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NASA/NOAA Space Weather Center in Dire Straights

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  • Samantha Synder
    NASA/NOAA Space Weather Center in Dire Straights...09/17/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Have you noticed fewer and less accurate reports coming from Nasa s
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      NASA/NOAA Space Weather Center in Dire Straights...09/17/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Have you noticed fewer and less accurate reports coming from Nasa's
      spaceweather.com and Noaa's "space environment
      center"? To this day there are conflicting reports as to the status of SOHO.
      Most sunspot and solar activity reports have
      been coming from Boulder, Colorado's space environment center using "ground
      based telescopes". Gee, my not so good
      friend Dr. Tony Philips coordinator of spaceweather.com and spacescience.com
      may be losing his job. What a shame, he
      was a true Nasa company man and we had so much respect for each other. Hey
      Tony, send in your CV and three letters of
      recommendation, I'll see what I can do. On second thought, I have seen your
      work...never mind!

      Okay, sarcasm aside, this truly is a blow to maintaining accurate data and
      current readings. If you have noticed a lack of
      space weather news, now you know why. I have been extremely skeptical of the
      accuracy of what has been distributed on
      Nasa/Noaa sites. In my opinion, they can no longer be trusted. No, not
      because of some hidden conspiracy, although there
      may be flavors of such from time to time, but because there is no longer
      trusted integrity of data provided. It is no secret of
      my disdain for people like Tony Philips who reflects Nasa's recently
      disclosed "Destructive Culture" which reeks of
      corporate corruption...Enron Style!!!

      Nasa Destructive Culture:
      http://www.earthchangestv.com/breaking/2003/august_2003/29wow.htm (second
      article down)
      My Comments on Tony Philips:

      Here is what co-worker Joe Rao from the Boulder, Colo. SEC had to say...." I
      am very sorry to report that things are
      suddenly looking quite bleak for the Solar Environment Center in Colorado.
      Because of the short-sightedness of our elected
      officials in the House and Senate, the budget for SEC has been significantly
      slashed for fiscal year 2004. The direct result of this
      means the possibility that there could be no more space weather data and
      forecasts (for such things as solar flares and
      geomagnetic storms) in the coming weeks ahead. Full details are provided
      below in a message by Mr. Ernest Hildner, Director,
      Space Environment Center that was forwarded to me by Ms. Candice Curtiss of
      NOAA. "

      Here is today's press release from Ernest Hildner - Director, Space
      Environment Center

      U.S. Space Weather Service in Deep Trouble
      Ernest Hildner - Director, Space Environment Center; Manager, NOAA Space
      Weather Program

      For Fiscal Year 2004, starting October 1, 2003, the House Appropriations
      Bill for Commerce, Justice, and State continues
      Space Environment Centers funding at $5.2 M (a reduction of 40 % below the
      FY02 level). Worse, the FY04 Senate
      Appropriations Bill zeroes Space Environment Center and all space weather in
      NOAA, so services, data and observations,
      and archiving would all disappear if the final appropriation is at the
      Senate level. At the House funding level, starting October
      1 SEC will rapidly lose about half its staff, negatively affecting its
      ability to serve the Nation with operational products, data
      collection, and R&D. Unless the appropriation level for Space Environment
      Center is restored to the level of the Presidents
      FY04 Budget Request, $8.3 million, the Nations civilian space weather
      service is in trouble. At the Presidents requested
      funding level, Space Environment Center can almost return to FY02 level of
      services, data, and R&D.


      NOAAs Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado, provides a range of
      services to the Nation related to space
      weather phenomena. Among other activities, the Center is the unique provider
      of real-time monitoring and forecasting of
      solar and geophysical events, it conducts research in solar-terrestrial
      physics, and it develops techniques for forecasting solar
      and geophysical disturbances. That is, Space Environment Center is the
      Nations space weather service, monitoring and
      predicting conditions in space, much as the National Weather Service does
      for meteorological weather.

      SEC jointly operates the Space Weather Operations Center with the U.S. Air
      Force and serves as the national and world
      warning center for disturbances that can affect people and equipment working
      in the space environment. It is the governments
      official source for alerts and warnings of disturbances. Customers include
      DoD, NASA, FAA, airlines, operators of electric
      power grids, communicators, satellite operators, the National Space Weather
      Program, and commercial providers of
      value-added space weather services. Partnering with researchers funded by
      NSF, NASA, and the DoD, Space Environment
      Center is the place where much of the nations $100s of millions annual
      investment in the National Space Weather Program
      and in space physics research is applied for the benefit of commerce,
      defense, NASA spaceflight, and individual taxpayers.

      SECs appropriation lines can be found in the Department of Commerce,
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      (NOAA), Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research portion of the Budget.

      In the omnibus appropriations Bill for FY 2003, the SEC received a severe
      cut to its budget of about 40%, with no
      explanation for the reduction. One-time funding additions have kept SEC
      afloat in FY2003. The Presidents Budget request is
      $8.3 million for SEC in FY2004 (an amount consistent with its past budgetary
      levels), but the House
      Commerce-Justice-State Appropriations Committee provides only $5.2 million,
      or roughly 40% less than the amount
      necessary to maintain SEC at its current operational effectiveness. Again
      for FY04, no explanatory text was included in the
      Committee Report to explain this
      reduction, and it far exceeds the 18 % reduction below request meted out to
      NOAA Research overall and the 1% reduction
      to National Weather Services request. The Bill has not yet been acted upon
      by the full House.

      Solar observation. The Atmospheric in NOAA does not extend to the astral.
      Absolutely no funds are provided for solar
      observation. Such activities are rightly the bailiwick of the National
      Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Air Force.

      Needless to say, there is no evidence to suggest that NASA and the Air Force
      agree that one or the other, or both, should
      operate the Nations civilian space weather service.


      Unless SECs appropriation level is increased in Conference, the best outlook
      is that Space Environment Center shrinks to
      less than half its capability (House mark), and the worst is that space
      weather will disappear from NOAA (Senate mark). In
      this case, the Nations space weather service will have to be reconstituted
      in some other agency, at greater cost and lesser
      capability, to meet the Nations needs.

      As a result of this sad and harmful event, ECTV has stepped up its efforts
      to network with the thousands of independent
      amateur astronomers throughout the world. I will do everything I can to
      continue providing the most accurate solar activity
      news. I am proud to state that ECTV is now rated the number 1 provider of
      'space weather' and 'earth science' in breaking
      news events. Thank you!


      Earth Changes TV "Radio Hour"

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      Arizona. I'll be happy to talk about the
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      Tuesday September 30th - Colin Andrew - Colin states in our recent
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      maybe you should if it prevents
      you from feeding yourself."

      Thomas Szasz

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