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New Message From Mayan Elders

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  • Samantha Synder
    New Message From Mayan Elders...09/20/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) It was another fascinating interview with Adam Rubel last Thursday night live . He had a new
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      New Message From Mayan Elders...09/20/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      It was another fascinating interview with Adam Rubel last Thursday night
      "live". He had a new message for us directly from
      three Mayan elders. The time line has remained the same of expected drastic
      increases in earth changing events. The time
      window is August 16th to December 15th. What was added to this turbulent
      period was the mention of 4 days in December.
      In the period between December 4th to December 7th, energy portals called
      vortexes are activated.

      The elders tell us after the red planet distances its charge, there is a
      subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces,
      a time that lasts four days. Could this be the recently discussed Harmonic
      Concordance? The dates are slightly off. It is
      mentioned the date of the "Harmonic Concordance" is to begin November 8
      which is marked by a total lunar eclipse.

      Like its spiritual ancestor, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, was made
      popular and widely distributed by Jose Arguelles.
      The "Harmonic Concordance" of 2003 also is a call to the Spirit of
      Humankind to awaken to the idea that we are, in fact,
      Spiritual beings sharing a physical experience. Consequently, ceremonies
      and celebrations in honor of this idea are now being
      scheduled at multiple sacred sites and pilgrimage places throughout the
      world. More information: http://astrosite.com/

      One other highlight of our conversation, was the elders mention of Earth's
      energy points. Yes, the elders do see Earth as a living
      entity, and as all living things, Earth has a pulse and a energy grid. As a
      acupuncturist, it was easy for me to follow. Our Earth,
      has energy points, or "meridians" just as each one of us. The elders mention
      energy has been blocked. The geographical areas
      of this was stated by Adam Ruble as being just south of Alaska, and ends in
      Central America. So guess what?... that would put
      the strain directly in North America. So if I where to connect the "Mayan
      Warning" with the geographical area of blocked
      energy, it would suggest events related to the "Mayan Warning" stating
      escalation of earth changing events, put North America
      as the likely area of devastation.

      If you missed last Thursday's show, it is hard to capture the intensity in
      the air as Adam and myself began to put this picture
      together for the very first time, and the whole "live" audience was right
      there with us. As a result of this new information handed
      to us (including myself) as part of our 'live' broadcast, I have asked Adam
      Rubel to request specific information regarding
      "Yellowstone Super-Volcano". Adam agreed there has been too much activity
      which could result in catastrophic disaster
      regarding Yellowstone. Adam stated he will be in communication with three
      Mayan High Priest next week, and will ask them
      direct questions regarding this potential nightmare.

      Here is a written statement sent to me by Adam Rubel which represent
      "minutes of the meeting" in his latest contact with Mayan

      New Message From Mayan Elders

      " Throughout thousands of years, the traditional Mayan world has preserved
      the ancestral knowledge. This legend has been
      transmitted throughout different clans or groups that follow the highest
      Mayan spirituality - which is where the purity of the ancient
      wisdom has been maintained. Today we are living in prophetic times.
      Various prophecies of the Maya as well as other traditions
      point to these times. This transcendental time is where the changes are
      manifesting. Humanity needs to see these changes with
      respect to themselves and towards the whole of the sacred mother earth. We
      are at the doors of change for the structures of the
      system that we know both economically and socially, which need to be
      transformed towards something that is more just and
      balanced. The Mayan prophecies are a mixture of scientific/technological
      knowledge based on the sacred Tzolkin calendar and the
      visionary powers of the Chilanes Balanes (shamans/prophets).

      To date, all of the prophecies they made have been realized with a high
      degree of precision. The prophecies are the foundation of
      the Mayan world, which is based on the sacred calendar. In the Mayan world,
      this reality exists in the Najt (space-time), and is an
      infinite spiral in which cycles and events are repeated with a certain
      correlation to a previous/future time, corresponding to similar
      events. This is why each person has a sign inside of the cycles of the
      Winales (period of twenty days). This will mark their destiny
      regarding events that occur during different periods of their lives. Every
      human brings a certain energy and purpose to their life.

