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The Challenge of a 'Shifting' Scientific Paradigm

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  • Samantha Synder
    The Challenge of a Shifting Scientific Paradigm...08/04/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) What many solar scientist are now considering is something which
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
      The Challenge of a 'Shifting' Scientific Paradigm...08/04/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      What many solar scientist are now considering is something which supersedes
      a smaller cycle. It is a cycle outside a cycle.
      There are very few who are holding on to the idea of something called "cycle
      23" as being "typical". It was both humorous
      and sad for many of us watching the "old school" professors try and fit what
      we have been witnessing unfold into their old
      out-dated formula's. Simply put, it just didn't fit. Like all change, it is
      very hard to let go of old ideas. It can be rather
      threatening. When we stake our reputations on a particular belief or
      'formula', it turns our world upside down. Our natural
      reaction is to fight like hell to save our paradigm. It is the foundation of
      what we have based our whole life. This is no small

      This can, and will, happen in every area of our lives. It is not restricted
      to science. I have seen this unfold in our schools.
      Teachers and administrators who have been teaching a certain way or
      methodology their whole lives, have come up against
      new technology, and more importantly, new thought of 'method' or "paradigm".
      The definition of 'paradigm' is as follows.
      Paradigm (websters) = A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices
      that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the
      community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.

      With this understanding, you can better realize the depth at which our
      current scientific colleagues have been affected. So I
      can tell you first hand, when you go up against such an ingrained belief
      system, you had better expect to be in for a scathing
      reaction. You can read more about this in my upcoming "non-fiction" book
      (working title) "Solar Rain" by Mitch Battros.
      This will be in the chapter titled "NASA, NOAA and a Thing Called Peer

      During my research into the Sun-Earth connection (see equation), I came head
      to head with 'old school' vs 'new school'.
      I interviewed several top scientist in the field of astronomy, climatology,
      astrophysics, geology, meteorology, and ancient text
      historians. One quick point of irony. It was in my interviews with ancient
      text historians, which favored the 'new school'.
      Hmm, makes one wonder if we are in a time when "new is really old". But I

      I have witnessed first hand what it is like to be thrust upon something
      called "Peer Review". Man, these people are vicious.
      To put it in a congenial fashioned way, I was humbled by my experience. To
      put it in street language, I was torn to shreds
      and humiliated at every turn. It reminded me of some old adolescent dreams
      when while in the dream, I suddenly realized I
      was standing in front of the classroom...in my underwear! I learned very
      quickly, when you introduce new ideas, you better
      be ready to experience the consequences. What I had failed to do, was
      develop a team which could nurture my wounds and
      remind me I was on the right path, and perhaps most importantly, "follow my
      truth, not that of others". Hmm, maybe this is
      why I make this statement so often! Yes, I do believe this is exactly the
      reason I remind us all of such a powerful affirmation.

      Folks, let me tell you, being 'black balled' is alive and well in our
      society today. But it has taking on a new appearance. It
      would be a/political to be so overt as to 'black ball', and often illegal.
      So we have a new way of doing same. It is by 'shaming
      someone into submission'. If you have any unresolved issues from childhood,
      like being picked last for the baseball team,
      you could be prone to suffering a horrific emotional hurricane. In my
      particular case, I was right about in the middle. Not so
      strong as to simply deflect every hurtful blow, but not too weak as to fall
      apart and wonder why I was born. In my case, it
      took several weeks to recover. I know of many, in which it would have been
      the end of their vision.

      But wait, there really is a good and important role "peer review"
      undertakes. It is of utmost importantance we have a system
      which can 'filter' and shake out reasonable theory vs total garbage. In
      other words, it is important that those who do come
      forward can reasonable prove their point. They have to back up what they say
      with tangible and reasonable evidence.
      Otherwise, we would have the fruitcakes like Zeta and Nesara spouting off as
      if there was anything to their non-sense. Sorry
      folks, but "channeling" just won't cut it, and for good, and hopefully,
      obvious reasons.

      Another area we can see 'peer review' working as it should, is in the area
      of "alternative energy". I had at least five popular
      personalities come on the show. Boy what a great and elaborate delivery each
      one would present. But when it came down to
      "show me", everyone of them ran like hell. And as they were running, they
      were cussing me for asking direct questions and
      requiring them to prove their embellishments. Another thing I noticed in
      this particular field, everyone of them would tell me
      how they were doing God's work. And how dare I question them because Jesus
      told them to do it. Just a personal

      Now back to Nasa, Noaa and "cycle 23". When I had begun to notice Nasa's
      prediction of "cycle 23" was far beyond their
      spec.'s, graphs, and theorized outcomes I began to ask questions. First I
      went straight to the 'horses mouth' as they say. Gee,
      would someone look up how the idiom "horses mouth" originated? Just curious.
      Anyway, I went directly to Nasa and asked
      "why is there continued high sunspot counts this far beyond your predicted
      "apex" or maximum?" There first response "who
      are you?". My name is Mitch Battros, I have a small television show named
      Earth Changes TV. I monitor weather patterns
      such as earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and stuff". Nasa: "Oh, I think I
      understand". No, I did not say a word. You
      have to be very careful how you speak to these guys. I wanted the
      information and not be written off as "those people".

