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My God, There Is A Solar Superstorm Occurring Now

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  • Samantha Synder
    My God, There Is A Solar Superstorm Occurring Now...10/23/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) I just got off the phone with Dr. Ernest Hildner. He is the Director of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2003
      My God, There Is A Solar Superstorm Occurring Now...10/23/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      I just got off the phone with Dr. Ernest Hildner. He is the Director of the
      NOAA Space Weather Center. All space weather
      information, from GOES to SOHO and everything in-between, goes through his
      office first. There is no higher authority in the
      space weather industry.

      Dr. Ernest Hildner just told me by phone not 10 minutes ago, "We are in a
      solar superstorm right now". No sooner did I
      get off the phone with Dr. Hildner, did I open my mail, and there it was.
      Confirmation of what I have been saying all along.
      "We are in a Mega Cycle." My gosh, my excitement is overwhelming. I can
      hardly type....

      Folks, in no way does this have anything to do with Art Bell/Striebers book.
      They based their hypothesis on "global
      warming" caused by human pollutants. I believe their book is mis-guided and
      missed the target agenda entirely. What you
      read here, is based on hard facts, and from the "real science" community. In
      my book "Solar Rain" which is due out
      January 2004, you will see clearly the difference between a paranormal
      entertainment show, and something made from the
      science community, and very carefully weaves in "ancient text" and ancient
      cultures which gives us a very accurate picture of
      today's events. You may recall the "Hale Bopp" mumbo jumbo of a so called
      "companion". Sure it made great 'ratings'. It
      also may have contributed to 37 deaths based on 'woo-woo'.

      I am making such a strong statement now, because I believe we are in the
      "real" time of monumental shifts. I have no patients
      for 'aliens in the freezer', planet-x, shadow people or any other such
      genre'. I have worked very hard to get Earth Changes
      TV away from such wild unsubstantiated hoop-la. It is simply too dangerous
      to play with such non-sense anymore. Sure it
      was fun, but now it is real, and my oath to you is to keep it that way. I
      will not publish anything I cannot back up with factual
      information. Sure, from time to time, I will write issues of "pure
      conjecture". But I will make clear every time, it is just that.

      Information has just been released outlining clearly what had occurred on
      September 1, 1859, is occurring again, and right
      now. Here is what happened 144 years ago....

      (NASA) - Newly uncovered scientific data of recorded history's most massive
      space storm is helping a NASA scientist
      investigate its intensity and the probability that what occurred on Earth
      and in the heavens almost a century-and-a-half ago
      could happen again.

      In scientific circles where solar flares, magnetic storms and other unique
      solar events are discussed, the occurrences of
      September 1-2, 1859, are the star stuff of legend. Even 144 years ago, many
      of Earth's inhabitants realized something
      momentous had just occurred. Within hours, telegraph wires in both the
      United States and Europe spontaneously shorted
      out, causing numerous fires, while the Northern Lights, solar-induced
      phenomena more closely associated with regions near
      Earth's North Pole, were documented as far south as Rome, Havana and Hawaii,
      with similar effects at the South Pole.

      "Remarkably, science has documented solar events a hundred times more
      intense," said Dr. Bruce Tsurutani, a plasma
      physicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "But none
      of them interacted with the Earth in such a
      violent manner. What happened in 1859 was a combination of several events
      that occurred on the Sun at the same time. If
      they took place separately they would be somewhat notable events. But
      together they create the most potent disruption of
      Earth's ionosphere in recorded history. What they generated was the perfect
      space storm."

      To begin to understand the perfect space storm you must first begin to
      understand the gargantuan numbers with which plasma
      physicists like Tsurutani work every day. At over 1.4 million kilometers
      (869,919 miles) wide, the Sun contains 99.86
      percent of the mass of the entire solar system: well over a million Earths
      could fit inside its bulk. The total energy radiated by
      the Sun averages 383 billion trillion kilowatts, the equivalent of the
      energy generated by 100 billion tons of TNT exploding
      each and every second.

      But the energy released by the Sun is not always constant. Close inspection
      of the Sun's surface reveals a turbulent tangle of
      magnetic fields and boiling arc-shaped clouds of hot plasma dappled by dark,
      roving sunspots.

      Every once in a while -- exactly when scientists cannot predict - - an event
      occurs on the surface of the Sun that releases a
      tremendous amount of energy in the form of a solar flare or a coronal mass
      ejection, an explosive burst of very hot, electrified
      gases with a mass that can surpass that of Mount Everest. What transpired
      during the dog days of summer 1859, across the
      150 million-kilometer (about 93 million-mile) chasm of interplanetary space
      that separates the Sun and Earth, was this: on
      August 28, solar observers noted the development of numerous sunspots on the
      Sun's surface. Sunspots are localized regions
      of extremely intense magnetic fields. These magnetic fields intertwine, and
      the resulting magnetic energy can generate a
      sudden, violent release of energy called a solar flare. From August 28 to
      September 2, several solar flares were observed.
      Then, on September 1, the Sun released a mammoth solar flare. For almost an
      entire minute the amount of sunlight the Sun
      produced at the region of the flare actually doubled.