      "When a wise one speaks, it is not to convince the incredulous. They do it
      to guide and awaken the consciousness of those that
      follow the path towards consciousness. Their words are not only for
      intellectual debate or for the nourishment of the spirit. In
      actuality, the spirituality of these prophetic times are not limited to
      contemplation and meditation. Today spirituality is synonymous
      with action; and action is every act of your life, in harmony with Mother
      Nature, and most importantly the harmony within ourselves,
      and in relation to the way in which we live."

      Don Pascual - Wise elder of the Mam Maya

      "It is not our possessions, nor our actions that determine who we are. It
      is our decisions that make us. And if in this reality, with
      the divine power of life we have been given which is not defined, the
      destiny of our life is marked by its transience."
      Don Isidro - Wise elder of the Kekchi Maya

      This message begins from being with the elders and Aj�qij�ab (Mayan priests)
      of the Quiche Maya people on the Cerro Turkaj of
      Chichicastenango in the highlands of Guatemala on April 9th, 2002, at the
      start of the celebration for the beginning of the cycle of
      the sacred Tzolkin, known as the sacred Mayan calendar of 260 days. We
      received a phone call from a spiritual brother, Dr. Marco
      Cagastume G., that transmitted the words of the eldest wise one from the
      town of the Mam, member of the council of the grand
      confederation of Ajq�ij�ab, wise-ones, elders and Mayan principals. His
      call was of simple but very strong words. There was a tone
      of desperation, incredulousness; his strength and desire was to shake us
      from unconsciousness. He told us, �Enough is enough!
      Don�t you realize the damage that you are doing to your home? When did you
      loose your sense of reason? When did you loose
      the respect for our mother earth?�

      He would ask, �Why haven�t we taken action towards the implacable
      destruction we make every day, all the contamination? How is
      it that you can sleep at night, having this knowledge? Is it that perhaps
      we don�t feel a responsibility for what is happening? The
      reality is we do have a responsibility, a very big one. By our permitting a
      few others who have suspect economic interest to do what
      they want without our putting a stop to this action, we become equally
      responsible. Is it not enough to see how the climate has
      changed? How the earth is contaminated, as well as the air? How the rivers
      are poisoned, and without mentioning, the oceans as
      well? Where are our green Mountains? Where did the spiritual guardians run
      off to? Where will the jaguars, the birds and the
      flowers inhabit? And the rest of the brothers and sisters that gives joy and
      balance to life? Why have we let mother earth dry up?
      And then we become frightened of the floods, the plagues and the
      earthquakes? All of this, WHY? You know the answer. It seems
      we only live for the moment.

      We only live to obtain the material illusions, the uncontrollable
      consumerism of things that don�t serve us. Things that pacify us,
      distract us and make us feel as though we are somebody. What to say of the
      spiritual guides? This call is primarily for them, and
      for all the beings that are working for the light. Let�s take awareness -
      it is time to assume the role that they are responsible for. It
      can all be put into one simple word: UNITY! Let it bring us harmony and a
      return of consciousness. Harmony with mother earth,
      respect for each other, respect to our brothers and sisters the animals,
      towards the plants and most of all, toward ourselves. Ask
      your grandmother, your grandfather, the elders � they have the peace and the
      wisdom, the awareness. Listen to the wind. Hug the
      ancient trees and ask them. Listen to the river or simply quiet your mind.
      You will see that the answer, the truth is within yourself,
      in the depth of your soul � then you will know that you are a warrior of the
      light, of the peace, of love and of harmony. And then raise
      your voice � without violence, but with strength. All of us united will
      reconstruct the wonder of life. Please, let�s return to be human

      Today, one year after this phone call, after the prophetic warning, (about
      the war in Iraq and what this encompasses with this charge
      of violence and death. In spite of these unfortunate events, there was good
      fortune that the war began in March rather than April,
      because there could have been more tragic consequences. Before the start of
      the war, the visionaries and the prophets had begun
      to talk) we have received the messenger from Xibalbay, known as the
      underworld. This has nothing to do with the inferno of other
      traditions. It is a subterranean world where humanity lived for a long
      time, after a cataclysm that made it impossible to live upon the
      surface of the world. There are still some powerful magicians/beings of
      Xibalbay that live in the depth of this world and they have
      sent this messenger.

