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Wow - What a Party; Astronomy Style

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  • Samantha Synder
    Wow - What a Party; Astronomy Style...08/28/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) It is 1:30 AM and I have just returned from a spectacular astronomical party with 5,000
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2003
      Wow - What a Party; Astronomy Style...08/28/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      It is 1:30 AM and I have just returned from a spectacular astronomical party
      with 5,000 of my closest friends.

      As we all know, Mars is at its closest to Earth in at least 60,000 years.
      Just having the knowledge of this special event was
      exciting enough. But what was far more intriguing to this writer, was the
      people themselves. This event reminded me of a scene
      from the movie "Close Encounter of the Third Kind". It was the scene when
      the main character played by Richard Dreyfus,
      was chasing a UFO. When he came rushing around a blind corner, he came to a
      sudden stop. When he did, he saw people
      from all walks of life doing exactly what he was.

      Tonight at the local community college here in San Antonio, Texas, the local
      'San Antonio Astronomer Association held a
      'viewing party' in a very large parking lot. As I arrived, the first thing
      that struck me were the people who felt so moved to
      come out in the middle of the night to view a historical event.

      There were people in their 70's and 80's. Some with walkers and wheelchairs.
      Children of all ages. Teenagers who were more
      interested in the 10" telescopes, then the cute girls/boys of their peers,
      or doing typical adolescent prankster behavior. Couples,
      singles, families, pets, people in the military. In short, every possible
      demographic you can imagine. It was wonderful. It gave
      me a true sense of community. It was what I saw, felt, sensed, in my
      'vision'. People were united with everyone's attention on
      something outside ourselves, rather than focusing or measuring one against
      the other. The atmosphere was what I believe will
      occur as the earth changes escalate. When events unfold that are out of our
      control, we will be humbled. I believe it is when
      events unfold that are not at the hand of our fellow man, we as a human
      race, have a great chance of joining together as one.

      I have always believed it is the earth changing events that will 'develop'
      communities, not break them apart. It was as though all
      5,000 of us had one singleness of purpose. Perhaps that 'purpose', or draw,
      was something we all felt at a cellular level.
      Perhaps we feel a ancestral connection to Mars. Is it not possible through
      millions of years in evolution that some how, some
      way, we are more connected to Mars then one might think!

      This Friday, astronomer clubs all around the world will have organized
      viewing parties. I suggest go!!!! Take the kids, take the
      pets, take your parents, take your friends, hell take your enemies. Simply
      call your local astronomer club, or your local
      television station, or your local College or University, and find out where
      the viewing will be held. Everybody take a nap Friday
      afternoon or evening, then go out around 10, 11, 12 midnight. For you hard
      core's, and those who do not like crowds, go
      around 3, 4, or 5 PM. Each facility will be open around the clock. (unless
      otherwise stated). Take your cameras. Many of the
      amateur astronomers have set up their 6", 8" 10", even 14" telescopes in the
      area where you will go. They are excited to show
      your what they see and know. Don't be shy, they absolutely love it. The more
      questions you have, the better.

      Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      NASA Confesses Destructive "Culture"

      Folks, this could be a crack in the cooperate infrastructure. NASA is no
      different than any other large corporation. They are an
      antiquated organization based on the old industrial revolution "pyramid".
      You know, the one where sh.. runs down hill. Only the
      most diabolical, back stabbing, intimidating, control/power mongers make it
      to the top. It is a certain "character profile" that is
      attracted to administration. Anyone who has worked for a cooperation knows
      what I am speaking of.

      In many ways Nasa is no different than Enron. They are both corrupt. And
      those who know how to 'play the game' make the
      rules. It is the nature of the beast. This is the foundation of what all the
      press release and talking heads where addressing when
      they say Nasa "culture" is the cause.

      Now let me say...I do not fit in the box of those who say Nasa is all
      conspiracy. Although, at times, this could in fact be the
      case. What I am addressing in the above paragraph's, has more to do with
      "repression" of employee expression. Nasa has
      gone on record as of yesterday, stating they have not been open to employee
      feedback. Employee's have come forward stating
      it was dangerous (meaning losing their job or being blackballed) to express
      their true feelings or new research or insights.

      I believe most of the scientist and instructors associated with Nasa are
      second to none. Many of them are truly the best of the
      best. Unfortunately, their voice was too often "repressed". I am hopeful
      more of them, as in the vein of Dr. Tom Van Flandren,
      will come forward. But lets not kid ourselves, progress and change of this
      nature can be very slow. But it is a great first step.
      As most of us know, those who are in power now, will most likely fight to
      the death to maintain their cooperate position. It is
      their nature. It is part of their unique make-up. It is what we call in the
      mental health field "character profile" or "personality

      So lets all keep an eye on this hopeful event. Btw, isn't it interesting
      this "shift" occurred on the exact day (August 28th) as
      mentioned in my interview with Dr. Buryl Payne. You may find our interview
      rather "prophetic" in light of todays news. Go to
      ECTV's front page and click on "This Weeks Guest" audio file towards the top
      of the page.


      Thought For The Day

      "The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a
      global village."

      - Marshall McLuhan

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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