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Is This The Culprit for Meteors Crashing To Earth?...09/30/03

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  • Samantha Synder
    Is This The Culprit for Meteors Crashing To Earth?...09/30/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) As reported by my colleague David Whitehouse of BBC, an asteroid
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2003
      Is This The Culprit for Meteors Crashing To Earth?...09/30/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      As reported by my colleague David Whitehouse of BBC, an asteroid discovered
      just a month ago is making a close
      approach to the Earth. The name of this NEA (near earth asteroid) is '2001
      YB5'. Although there is no danger of collision
      with it,
      astronomers say that its proximity reminds us just how many objects there
      are in space that could strike our planet with
      devastating consequences.

      Moving closer to the Sun, the asteroid is passing by at less than three
      times the Moon's distance from us - just 830,000
      kilometers (510,000 miles) away on 7 January, which is close in cosmic
      terms. It is thought to be 300 meters in size - large
      enough to wipe out an entire country if it struck the Earth.

      2001 YB5 was discovered in early December by the Neat (Near Earth Asteroid
      Tracking) survey telescope observing from
      Mount Palomar in California, US. Astronomers call it an Apollo object
      because it has a highly elliptical orbit that crosses the
      orbits of Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury. It circles the Sun every 1,321

      Astronomers also add that it is "potentially hazardous", meaning there is a
      slim chance that it may strike the Earth sometime in
      the future. Such a "close encounter" is rare but not unprecedented. However,
      the only other known object that will come
      closer to the Earth is an asteroid called 1999 AN10, which will pass a shade
      closer on 7 August, 2027.

      Could the events we have seen in India and New Orleans be a "chip off the
      old block"?

      2001 YB5's brightness suggests it is a rocky body about 300 meters across.
      If it struck the Earth a 300-meter object would
      not be a global killer: to wipe all life off the face of our planet an
      object would have to be about 1 km in size. But 300 meters
      is more than enough to cause widespread devastation.

      If it struck land, it would wipe out an entire country. If the impact point
      were London, then scientists estimate there would be
      total devastation for 150 km and severe destruction for a further 800 km,
      meaning that not only would the UK be destroyed
      but France and the Low Countries as well. If it struck the ocean, the
      destruction would be more widespread. It would
      trigger tsunamis that would devastate most coastal cities.

      According to experts, the recent discovery and close approach of 2001 YB5
      suggests that something nasty could creep up
      on us at any time. Dr Benny Peiser of Liverpool John Moores University, UK,
      told BBC News Online: "The fact that this
      object was discovered less than a month ago leads to the question of if we
      would have had enough time to do anything about
      it had it been on a collision course with us.

      "Of course the answer is no; there is nothing we could have done about it.
      It is a reminder of the objects that are out there. It
      is a reminder of what is going to happen unless we track them more
      efficiently than we do and make better preparations to
      defend our planet," says Dr Peiser.

      Stunning Update to India's Meteor Blast

      Bhubaneswar, India - The search for the remnants of the huge meteorite which
      sped across the sky in the coastal Orissa last
      night continued today amid reports of villagers in Kendrapara district
      stumbling upon two strange objects this morning. While
      the object at Benakand a village was blown to smithereens, the one at
      Paschima suniti weighing 5.7 kg was intact. The "ball
      of fire", described by scientists as a meteorite, streaked across the sky
      from west to east before landing on a thatched house
      at about 6.30 p.m. yesterday and was witnessed by the people in at least 11
      districts in the coastal belt.

      One dies... One of the 11 persons admitted to hospitals in Kendrapara,
      Jajpur and Mayurbhanj districts after witnessing the
      spectacle died in the SCB Medical College Hospital at Cuttack today. Sukadeb
      Singh age 75, who along with two others,
      had been shifted from Kendrapara hospital to Cuttack, died this morning.
      Five persons, including three from one family, were
      admitted to hospitals in three different places of Jajpur district while
      three others were hospitalized at Kaptipada in
      Mayurbhanj district.

      The three persons, who fell unconscious after the incident, were recovering
      in the Kaptipada Hospital. A 75-year-old man,
      Harekrushna Behera, complained that he had lost his vision after seeing the
      fire. In Kolkata, M.P. Brila Planetarium
      clarified that the small streak of luminous yellow light which turned to
      orange and finally brilliant blue before disappearing from
      the sky was a typical meteorite, though it came a wee bit closer to the
      earth than the normal ones. It was a normal cosmic
      phenomenon and had nothing to do with the tidal ebb.


      Tonights Special Presentation

      Tonight I will have Colin Andrew as my guest at our regularly scheduled time
      from 7 PM to 8 PM (Pacific). I can't wait to
      ask him if there have been correlation's between current events, and crop
      circles he has recently made 'eyewitness' reports.

      Directly after Colin's show, I will have a special presentation on the
      current "mega swarm" we have witnessed concerning
      earthquakes. I will bring Jim Berkland - Geologist and expert in
      earthquakes. He will be on "live" from 8 PM to 9 PM
      (Pacific). So yes, it will be a power packed 2 hour presentation tonight
      only. It is free to all!!!

      **I would suggest you tune in early to ensure you get in - before bandwidth
      gives out! The link will be on 20 minutes prior to

      each show. Link is "live" 20 minutes prior to each show:


      Earth Changes TV "Radio Hour"

      Tuesday September 30th - Colin Andrew - Colin states in our recent
      conversation "Some IMPORTANT new material has
      surfaced and I am anxious to talk about it on your show - Best to you Mitch"
      Website: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/CPRI/cpri96.html
      Website: http://www.memorologyllc.com/CropCircleInfo/CropCircleInfo.htm

      Thursday October 2nd - Ernest Hildner - Director, Space Environment Center;
      Manager, NOAA Space Weather
      Program. Ernest Hildner is the director of the space agency in which all
      researchers gather their information. It is Hildner's
      organization that has produced sunspot and solar activity data from which
      most predictions are made. We will discuss the
      importance of space weather and how it future impact on weather forecasting
      is eminent.

      Tuesday October 7th - Ian Lungold - creator of the "Mayan Calendar and
      Conversion Codex" - We are headed toward a
      very disorienting experience. Your entire environment is made up of nothing
      but symbols. Your whole mental landscape is
      made up of only symbols. The whole Hologram of this reality is made of
      agreed upon symbols and those agreements are
      straining at each and every limit set upon them. (Even if you disagree with
      something, first you are agreeing that it exists.)
      This is going to look very crazy for a time and many persons will cling all
      the tighter to fixed meanings of favorite symbols in
      the chaos. Website: http://www.mayanmajix.com/

      Thursday October 9th - Joshua Shapiro - Crystal Skull Explorer This
      interview will be "live" to Holland.
      Website: http://www.crystalskullexplorers.com/

      Tuesday October 14th - Johnny Mirehiel - "The Harmonic Concordance" - Like
      its spiritual ancestor, the 'Harmonic
      Convergence' of 1987, The 'Harmonic Concordance' of 2003 also is a call to
      the Spirit of Humankind to awaken to the idea
      that we are, in fact, Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience.
      Consequently, ceremonies and celebrations in honor of
      this idea are now being scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage
      places throughout the world.
      Website: http://www.astrosite.com

      **I would suggest you tune in early to ensure you get in - before bandwidth
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      each show. Link is "live" 20 minutes prior to each show:


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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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