      Cablicot is the name of this messenger. Its origin is as ancient as the
      night of time and has as its companion Camalzotz.
      Cablicot is the owl with two heads and Camalzotz is the bat with two heads.
      Today, Cablicot has come and its words are a
      warning; it is of the prophetic memory for these times during which various
      prophecies converge, be they from Mayan or other
      traditions. Because of its own dualistic nature, its words came with the
      war, like a preamble. This is a special messenger that looks
      towards the darkness. Its head turns three hundred-sixty degrees. Each of
      its faces looks with indifference towards the two
      polarities. Its words bring a call without charge, almost like a recording.
      Its own essence of polarity is the message.

      The Mayan prophecies speak to us of the changes towards the fifth Ajaw
      (fifth sun), on the famous date of December 21, 2012. This
      date begins the period of 5,200 years. This is a cycle of wisdom, harmony,
      peace, love, of consciousness and the return of the
      natural order. It is not the end of the world as many from outside of the
      Mayan tradition have misinterpreted it to be. The first cycle
      (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element was fire. The second cycle
      (Ajaw/sun) was of masculine energy, and its element
      was earth. The third cycle (Ajaw/sun) was a feminine energy and its element
      was air. The fourth cycle (Ajaw/sun) is a masculine
      energy and its element is water. The fifth cycle (Ajaw/sun) will be a
      fusion of both feminine and masculine energies. It will be a
      transition where there won�t be any more confrontations between the
      polarities. It will bring balance and there won�t be hierarchy of
      one over the other. Both energies will support each other.

      It is why this period is called one of harmony, the kingdom of love and the
      return of consciousness. Its element will be the ether.
      This fifth Ajaw/sun comes with the power of transmutation. To reach this
      state of supreme harmony, it will be necessary to create
      the balance of the forces of the light and the dark. This is where the
      importance of the call of the Mam elder comes into place � the
      quest for the unity, the return of the natural order. This call is urgent
      in the face of the prophetic times in which we are living �
      principally for the spiritual guides and conscious people. At this time, we
      need to unite and create a belt of light that will contrast
      with the negativity.

      Those working with the negativity are clear in their purpose. They are the
      owners and lovers of the material world. They govern with
      their power and with the illusions that they create. They have most of
      humanity half asleep. A human being has become an object
      for the purpose of production, to generate certain output during their
      lives. Today, s/he is a number, and object which creates
      necessities and useless gratification's that fills the void of their
      unconsciousness. Those working with the negativity are clear in their
      roles � they don�t discuss hierarchy, they know who the boss is in the
      different levels of power and they do their job with precision.
      The contrary exists in the side of the light. Here there is no idea of
      hierarchies � every person goes off on their own, each one with
      their own ego. They believe they are the owners of the truth, the wisdom
      and in their egoism scream to the four winds that they are
      the path of salvation. Many don�t have a sense of what is happening.

      They have sold the knowledge that has been given to them. One of the
      gravest situations is that many cults and �new age�
      movements have emerged. Let it be clear that we are not against their work,
      but we are suggesting they return to the origin where
      their techniques came from. Many of them were taken from ancestral
      traditions � but only in bits and pieces, not in their entirety.
      Although it may work for specific aspects, the most essential elements have
      been left aside - the integral and harmonious
      development. We know that they are necessary steps for development and are
      a bridge or a path towards the essence of the
      great traditions, but it is important to recognize the origin of their
      techniques and to guide the persons towards the depth of the
      highest spirituality. The call is for unity, to leave aside all
      differences, to find respect and tolerance, to create the balance. It is
      true that when a white magician is born, a dark magician is born as well.
      The ones that are being born now are not wasting any time
      and they are clear on their mission.

      They prefer to destroy the planet (something which we can not deny nor close
      our eyes to) before the moment of the fusion arrives,
      rather than relinquish their position of power as owners of the material
      world. �We are living in dangerous times, my son� my teacher
      don Pascual would tell me. �If there is no clarity, if there is no unity,
      if we do not return to the natural order, if we do not reach
      harmony amongst ourselves we are condemned as a species to disappear as a
      result of our own madness.�

