds, heavy rains, and
      rapid temperature change in many parts of the country.

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet
      Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and
      Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      Damage and injuries are being assessed. DEVELOPING......


      Urgent Message From Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala
      Adam Rubel - Saq' Be'

      The following is excerpted from the article "Message from the Mayan Elders
      of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala, CA". The full
      text of which is available on www.sacredroad.org. This portion of the
      article is of particular importance because these elders
      wish to alert the world to the significance of not only the present time,
      but specifically the period of December 4-7 of this
      year. What follows is their request for humanity to join together during
      this time in prayer and meditation in a manner that
      relates to what they have outlined below. We have received specific
      requests to distribute this information as widely as
      please help us with this purpose if you can. We have not previously
      received a similar request:

      Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open
      up a space. After the red planet distances its
      charge, there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric
      forces, a time that lasts four days. This openness gives
      us the opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space
      that will allow us access to Jun'ab'ku, heart of the
      heavens. This is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for
      the community for the consciousness and to
      synthesis with balance. This is the moment when the strength of all those
      beings of light, are needed. If possible it is asked to
      perhaps on fruit, to remain abstinence for at least four days prior and to
      do ceremonies at sunrise and sunset. It is important
      to work from sunup to sunset on both the 4th and the 7th, because this is
      the opening and the closing. The point or focus is
      to create the longing desire to awaken the south. Beginning from the Sierra
      Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Amazons, to the
      mountain range of the eternal snows of the Andes and carry that energy to
      the most ancient mountains on this part of the
      world in Cordova Argentina. The transcendence of this moment is of much
      importance for beloved mother,
      PACHAMAMA. It is also the survival of this "fourth humanity".

      The day of the 4th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Tzikin, the great
      intermediary between the heaven and the earth. It
      is the messenger and the eagle-quetzal-condor that will create the unity
      between the north and the south. This will permit us
      willingly if we joined our forces together throughout the continent and
      around the world to awaken the Saq' Be, the white
      path. On this day we focus on the divine messenger that carries our
      prayers, our feelings and the drumming of our hearts.
      Let it be that on this day there is only one heartbeat, one sound of
      drumming calling upon the four corners of the universe and

      at last finding Great Spirit. In the north it is the Eagle, in the center
      it is the Quetzal and in the north it is the Condor, (the
      ancestral messengers between the human and the divine). So, lets have just
      one heartbeat, one fire, a simple ceremony but
      very majestic. Let's travel to the sacred places and reclaim the harmony.

      The day of the 5th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Ajmak, the keeper of
      the sin and forgiveness. This is a day to
      reflect upon our lives, to be in silence and to go within, to look at the
      damage we may have caused consciously or
      unconsciously, to forgive and be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, but most of
      all to ask forgiveness for the damage we have
      caused mother earth. We also need to ask for forgiveness for those that
      destroy without conscience but only for the
      madness or for riches. This is an internal ceremony we do. The elders will
      be having their fires and ceremonies, but our
      connection will be channeled towards the south to awaken the force and the
      return of the wisdom of the condor. This is the
      moment of the return of the kingdom of TIHUANTISUYO, the giant panther. As
      of now it is called the kingdom of
      INCARI. As a day of duality, the energy gives way to balance between the
      polarities, so this is what we need to focus on.

      The day of the 6th brings us the energy of the Nawal Noj. This is the
      keeper of the wisdom, the harmony, the balance and
      the understanding, the power of the mind and of the imagination. This is a
      day to use the energy of the mind to create the
      power of balance. On this day we need to practice internal peace as well as
      peace with the community. The polarization
      based on the religious fundamentalist is reaching its unsustainable limits
      and it depends on beings that are committed to the
      essence of the real spirituality and the survival of the human race and of
      mother earth, to help stop this energy. Let's not
      forget that this thing we call reality is mental, the "great illusion" and
      the one that commands this force is the Nawal Noj. Ii is
      recommended to light white candles and to create chains of meditation and
      raise our words to the heart of the heavens and to
      the Great Spirit. We need to purify internally and check our own existence
      so we can do away with that which no longer
      serves us and to be free of antagonizing forces so can then create the force
      that needs to govern now which is harmony.

      The day of the 7th brings us the energy of the Nawal Tijax. This day is the
      culmination of this cycle that opens with the
      intermediary between the earth and the sky, followed by the forgiveness and
      the sin, then followed by the purification of the
      mind (creator of all illusions), well Tijax is the double bladed knife, it
      is the energy that opens up dimensions and the vortex
      on this day, creating a space extremely subtle and only perceptive to
      sensitive spirits. To us humans it gives us the
      opportunity to cut the negativity, to let go of that which holds us back to
      the vain illusions, to open up our hearts, to awaken
      and be able to
      create the balance between the polarities. We need to ask for all the
      spiritual guides, so they can leave behind their personal
      importance, so they may know how to guide us without competition and to be
      united and so they may not forget they are not
      the keepers of the truth. Each and every one of us brings a force and
      internal power and that all the truths are part of one
      manifestation of reality and this is how we'll be able to face the changes
      we are about to encounter. This will allow us
      to reach the date of Dec. 21 2012 with much harmony. This is the purpose of
      Tzacol, the planet on being alive, to then
      transcend to the 5th Ajaw.


      ECTV 'Radio Hour' Every Tues & Thurs from 7 PM - 8 PM (Pacific Time)

      Tuesday November 18th - Dr. Bruce Cornet - Yellowstone, Super-Volcano - Dr.
      Cornet is a Geologist, Paleobotanist,
      Palynologist, and Oil Explorer. Post-doctorate research in geology and
      paleobotany at the Lamont-Doherty Earth
      Observatory, Columbia University (1989-1990). Author and coauthor of 21
      refereed scientific papers and two books, all
      on paleontological and/or geological subjects. 14 years experience in the
      oil industry, and President of Geminoil, Inc., which
      successfully explored for and found oil on the East Coast in Triassic age
      rocks thought to be barren of hydrocarbons (just
      before the collapse of the oil industry in the early 1980's).
      Website: http://www.monmouth.com/%7Ebcornet/index.htm#Paleontology

      Thursday November 20th - Chief Arvol Looking Horse - Chief Arvol is the 19th
      generation keeper of the White Buffalo
      Calf Pipe Bundleand holds the responsibility of spiritual leader among the
      Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People. He holds an
      honorary Doctorate from the University of South Dakota, and travels and
      speaks extensively on peace, environmental and
      native rights issues. He has been the recipient of several awards, including
      the Wolf Award of Canada for his dedicated work

      for peace. Website: http://www.homestead.com/arvollookinghorse/Index.html

      Tuesday November 25th - Greg Little - Gregory Little is an expert not only
      on the lost civilizations of the Americas, he's a
      leading Edgar Cayce researcher. Cayce left behind a vast trove of prophecies
      obtained in a sleeping state. Many of these
      prophecies have proved to be correct, and many of them center around the
      rediscovery of ancient civilizations of great
      power that have been totally forgotten. Greg edits the Association for
      Research and Enlightenment's newsletter and is going
      to take us on a magical journey into our own past--and our future--using a
      combination of Edgar Cayce's prophecies and
      the latest archaeological discoveries. Website:

      **I would suggest you tune in early to ensure you get in - before bandwidth
      gives out! The link will be on 20 minutes prior
      to each show. Link is "live" 20 minutes prior to each show:


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