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Mayon Volcano Stirs; 1000 Families May Be Evacuate

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  • Samantha Synder
    Mayon Volcano Stirs; 1000 Families May Be Evacuated...10/13/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) The Provincial Disaster Management Office of Legazpi City has
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2003
      Mayon Volcano Stirs; 1000 Families May Be Evacuated...10/13/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      The Provincial Disaster Management Office of Legazpi City has reactivated
      all municipal and cities disaster councils in Albay
      to brace for an imminent eruption.

      On Saturday, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
      (PHIVOLCS) confirmed a general increasing trend of
      volcanic activity and the likely involvement of magma as the cause of
      previous eruption trends, PHIVOLCS has now raised
      the Mayon assessment to Alert Level 2.

      Incandescence inside the summit crater was confirmed last night as a
      persistent and significant phenomenon. The speck of
      glow appears to be soured from lava deposits inside the crater and is
      inferred to be emanating from the eastern portion of the
      volcano�s conduit. In addition, Sulfur Dioxide emission rates on 09 October
      9th rose to 2,386 tons per day (t/d) from the
      previous measurement of 1,616 t/d of October 1st. Seismic activity for the
      past 24 hours was relatively low as three (3)
      Low-Frequency Volcanic Quakes (LFVQ) was detected by the Anoling

      The glow occurring in the crater is likely caused by a renewed episode of
      magma intrusion that could have delivered hot lava
      to shallow levels or perhaps by opening of cracks that exposed still-hot
      lava beneath the crater. The increased Sulfur Dioxide
      emission rates, along with a general slight increase in volcanic quakes over
      the period of several weeks, suggest a more direct
      involvement of hot lava to cause the crater glow. However, PHIVOLCS notes
      that these observations also indicate slow
      magma intrusion. The glow from the crater remains faint so that it is
      visible only with telescopes or night-view cameras. The
      earthquake levels are still generally low and the absence of tremor, in
      consideration of the above observations also indicate
      sluggish magma activity.

      This alert condition signifies a volcano instability that may eventually
      lead to ash explosions or to magmatic eruption.
      PHIVOLCS reminds the public to avoid venturing inside the six (6) kilometer
      radius Permanent Danger Zone (PDZ) to
      minimize risks associated with volcanic explosions and flows.

      Mayon remains the most active volcano in the country. It has erupted 50
      times since l616. The deadliest blast took place in
      1814 where 1,200 people were killed. The Cagsawa ruin in Daraga town stood
      as mute witness of Mayon�s deadly majesty.

      In l993, Mayon killed at least 77 people when it erupted without Phivolcs
      warning. The most recent eruption, in 1993, began
      unexpectedly with an explosion. The initial eruption lasted only 30 minutes
      but it generated pyroclastic flows that killed 77
      people and prompted the evacuation of 60,000 others.


      Monkeys Control Robotic Arm With Brain Implants
      By Rick Weiss - Washington Post Staff Writer

      Scientists in North Carolina have built a brain implant that lets monkeys
      control a robotic arm with their thoughts, marking the
      first time that mental intentions have been harnessed to move a mechanical

      The technology could someday allow people with paralyzing spinal cord
      injuries to operate machines or tools with their
      thoughts as naturally as others today do with their hands. It might even
      allow some paralyzed people to move their own arms
      or legs again, by transmitting the brain's directions not to a machine but
      directly to the muscles in those latent limbs.

      The brain implants could also allow scientists or soldiers to control,
      hands-free, small robots that could perform tasks in
      inhospitable environments or in war zones. In the new experiments, monkeys
      with wires running from their brains to a robotic
      arm were able to use their thoughts to make the arm perform tasks. But
      before long, the scientists said, they will upgrade the
      implants so the monkeys can transmit their mental commands to machines

      "It's a major advance," University of Washington neuroscientist Eberhard E.
      Fetz said of the monkey studies. "This bodes
      well for the success of brain-machine interfaces."


      Earth Changes TV 'Radio Hour'

      Tuesday October 14th - Johnny Mirehiel - "The Harmonic Concordance" - Like
      its spiritual ancestor, the 'Harmonic
      Convergence' of 1987, The 'Harmonic Concordance' of 2003 also is a call to
      the Spirit of Humankind to awaken to the idea
      that we are, in fact, Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience.
      Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of
      this idea are now being scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage
      places throughout the world.
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      "None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our
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      - Thurgood Marshall

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