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Some Confusion Regarding The Article: "The Sun Goes Haywire"

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  • Samantha Synder
    Some Confusion Regarding The Article: The Sun Goes Haywire ...11/14/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) This article was published by a person named Tony Phillips.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2003
      Some Confusion Regarding The Article: "The Sun Goes Haywire"...11/14/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      This article was published by a person named Tony Phillips. There are many
      who believe he speaks for NASA or the Space
      Weather Center. He "Does Not". This person is nothing more than an
      independent journalist. He has shown to have a strict
      conservative bias for what is now clearly defined as "old school". Tony
      Phillips is one of those people who hold on to old
      ideas regardless of new evidence to the contrary.

      I have come up against this guy since 1999. He simply represents the "old
      paradigm". He just cannot adjust to a rapidly
      moving shift. I believe it scares him, and all those like him. I have a
      whole chapter on this dynamic in my book "Solar
      Rain". It is Chapter 9: "NASA, NOAA and Thing Called 'Peer Review' "

      So what is a "paradigm". (Webster) It is a set of assumptions, concepts,
      values, and practices that constitutes a way of
      viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an
      intellectual discipline. So what is a "paradigm shift"? When
      assumptions, concepts, values, and practices are no longer useful or valid.

      Tony Phillips has a website that looks like it belongs to Nasa, but it does
      not. It is only his independent view of the world,
      nothing more. Website: http://science.nasa.gov/ Sure it has Nasa markings,
      it may even be so-called "sponsored" by Nasa,
      but when you contact Nasa and question them, they make it perfectly clear
      "He does not represent us (Nasa)".

      It appears many people such as Tony Phillips, are grasping with both hands
      what is familiar to them. Oh, I can imagine
      today's time must be quite a threat to people like Tony, but nothing will
      stop our evolution. I found it quite humorous to see
      what he had written in this latest article.

      Just like any journalist can do, including me, you can go out and find
      someone who reflects your ideology. That is exactly
      what Phillips did. He found David Hathaway, a solar physicist at NASA's
      Marshall Space Flight Center. I'm sure David is a
      great guy, be he does not speak for the scientific community, and
      specifically those in the space weather field. This is simply
      one physicist who has an "opinion". Nothing more, nothing less.

      Here is what Dr. Hathaway has to say: "very few sunspots," says
      Hathaway--and space weather near Earth was
      mild. "Mild is just what we expect at this point in the 11-year solar
      cycle," he explains. "The most recent maximum
      was in 2001, and solar activity has been declining ever since."

      Now that is interesting. Let me see if I can follow this. Dr. Hathaway, a
      solar physicist whom was not made clear if he
      specializes in 'space weather' says "everything is normal and fine". Then we
      have Dr. Ernest Hindler, the leading authority
      specifically in the "space weather" field, and who sat on the six person
      panel when the decision was made on what the "Nasa
      Prediction" would be for Cycle 23, say live on the air during one of our
      interviews "We missed on Cycle 23. We were
      wrong". We also made reference to something outside an 11 year cycle, which
      I call a "mega cycle". Hmmm, now who are
      we going to believe? Surely there can be no dissent in the scientific

      Perhaps this is a hint to Tony Phillips 'watch the bouncing ball' interview
      with someone he found agrees with his "opinion". A
      few paragraphs down from the above statement reads...

      Sunspots cause solar flares and, usually, the biggest flares come from the
      biggest spots. The three giant sunspots
      unleashed eleven X-class flares in only fourteen days--equaling the total
      number observed during the previous twelve
      months. "This was a big surprise," says Hathaway.

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet
      Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and
      Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      The effects on Earth were many: Radio blackouts disrupted communications.
      Solar protons penetrated Earth's upper
      atmosphere, exposing astronauts and some air travelers to radiation doses
      equal to a medical chest X-ray. Auroras
      appeared all over the world--in Florida, Texas, Australia and many other
      places where they are seldom seen.

      Phillips Article:

      Well folks, I guess "we are all just kind of guessing". But how could it be
      any other way. Life is ever changing, thank
      goodness, otherwise we probably would not survive. There are some who are
      fearful of change. They will kick and scream,
      and do everything they possibly can to hold onto a world they know. There
      are others, who are simply aware of change, and
      though at times will be confronted with confusion, and emotional upset, they
      know it is simply part of the journey. So which
      do you feel reflects your inner truth?

      Remember: Follow your truth, not mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall
      find. Find What? Your Truth!


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