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Major solar flares ?~~~>

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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    Recieved this on another list~~~ Jeanne Informative article; I still am not sure exactly how these manifest on Planet Earth; anybody help me out here?  
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2003
      Recieved this on another list~~~> Jeanne

      Informative article; I still am not sure exactly how these manifest on
      Planet Earth; anybody help me out here?
      Still holding the vision of any and all misqualified and miscreated
      energy being transformed right here and right now. 
      Phyllis von Miller aka White Wolf Woman.
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      From: Nick
      Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 06:01:46 AM
      To: friends@...
      Subject: Major Solar Flares
      Feeling irritable, confused, out of balance, inflamed, having flashes of
      illumination ? Major solar flares emerge--from one of the biggest
      sunspots in years. Strong activity expected to continue...
      From the Holy Cross Web Page:
      Effects of Solar Flares
           Solar activity is an intimate part of the Holy Cross Cycle,
      and the planetary and lunar cycles that create the unfoldment of human
      consciousness. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System (stomach
      lining), all brain activity (including equilibrium), all human and
      animal behavior and all psychophysiological (mental-emotional-physical)
          Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worrisome,
      jittery, irritable, lethargic, have short term memory loss, feel
      nauseous, queasy, have prolonged head pressure or head aches, have
      trouble with the radio, phone, Internet, computers, and all forms of
      communication--both human and technological.
      A Renaissance in Consciousness
           Solar activity, although dramatic, catalyzes, and is
      essential for super-human achievement by stimulating radical change and
      transformation in the organizational foundation of matter, energy and
      consciousness. The Solar activity occurring now is an intimate part of
      the dynamic catalyzing the Holy Cross evolutionary spiritual shift.
      Solar flare activity and Super Nova (star) explosions are the primary
      catalysts that stimulate a renaissance in consciousness. They provide
      the cosmic radiation that supports the evolutionary unfoldment and
      maturation of the incarnate soul--the illumination of consciousness that
      we all seek.
      Official Space Weather Advisory issued by NOAA Space Environment Center
      Boulder, Colorado, USA. Space Weather Advisory Bulletins are issued when
      conditions occur that are thought to be of interest to the public.
      2003 October 21 at 06:11 p.m. MDT (2003 October 22 0011 UTC)
      Two very dynamic centers of activity have emerged on the sun. NOAA
      Region 484 developed rapidly over the past three days and is now one of
      the largest sunspot clusters to emerge during (our current) Solar Cycle
      23, approximately 10 times larger than Earth. This region, which is
      nearing the center of the solar disk, already produced a major flare
      (category R3 Radio Blackout on the NOAA Space Weather Scales) on 19
      October at 1650 UTC. The region continues to grow, and additional
      substantial flare activity is likely.
      A second intense active region is rotating around the southeast limb of
      the sun. Though the sunspot group is not yet visible, two powerful
      eruptions occurred on 21 October as seen from the LASCO instrument on
      the SOHO spacecraft. These eruptions may herald the arrival of a
      volatile active center with the potential to impact various Earth
      Further major eruptions are possible from these active regions as they
      rotate across the face of the sun over the next two weeks. Agencies
      impacted by solar flare radio blackouts, geomagnetic storms, and solar
      radiation storms may experience disruptions over this two-week period.
      These include satellite and other spacecraft operations, power systems,
      HF communications, and navigation systems.
      Although we are through the peak of our current sunspot cycle, we are
      only about half way toward the sunspot minimum, which is expected to
      occur around 2006. Thus, sunspots and solar flares are still quite
      active. To learn more about our current solar cycle (#23) see: Sun's
      Magnetic Field Reversal on the Holy Cross Web page.
      Erection of the Holy Cross
      Sacred Geometry of Global Change

      The Time of Global Change is at Hand.
          To surrender from participating from logistical mind
       into galactic awareness is to surrender
      from fear into Love.
      What was, shall no longer be
               - what was not, can now become.
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