      This is the call to spread, the cry of hope, of returning to the brothers
      and sisters to create balance based on consciousness, love,
      the surrender and above all the clarity that we don�t have time to play
      around anymore. This is the time of action! When we talk
      about not having any more time left, I am referring to the prophetic
      projections of the ancestral science of the Mayan world, and of
      our own intuitions in conjunction with our work with the visionaries, the
      diviners. This has given us the message of Cablicot. This
      makes us see a close future of great danger. This is a cycle that starts in
      mid August and lasts until mid-December of this year
      (2003). This period is of instability, destruction and confrontation and
      natural catastrophes can emerge: droughts, floods,
      earthquakes, hurricanes � like we have never before seen � bringing the
      consequences of death�s appetite. The most difficult
      confrontations are with intolerance as well as the economic interests. The
      most delicate confrontation is of the religious
      fundamentalists, guided by the negative forces that can provoke great
      conflicts. This is a tendency, an energy that is gestating,
      which does not mean that we can not change or minimize it on the level on
      which we are affected.

      At this moment, the elders and the shamans of the Mayan world are making
      fire ceremonies daily, without end, in a manner similar
      to the Native Americans who are working hard with their own ceremonies.
      This is true of our brothers the Hopi, the Huichol elders,
      the powerful Taitas throughout the Amazon, the great wise ones of the
      eternal snows of the Andes, the Ayamaras, our brothers in
      the Sierra Nevada, the great Tibetan wise ones and all others that don�t
      have a visible form. Each one with their own tradition and
      mystical knowledge and sciences, are working to create this balance that has
      been denominated �El K�uxaaj Saq� Be�� - the path of
      the positive energy / the white path of the good heart. This is where the
      two poles intersect over the west coast of the American
      continent, touching the continents energetic centers simultaneously
      reactivating the positive flow of energy.

      The call is so that we may all work together � the elders, the shamans, the
      wise ones and all of the people that have the awareness
      in order to change the negative force. It is about reaching all of the
      people with an urgency, to counteract the events that are
      juxtaposed to this period of August to December. The elders are making a
      call for the balance that needs to exist, with the intention
      of calling all leaders as well as all of the people that have the desire to
      achieve the balance.

      As an immediate action, it is important to meditate at sunset (if this is
      not possible i.e. work, then as close as possible), placing the
      focus on harmony, reconnecting with Mother Earth, asking for forgiveness for
      the damage we have done to her, for our own personal
      responsibility and for other peoples and institutions that are repeatedly
      destroying her. Then we can place the intention on sending a
      message to the negativity to let it know that we are active, that there is
      an awakening, that there is unity and that we will no longer
      permit the destruction of mother earth or of humanity and that we are
      conscious of the importance of this moment and to project to
      the transition of the date of Dec. 21 2012. For this, it is suggested that
      you light two candles � one white, that represent peace,
      harmony, the positive thought - one red that represents the force, the
      light, the energy of a new dawn and the action.

      The reason for doing this at sunset is because this is the time of
      transition from day into night and it is the moment to create the
      balance and to send positive energy. As inheritors of an ancient
      civilization, the Mayan elders make us reflect upon the need and
      the urgency for creating this path of positive energy. The events of the
      cycle between August and Dec of this year can be extreme
      expecting plagues, natural phenomena, (such as hurricanes, earthquakes,
      drought and floods, overheating and the melting of the
      glaciers), if we don�t create that strength of peace , harmony and balance
      with mother earth and between human beings. There is
      also a possibility of creating a major warlike conflict.

      These cycles have occurred in the past with other humans (civilizations) and
      also at the end of cycles of the Ajaw, cycles of 5,200
      years. We are now at the end of the fourth cycle Ajaw that will end Dec 20,
      2012, and the fifth Ajaw enters Dec 21, 2012, a date
      that is known to be catastrophic by people outside of the Mayan tradition-
      which in reality marks the beginning of changes in the
      way we see and live life, focusing more on harmony, the key word for
      existence in this reality.