      I did go just a bit further and told them I did come up with an interesting
      "equation" which connects solar activity with Earth's
      weather patterns. To my surprise, the answer came back..Nasa: "Yeah, I heard
      about you guys. We have a whole
      division who are conducting studies on this stuff. I'll put you in touch
      with them". And he did. But at this time, I
      brought the questions back to why the apparent disparity between Nasa's
      prediction of "cycle 23" showing its "apex" to be
      January of 2001 and at a maximum sunspot count of 150. This was measured
      against sunspot counts of 300 to 450, and this
      came in April of 2002. Now here is the place I came head to head with "old
      school vs new school". Again, I have to chuckle
      at their answer, but at the same time, I do realize the internal chaos which
      directly threatens their ingrained formulas. I
      witnessed this very same dilemma with NOAA when I confronted their theory of
      El Nino and La Nina. You can read about
      this in "Solar Rain" in the chapter titled "El Nino, La Nina, and "La
      Cucaracha". But back to Nasa.

      The answer Nasa had given to me when questioned about what to me was an
      obvious contradiction reflecting their
      prediction, was my first glimpse into 'The Challenge of a 'Shifting'
      Scientific Paradigm'. Nasa (in the tone of a teacher - child
      "Uhh, did we say "apex", we meant to say smoothed prediction." Mitch:
      "Smoothed! what's smoothed?" Nasa: "Well
      my son (okay, just a little bit of exaggeration) although you clearly see
      peaks in our prediction chart of "cycle 23", we
      'smooth' that out to give an average over the eleven year period". Mitch:
      "Oh, I see. But it appears that even if you were
      to 'smooth', did I say that right"? Nasa: "Yes, my son" (okay still
      exaggerating) Mitch: "To me, it still shows an averaged
      'smoothed' cycle between 450 and 103, to be well above your prediction of
      150". Nasa: "Yes, I see. Let me put you with
      someone from our solar staff".

      Soon after, we heard the public announcement of Nasa acknowledging there was
      indeed a larger showing of sunspots, but
      for us to factor in the "smoothed" theory. But wait, some months later, the
      sunspot counts were still elevated. I am sure the
      halls of Nasa where pacing on this one. By now, their learned paradigm was
      in full defense. Peoples careers were at stake,
      professorships could be canceled, scholarships and grants may be withdrawn.
      This was a kill or be killed!!!

      Sometime in December 2002, Nasa releases a public announcement. It went
      something like this. Nasa: "well folks, it looks
      like we are in a double-peak cycle. Yes, that's it, a double peak cycle." No
      need to panic, everything is just as it should
      Okay, lets review. Nasa says, yes a bit unusual to see sunspot counts this
      high over extended periods of time. Hmm, lets say
      it is a smoothed cycle. Yeah, that's it, a smoothed cycle. Hmm, even with
      the theory of a smoothed cycle, the number are to
      high. Okay, let me think. Uh-ha, did I say smoothed, I meant to say 'double
      peak'. Yeah, that's it, we are experiencing a
      'double peak' cycle. Then I believe it was just a few months ago, I heard an
      announcement reportedly from Nasa (I have not
      confirmed at this time) that someone for the space boys said 'Hmm, still
      getting these high sunspot numbers. I got it, lets go
      with a "triple peak" theory. Yeah, that's it, a 'triple peak'.

      Well folks, I have not confirmed the 'triple peak' theory just yet, but I do
      seem to recall some such statement just a couple of
      months ago. I will of course get to the facts of this assertion. I hope you
      can now see just how difficult it will be to "shift" a
      whole scientific body's paradigm to allow for new ideas, which are really,
      old ideas based on historical ancient text. You will
      find in more detail, my experiences of piecing together my "equation" of a
      Sun-Earth Connection in "Solar Rain".


      Sunspot Region 424 Looking Rather Ominous...08/04/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Todays sunspot count is at 144. This number is just six below Nasa's
      predicted "maximum" for what was originally claimed
      as a typical 11 year cycle. This almost "maximum" number comes two and a
      half years after solar cycle "cycle 23" was
      suppose to "peak". In other words, we should be seeing numbers well below
      the 'maximum'. However, most everyone in the
      scientific field of solar weather now agrees, "this is not a typical cycle".

      Sunspot region 424 which is now on the eastern limb, is likely to rotate
      showing a strong possibility of a direct hit with Earth.
      I would expect more than one M-Class flare to develop. And a very good
      chance of an X-Class flare to erupt. Region 424
      has the potential to continue to grow. I will keep a close eye on this one.

      Watch for 'freak weather' to occur in the days ahead as region 424 rotates
      into position. If M-Class or X-Class flares
      discharge, watch for more "record breaking" weather to occur. I am also
      keeping a close eye on volcanic activity, especially
      in Yellowstone Park. (see equation)

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet
      Stream Currents => Extreme
      Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      Thought For The Day

      "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and
      the pessimist fears this is true."

      - James Branch Cabell

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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