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Yellowstone Super-Volcano Continues Threat

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  • Samantha Synder
    Yellowstone Super-Volcano Continues Threat…09/07/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) If external events are to match my internal emotions, then something is unfolding
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2003
      Yellowstone Super-Volcano Continues Threat�09/07/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      If external events are to match my internal emotions, then something is
      unfolding that is, well just plain unsettling. I simply
      cannot put my finger on it. For my internal emotions, I call it �free
      floating anxiety�. Meaning there is absent a �cause and
      effect� scenario. A general feeling of dis-ease.

      Now, if 'external' events were to match my 'internal' feelings, then there
      is something to be just a bit concerned with. Perhaps
      a perfect example to describe human emotions, and celestial upset, would be
      to compare Yellowstone Volcano and its
      actions, with that of my own (or yours).

      Just minutes ago, I received notice from Dr. Bruce Cornet - Geologist,
      Paleobotanist, and Palynologist, regarding the current
      activity of Yellowstone super-volcano. I will post right here the
      information he has just now conveyed. I will have Dr. Cornet
      on the ECTV �Radio Hour� this Tuesday, September 9th.

      "Mt. Sheriden has been rumbling (15+ micro-quakes) between 1:00 pm and now
      (9/7/03). There were three small
      earthquakes at Yellowstone lake between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm MT (9/7/03),
      which were felt at Norris Junction.
      There were some small quakes between Midnight and 6:00 am (9/7/03) at Norris
      Junction. There was a whole string
      of micro-quakes (25 or more) at Madison River between 6:00 am and now, which
      are continuing. There have been
      sporadic micro-quakes (32+) all day at Mammoth Hot Springs. Micro-quakes
      started around Noon and have
      continued to the present at Mirror Lake Plateau. All in all, activity is
      picking up from a lull for about two weeks,
      before which a series of small and large quakes (including a 4.4) occurred.
      That quake prompted the web report.

      Steam pressure is apparently building again, and hydrothermal fluids and
      steam are working their way up through
      fractures and vents. I do not expect anything unusual or extreme to happen
      in the immediate future, but if the trend
      continues, and the number of earthquakes gradually increase with time, more
      warnings from geologists will ensue.

      What you should be alert to is any report that mentions increasing geyser
      activity, with new fumaroles and steam
      vents appearing near or on top of the rising dome. The dome has risen about
      three feet in the past few years, and
      magma has risen to within 3.7 km of the surface based on quake data.
      Earthquake loci measured to within 0.5 km
      under Mt. St. Helens, and people still didn't think it would erupt.

      But everything has to be scaled up for Yellowstone, meaning that 3.7 km is
      not a safe depth. Ground temperatures
      in the northwestern part of the park are apparently on the rise (up to 200
      dg F in some places), killing the
      vegetation. Large areas of the park are now closed, including areas with
      geysers, because their water temperature
      is now scalding and dangerous for visitors.

      If more steam vents appear, that means a continuous pathway for pressure
      release has been established to the
      magma chamber. If that happens, the pressure in the magma chamber will
      continue to drop until it reaches a
      critical stage when the superheated water within the magma explodes. When
      that happens the super-volcano will
      blow violently, blowing out a chunk of its cap-rock and sending millions of
      cubic feet of ash into the atmosphere in a
      Pompeii-like explosion, but 100,000 times worse.

      When you hear those reports, you will have about two days to �get out of
      Dodge� before the eruption.
      Unfortunately, as the steam venting subsides, there will be a false sense of
      security. People will think it was just
      another cyclical event, and the danger is over. But that will be the
      farthest from the truth. It will be the quiet before
      the storm. A major earthquake will suddenly rock their towns for hundreds
      of kilometers around Yellowstone, and
      soon thereafter 1,000+ degree pyroclastic flows will descend on them at
      hundreds of miles per hour, extending out
      to 600+ km.

      That 600 km radius around the caldera will experience total devastation.
      The next 600 km out may receive as much
      as 5-10 feet of ash, depending on wind direction. The thickness of ash will
      decrease away from the super-volcano,
      but will reach the crop belt in the Midwest (Missouri, Iowa, Kansas,
      Nebraska, etc.), destroying most of the fertile
      croplands of the United States. California will be hit hard by falling ash,
      with its central wine valley severely
      damaged (the French will love it). Agriculture will have to shift east of
      the Mississippi for years. The Garden State
      will once again live up to its name.

      In northern Idaho you will have to contend with several feet of ash and
      isolation. Roads will be closed. Power will
      be out. Phones will be out. Communication will depend on Ham radios and
      local stations that have generators.
      Rescue will take weeks or months. Some areas will never see rescue teams.
      The survivalists will be best prepared to
      make it through the difficult months following the eruption. Make new
      friends. Have plenty of dust masks on hand,
      because you cannot breath any airborne ash if you want to avoid lung
      disease. It's what caused mass kills of plains
      animals 12 million years ago, resulting in extensive bone beds beneath the
      ash. Drinkable water will sell at the price
      of gold.

      To recap, I don't expect anything to happen in the near future. But with
      such an unpredictable event, being
      prepared is your best ticket to survival."

      (Dr. Bruce Cornet)

      I will be in contact with Adam Rubel to set up an interview perhaps on
      Thursday, September 11th. We will discuss any new
      disclosure from the Mayan Elders concerning this delicate period between
      August 16th and December 15th of this year. Yes,
      I just realized this is the "September 11" (9-1-1). Hmm, is there something
      going on in the sub-conscience?

      Bubba Bush Admits He Failed

      Tonight on bubba�s address to the nation, he admits his regime cannot run
      the world alone. He is asking for other world
      nations to join in. Gee, what do you think will be their response. "Uhh,
      sorry bubba, but the penalty for not using Vaseline
      when you stuck it to us is "get lost". The surprise will not come from
      Germany or France, but England itself. Let the good
      times roll. And remember, use your power of inclusion (assuming Florida
      doesn't happen again), and get out the vote.

      Bubba, through omission, admits there is no "weapons of mass destruction".
      He also admits, there is no connection between
      Al-Queda, Iraq and 9-11. But most everyone agrees, now after bubba's
      actions, Al-Queda and every other terrorist group is
      taking up with Iraq. The ones who are suffering most, are the Iraqi people
      themselves. Those of you old enough to have
      experienced Vietnam, may have a sense of 'deja-vu'. It truly sickens me.
      Having lived through Johnson and Nixon, I would
      not have thought in a million years Vietnam could ever happen again. I was


      Earth Changes TV "Radio Hour

      Tuesday September 9th - Dr. Bruce Cornet - Geologist, Paleobotanist, and
      Palynologist. Topic: Yellowstone

      Thursday September 11th - Adam Rubel - Mayan Prophecy and the "Warning" of
      August 16th to December 15th 2003.

      Thought For The Day

      "The first key to wisdom is constant and frequent questioning, for by
      doubting we are led to question and by
      questioning we arrive at the truth."

      - Peter Abelard

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      Mitch Battros
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