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream
      Currents => Extreme Weather
      and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      "With the flare came this explosive release of a massive cloud of
      magnetically charged plasma called a coronal mass
      ejection," said Tsurutani. "These things actually fire out from the Sun
      radially, so not all of them head toward the Earth. But
      those that do usually take three to four days to reach Earth. This one took
      all of 17 hours and 40 minutes."

      Not only was this coronal mass ejection an extremely fast mover, the
      magnetic fields contained within its charged particles
      were extremely intense and in direct opposition with Earth's magnetic
      fields. That meant the coronal mass ejection of
      September 1, 1859, overwhelmed Earth's own magnetic field, allowing charged
      particles to penetrate into Earth's upper
      atmosphere. The endgame to such a stellar event is one heck of a light show
      and more -- including potential disruptions of
      electrical grids and communications systems.

      Back in 1859, the invention of the telegraph was only 15 years old and
      society's electrical framework was truly in its infancy.
      A 1994 solar storm caused major malfunctions to two communications
      satellites, disrupting newspaper, network television
      and nationwide radio service throughout Canada. Other storms have affected
      systems ranging from cell phone service and
      TV signals to GPS systems and electrical power grids. In March 1989, a solar
      storm much less intense than the perfect
      space storm of 1859 caused the Hydro-Quebec (Canada) power grid to go down
      for over nine hours, and the resulting
      damages and loss in revenue were estimated to be in the hundreds of millions
      of dollars.

      "The question I get asked most often is, 'Could a perfect space storm happen
      again, and when?'" added Tsurutani. "I tell
      people it could, and it could very well be even more intense than what
      transpired in1859. As for when, we simply do not

      To research this perfect space storm, Tsurutani and co-writers Drs. Walter
      Gonzalez, of the Brazilian National Space
      Institute, and Gurbax Lakhina and Sobhana Alex, of the India Institute of
      Geomagnetism, used previously reported ground,
      solar and auroral observations, and recently re-discovered ground-based
      magnetic-field data from Colaba Observatory in
      India. The findings were published in a recent issue of the Journal of
      Geophysical Research.



      Due to this breaking news, I am going on the air tonight at 7 PM Pacific. It
      will just be me sharing me excitment with you. At
      this time, I am not set up to have "call-ins". But I sure wish I did. I
      would love to take to you and hear your comments. I'll tell
      you what, lets do it by email. While I am on the air, send in your questions
      or comments and I will read them on the air.
      Here the link which is "live" during the time of the show.


      ECTV 'Radio Hour' Every Tues & Thurs from 7 PM - 8 PM (Pacific Time)

      Tuesday October 28th - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL with the "Ghostbuster Gals". Laura
      Lee Mistycah & Ronnie
      Mound a.k.a. The Ghostbuster Gals. We will discuss what's going on in the
      spirit world, and is there any significance with
      the upcoming "energy shift". But of course, these two terrific gals will
      tell us of their 'real life' ventures as truly hired
      ghostbusters. What better day than Friday the 13th! Website:

      Thursday October 30th - I am off to Los Angeles. I will be attending Sean
      David Morton's first movie Premier. Of course
      I will have him on the show as we will share our experience and what plans
      he has for the future events. Sean will be off to
      Egypt right after the Premier, so it will be in late November when I have
      him on.

      Tuesday November 4th - Thom Hartmann - author of "The Lost People". His book
      "The Prophet´┐Żs Way" led to an
      invitation to a private audience with Pope John Paul II in 1998. His book
      The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight led to a
      September, 1999 invitation to spend a week with His Holiness The Dalai Lama
      at his home in Dharamsala, India.
      Website: http://www.thomhartmann.com/lost_people.shtml

      Thursday November 6th - John Hogue - author of "The Last Pope" and his
      latest book "Nostradamus: A Life and Myth."
      It is a biography on the life of Nostradamus and the mythos he generated
      which has given his person and his prophecies an
      "afterlife" of interest lasting for centuries. Nostradamus, along with St.
      Malachy made a number of interesting parallel papal
      prophecies. Website: http://www.hogueprophecy.com/

      Tuesday November 11th - Dr. Mitchell Gibson MD - author of "Signs of Mental
      Illness", a provocative breakthrough in
      the sciences of astrological techniques for predicting mental illness, based
      on his study of more than 400 astrological birth
      charts and the use of scientific statistical research models. Dr. Gibson is
      one of the most well known and highly respected
      medical doctors in the state of Arizona. One issue of discussion will be the
      "Harmonic Concordance".
      Website: http://www.modernastrology.com/Author.htm

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      gives out! The link will be on 20 minutes prior
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