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Will The Pope Die on November 8th?

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  • Samantha Synder
    Will The Pope Die on November 8th?...10/15/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Folks, this is one of those articles which belongs nowhere but in the gray box . This is
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      Will The Pope Die on November 8th?...10/15/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Folks, this is one of those articles which belongs nowhere but in the "gray
      box". This is to say, what I am about to write is
      clearly nothing more than subjective conjecture based on personal concern
      and observation.

      I have been watching the news of Pope John Paul II, and subsequent video,
      and current still shots. Earlier today, CNN ran a
      5 minute piece on the history of Pope John. It was startling to view his
      posture, demeanor, and ambiance from earlier years.
      If there was ever a person to demonstrate both in action and in view, of the
      old clich� "you look like you have the weight of
      the world on your shoulders", it is this Pope.

      There are several prophecies related to the death of this pope. Some say it
      is a sign, or tripping mechanism, which kicks off a
      series of changes. And not all of them good. In this writing I will not
      cover the four or five prophetic events that have been
      alleged to take place. I will guide you to our 'prophecy page' for your

      No folks, this simply comes from my heart. I just a sense of grieving of
      this person. I really cannot put it into words. I've
      never met him, I know little more than any of us from viewing news events
      and a few person emails from fans who have just
      seen him. I guess it could be that I believe Pope John Paul knows a whole
      lot more than he was or ever will be, allowed to
      tell. I see such sadness in his heart.

      If Pope John Paul II were free to speak to each one of us, maybe this is
      what he would say:

      "I am sorry to all of you. My heart aches as I witness your suffering. I had
      always thought I could do more, but I have learned, I am
      not allowed. But I am strong, and they have not won the war. Yes, they have
      won many battles, and I have grown weak from the
      tremendous injuries I have had to endure. I know I surprised many of them.
      They thought I would succumb to threats and powerful
      persuasions, but I have not. You see, I really know there is God, and I have
      experienced this in ways I am not allowed to share. I
      knew from before adulthood, I was chosen for this task, and this task was
      set for this very time. It is my journey! It is my destiny!

      I do want to share this moment with you, because you deserve it. I know that
      you too, have worked very hard in this period of
      deception, greed, and hate. Yes, it is true, there will be severe solar and
      weather events to come in this time after I ascend to
      another existence, the one of which we will meet again. But fear not, this
      too is part of the bigger plan. It is in perfect harmony and
      in perfect divine timing. It is part of the cleansing, purifying, evolving,
      transitioning. It will be those who have become too attached
      to this period of lost energy, of which I have been told, they will suffer
      the most. We have this chance to attune ourselves, to raise
      ourselves to a higher vibration, to a level which will match the tuning-fork
      of the Earth and the Universe of which you will soon

      Yes, it is true there are some in high ranking places who already know of
      the coming events. I am saddened to witness their
      reaction. I was told there would be a possibility the few would come forward
      and help the world, but this will not be so. They have
      succumb to their personal fears, and have chosen to withdraw. I do not hold
      them in contempt. They too are my brothers. It is part
      of their journey and in perfect alignment with the bigger picture.
      Appearances may be deceiving. Remember always, nothing,
      absolutely nothing happens in Gods world by mistake. Often events will
      appear unfair, a mistake, not suppose to happen. It is of
      this uncertainty and apparent duality which is the foundation of "our
      personal journey".

      And now I leave you. I love all of you. I see so much more than your skin,
      your eyes, your touch. No, what I see is your soul, and
      it is this which I take with me as a memory and a reality, of a life once
      lived. God Bless You, and never forget, you are more,
      much more, than our Earth presence will allow us to see. Pope John Paul II
      (as viewed through the moral mind of mitch battros)

      Will November 8th, be the significant shift many are speaking of? Could this
      be the day Pope John Paul II dies? Would the
      passing of the Pope be the lynch pin of fast moving change in both human
      shift and planetary shift? Does the titled "Harmonic
      Concordance" truly represent a time of unification, to the point of a
      measured shift in consciousness? Does this proposed
      "shift" also refer to shifts in the Earth?

      Then again, on November 8th 2003 there is a 90% chance "absolutely nothing
      will happen". This would be a good time to
      remind all of us to use our gift of "discernment". Just because I think
      something might occur, by no means suggest you should.
      Watch for those who yell "follow me...follow me..." as if they have some
      secret knowledge no one else has. I certainly do
      not, and I know of no one person who does. So please, follow your truth, not
      mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall find.
      Find What? Your Truth!

      I'm not exactly sure what came over me to write this. This is the furthest
      over the edge I have ever gone. So again, please
      remember, what I have written above is pure conjecture based on nothing but
      a moment of contemplation. Do not confuse
      this article with the majority of my writings which is based on facts and
      backed up with numerous facets. (MB)


      As Pope's Health Declines, His Inner Circle Tightens (10/15)
      By Frank Bruni - New York Times

      One of the handful who does is Cardinal Sodano, who now appears secure in
      his influential position a while longer. But in
      John Paul's Vatican, especially during this unsettled and uncertain period,
      stature alone does not determine who has the
      pope's ear or the greatest sway.

      According to many Vatican officials and observers, the most powerful figure,
      after the pope, is someone without the red cap
      of a cardinal or the responsibility for a congregation, which is akin to a
      federal department in the American government. That
      person is Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, the pope's longtime secretary, who
      also came here from Krakow, Poland, and
      sleeps in a bedroom near John Paul's.

      Over the last few years, Archbishop Dziwisz (pronounced DJEE-vish) has run a
      steadily increasing number of meetings on
      behalf of the pope, conveying questions to John Paul and then carrying the
      answers back. "More and more, he has the
      responsibility of interpreting the pope's desires to the leaders of the
      congregations," said John L. Allen Jr., the author of
      "Conclave," a book published in 2002 that examines the dynamics of power in
      the Vatican.

      Vatican officials talk about who is and is not "liked by the apartment," a
      reference to the papal apartment and, ultimately, to
      Archbishop Dziwisz. Being liked by the apartment has taken on heightened
      importance as access to the pope has tightened.
      There has been much change around the Vatican lately, and one Vatican
      official speculated that it reflected the pope's own
      fears. "There's an Italian word, sistemazione," the official said. "It means
      putting people in positions while you still have the
      power to do so."

      This official pointed to the fact that the pope recently appointed another
      large group of new cardinals, three months before
      the move was expected. The official also pointed to the elevation less than
      two weeks ago of Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, a
      Polish friend of the pope's, to lead the Council for the Laity. But the most
      important jobs, especially during the twilight of
      John Paul's papacy, belong to Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Re and Cardinal
      Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Congregation
      for the Doctrine of the Faith, the theological watchdog.


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      "I have no faith in human perfectability. I think that human exertion will
      have no appreciable effect upon
      humanity. Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise, than
      he was 6000 years ago."

      - Edgar Allan Poe

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