      Inside the charge of these cycles of changes, there are vortexes that open
      up a space. After the red planet distances its charge,
      there is a subtle convergence between the cosmic and telluric forces, a time
      that lasts four days. This openness gives us the
      opportunity to create the force and balance. It is a sublime space that will
      allow us access to Jun�ab�ku, heart of the heavens. This
      is a good time to ask for the internal strength, strength for the community,
      for the consciousness and to synthesize balance. This is
      the moment when the strength of all those beings of light, are needed. If
      possible, it is asked to fast, perhaps on fruit, to remain
      abstinent for at least four days prior and to do ceremonies at sunrise and
      sunset. It is important to work from sunup to sunset on
      both the 4th and the 7th, because this is the opening and the closing. The
      point of focus is to create the longing desire to awaken
      the south. Beginning from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, to the Amazons,
      to the mountain range of the eternal snows of the
      Andes and carry that energy to the most ancient mountains on this part of
      the world in Cordova, Argentina. The transcendence of
      this moment is of much importance for our beloved mother, PACHAMAMA. It is
      also the survival of this �fourth humanity�.

      The day of the 4th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Tzikin, the great
      intermediary between the heaven and the earth. It is the
      messenger and the eagle-quetzal-condor that will create the unity between
      the north and the south. This will permit us willingly if we
      joined our forces together throughout the continent and around the world to
      awaken the Saq� Be�, the white path. On this day we
      focus on the divine messenger that carries our prayers, our feelings and the
      drumming of our hearts. Let it be that on this day there
      is only one heartbeat, one sound of drumming calling to the four corners of
      the universe and at last finding Great Spirit. In the north
      it is the Eagle, in the center it is the Quetzal and in the south it is the
      Condor, (the ancestral messengers between the human and
      the divine). So, lets have just one heartbeat, one fire, a simple ceremony
      but very majestic. Let�s travel to the sacred places and
      reclaim the harmony.

      The day of the 5th brings to us the energy of the Nawal Ajmaq, the keeper of
      the sin and forgiveness. This is a day to reflect upon
      our lives, to be in silence and to go within, to look at the damage we may
      have caused consciously or unconsciously, to forgive and
      be forgiven, to forgive ourselves, but most of all to ask forgiveness for
      the damage we have caused mother earth. We also need to
      ask for forgiveness for those that destroy without conscience but only for
      the madness or for riches. This is an internal ceremony we
      do. The elders will be having their fires and ceremonies, but our connection
      (be it through ceremony or meditation) will be channeled
      towards the south to awaken the force and the return of the wisdom of the
      condor. This is the moment of the return of the kingdom of
      TIHUANTISUYO, the giant panther. As of now it is called the kingdom of
      INCARI. As a day of duality, the energy gives way to
      balance between the polarities, so this is what we need to focus on.

      The day of the 6th, brings us the energy of the Nawal No�j. This is the
      keeper of the wisdom, the harmony, the balance and the
      understanding, the power of the mind and of the imagination. This is a day
      to use the energy of the mind to create the power of
      balance. On this day we need to practice internal peace as well as peace
      with the community. The polarization based on religious
      fundamentalism is reaching its unsustainable limits and it depends on beings
      that are committed to the essence of the real
      spirituality and the survival of the human race and of mother earth, to help
      stop this energy. Let�s not forget that this thing we call
      reality is mental, the �great illusion�, and the one that commands this
      force is the Nawal No�j. It is recommended to light white
      candles, to create chains of meditation and raise our words to the heart of
      the heavens and to the Great Spirit. We need to purify
      internally and check our own existence so we can do away with that which no
      longer serves us; to be free of antagonizing forces so
      we can then create the force that needs to govern now, which is harmony.

      The day of the 7th brings us the energy of the Nawal Tijaax. This day is
      the culmination of this cycle that opens with the
      intermediary between the earth and the sky, followed by the forgiveness and
      the sin, then followed by the purification of the mind
      (creator of all illusions). Tijaax is the double bladed knife. It is the
      energy that opens up dimensions and the vortex on this day,
      creating a space extremely subtle and only perceptive to sensitive spirits.
      To us humans it gives us the opportunity to cut the
      negativity, to let go of that which holds us back to the vain illusions, to
      open up our hearts, to awaken and be able to create the
      balance between the polarities. We need to ask for all the spiritual
      guides, so they can leave behind their personal importance, so
      they may know how to guide us without competition and to be united and so
      they may not forget they are not the keepers of
      the truth. Each and every one of us brings a force and internal power and
      that all the truths are part of one manifestation of reality
      and this is how we�ll be able to face the changes we are about to encounter.
      This will allow us to reach the date of Dec. 21, 2012,
      with much harmony. This is the purpose of Tzacol, the planet being alive,
      to then be able to transcend to the 5th Ajaw.

