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Two M-Class Solar Flares Unleashed Today

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  • Samantha Synder
    Two M-Class Flares Unleashed Today...08/19/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) The Sun shows no signs of letting up. Sunspot region 431 is just about to rotate behind
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2003
      Two M-Class Flares Unleashed Today...08/19/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      The Sun shows no signs of letting up. Sunspot region 431 is just about to
      rotate behind the Sun. It was this region which produced today's solar
      flares. I will go on record as of this writing, suggesting the likelihood of
      an X-Class flare erupted from this very region yesterday August 18th 2003.
      Here is a photo of yesterday's Kp index. It was so powerful it was almost
      off the chart: Kp Index: http://www.earthchangestv.net/kp_index_8-18-03.gif

      The Kp index is an instrument designed to measure solar particle radiation
      by its magnetic effects. Geomagnetic disturbances can be monitored by
      ground-based magnetic observatories recording the three magnetic field
      components. The global Kp index is obtained as the mean value of the
      disturbance levels in the two horizontal field components, observed at 13
      selected, subauroral stations . The name Kp originates from "planetarische
      Kennziffer" ( = planetary index).

      The following definition of K variations has been given by Siebert (1971):
      K variations are all irregular disturbances of the geomagnetic field caused
      by solar particle radiation within the 3-h interval concerned. Geomagnetic
      activity is the occurrence of K variations.

      In other words, when a solar flare or CME hits the Earth's magnetic field,
      it registers on ground based magnetic instruments. The higher the Kp index,
      the higher, or more powerful, the solar flare or CME. You can read more
      about this incredible phenomena in my book 'Solar Rain' in chapter 11 titled
      "As 'Within', So as 'Without': The Zen of Geomagnetic Storms".

      Now we have sunspot region 436 rotating into position from the eastern limb.
      It looks as though this region will be larger than 431. I would suggest
      sunspot region 436 is likely to produce high geomagnetic activity including
      possible X-Class flares. Watch for continued "record breaking" weather to
      occur. Perhaps, I should now add...possible blackouts to continue. No
      perhaps not, I am sure our government is right on top of things for such an
      event to never happen again. (see equation)

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream
      Currents => Extreme Weather
      and Human Disruption (mitch battros)


      Reports have come in stating parts of Italy and Russia (Georgia) experienced
      blackouts around the same period.

      Power black-out in Georgia
      By News Interactive August 18, 2003

      ALL of Georgia was without power today, and officials in the impoverished
      former Soviet republic were struggling to determine
      the cause of the blackout. Electricity went off at 7 am in the entire
      country of 4.4 million people. Periodic blackouts are common here, but it
      was unusual for the whole country to be affected at once.

      ``We are trying to figure out what's happening,'' said Medeya Kakhadze, an
      aide to Fuel and Energy Minister Mamuka
      Nikolaishvili. ``We know only that an emergency shutdown occurred.''

      Vatican Blackout:

      Folks, all I can say at this time is "Something just doesn't feel right". I
      suppose as always, time will tell.


      The following is an article that has disturbed me so deeply, that if true, I
      confess even I, would not have fathomed bubba bush to have participated in
      such evil. This article is not for the sensitive, some things are better off
      not read'. Sure, I may be getting sucked into propaganda, but then again it
      has already been done by my own government. I was led to believe Iraq
      somehow has something to do with 9-11. It does not. I was told Saddam
      Hussein has WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction. They do not. So what I am left
      with is actually believing there is a possibility this article is true.

      Are American Troops Killed in Iraq Being Hidden?

      The brother of Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana said he was deliberately
      murdered for discovering mass graves of U.S. troops killed in Iraqi
      resistance attacks. "The U.S. troops killed my brother in cold blood," Nazmi
      Dana told IslamOnline.net in
      exclusive statements. "The U.S. occupation troops shot dead my brother on
      purpose, although he was wearing his press badge, which was also emblazoned
      on the car he was driving," he said.

      On Sunday, August 17, U.S. troops shot dead the award-winning Reuters
      cameraman while he was filming near the U.S.-run Abu Gharib prison in
      Baghdad. His last pictures show a U.S. tank driving toward him outside the
      prison walls, several shots rang out from the tank and the camera falls to
      the ground.

      Mass Grave

      "Mazen told me by phone a few days before his death that he discovered a
      mass grave dug by U.S. troops to conceal the bodies of their fellow comrades
      killed in Iraqi resistance attacks," Nazmi said. "He also told me that he
      found U.S. troops covered in plastic bags in remote desert areas and he
      filmed them for a TV program."


      Earth Changes TV 'Radio Hour'

      Tuesday August 19th: Ian Lungold - Ian has spent many years studying the
      Maya culture, and is one of the few who can
      truly read and assess the Mayan Calendar. Website:

      Thursday August 21st: Dr. Louis Turi - Author of "Moon Power Starguide"
      Ceator of something called 'Divine Astrology'
      Website: http://www.drturi.com/

      Tuesday August 26th Dr. Buryl Payne - Author of "The Body Magnetic"

      Thought For The Day

      "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills
      to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the
      glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come.
      But I can rest only for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities,
      and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended."

      - Nelson Mandela

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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