      THE YEAR 2007

      As of February or maybe sooner, according to the sacred books, the sacred
      Tzi�te and the projections of the wise visionaries, this
      seems to be an extremely delicate year. Again this has to do with us
      reaching peace and harmony. As of now the economies can
      start to deteriorate, we can see that it is based on an illusion. We have
      seen the real value of things have disappeared many years
      ago. Today the economic value, money as we know it, is an electronic
      fantasy and if the socio-economic systems doesn�t return to
      being human and to the real value, the actual system is condemned to
      extinction. This is the unconsciousness, the senseless
      race in the world that continues without stopping, without going anywhere.
      It is escapism to live an experience in such an
      accelerated manner. The fear of destruction and the instant gratifications
      we experience on a daily basis either help us to carry out
      our existence or to live alienated.

      This year will be hard and bring us natural disasters, warlike
      confrontations and disaster in the world economy. Like with all
      prophecies and visions of the future, there is the ability to minimize
      things and in some cases even change them. Although this
      year is of much concern, we must focus on the present which is where we will
      define the balance. The period of now to the end of
      2007 is of much importance to maintain the balance. We will be living in a
      very dangerous time that this humanity has not lived
      before. It is within each and every one of us to reach balance and change.
      The focus must be on the energy that got stuck
      in Panama, which, because of the canal, didn�t allow the energy to reach
      south. This is where the work will be the most revealing,
      which doesn�t consist only of these four days. It is urgent to activate the
      base of the spinal cord of the continent of the mountain
      range of the Andes and the ancient mountains of Cordova. To bring on the
      change and as the wise Mam elder said: �Please Let's
      Return to Being Human's"

      Carlos Barrios is a Mayan Ajq�ij, who originates from and resides in
      Guatemala. Carlos has been given the mission by his elders to
      begin sharing the prophecies and teachings of the Mayan peoples with the
      rest of the world. Carlos travels internationally to share
      these teachings and to generate awareness and support for the rescue and
      preservation of the ancient Mayan tradition in his
      homeland. Carlos is also the author of �Kam Wuj: El Libro del Destino�, and
      out of print book on the astrology and prophecies of the
      Mayan peoples. Carlos is presently working on a revised edition which is to
      be translated to English.

      Saq� Be�: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non
      profit organization based in New Mexico, US. Saq� Be�
      works to bring people, especially young adults, together with ancient
      traditions for the purpose of cultural and spiritual preservation
      and to open the doors of opportunity for those traditions to share their
      teachings with the rest of the world. Preservation programs
      include Radio broadcast capacity for the Native community in
      Chichicastenango, Guatemala and support for filmed documentation
      efforts of elders and guides of the Mayan tradition. Meetings programs
      include trips to Native communities in Guatemala (next trip
      is for the Mayan New Year, June, 2004) and arranging for travel and
      teachings for the keepers of this ancient wisdom to the US and

      Contact: Adam Rubel Website: http://www.sacredroad.org email


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      Tuesday September 30th - Colin Andrew - Colin states in our recent
      conversation "Some IMPORTANT new material has
      surfaced and I am anxious to talk about it on your show - Best to you Mitch"
      Website: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/CPRI/cpri96.html
      Website: http://www.memorologyllc.com/CropCircleInfo/CropCircleInfo.htm

      Tuesday October 7th - Ian Lungold - creator of the "Mayan Calendar and
      Conversion Codex" - We are headed toward a
      very disorienting experience. Your entire environment is made up of nothing
      but symbols. Your whole mental landscape is
      made up of only symbols. The whole Hologram of this reality is made of
      agreed upon symbols and those agreements are
      straining at each and every limit set upon them. (Even if you disagree with
      something, first you are agreeing that it exists.) This is
      going to look very crazy for a time and many persons will cling all the
      tighter to fixed meanings of favorite symbols in the chaos.
      Website: http://www.mayanmajix.com/

      I would suggest you tune in early to ensure you get in - before bandwidth
      gives out! The link will be on 20 minutes prior to
      each show. Link is "live" 20 minutes prior to each show:


      Thought For The Day

      "We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom--what's
      left of it--but we cannot defend
      freedom abroad by deserting it at home."

      - Edward R. Murrow

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