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Walking The Bridge Between the Esoteric & Science

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  • Samantha Synder
    Walking The Bridge Between the Esoteric & Science…08/23/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) In last nights interview with Dr. Louis Turi, I sudden realized how much
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2003
      Walking The Bridge Between the Esoteric & Science�08/23/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      In last nights interview with Dr. Louis Turi, I sudden realized how much the
      distance between the esoteric and science is
      shrinking. Dr. Turi is a well known astrologer who has been on numerous
      television shows and has been a frequent guest on
      ECTV since 1995.

      'Live' while on air last night, Louis presented the following prediction he
      had made one year prior to today.

      Prediction: �Full Moon - August 12, 2003 in the explosive sign of Aquarius:
      Expect some serious surprising
      developments to take place in the near future. This energy can affect
      sophisticated electronic equipment and produce
      bad aeronautic accidents. Be ready for nature's devastating forces,
      producing destructive weather, tornadoes,
      earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Expect anything surprising, even
      incredible to take place soon. Be ready to see
      the real power of Uranus, the planet of sudden releases of energy, in
      action. Explosions are also expected.� Dr.
      Louis Turi

      Needless to say, the recent �blackouts�, killer heat-waves, recent volcano
      activity, and 7.3 earthquake hits with precision as
      documented just over one year ago. As a closet skeptic who does not want
      mainstream scientists to know I have an open
      mind, I am feeling encouraged and motivated, to go head to head with our
      more conservative colleagues.

      The distance between the 'old' (esoteric) and 'new' (science) is at its
      closet proximity ever. Just last week NASA goes on
      record to support and condone mans� ability to predict earthquakes. Of
      course they present it as if it is a new concept they
      originated. The differences between the 'old' (ancient text) and the 'new'
      (science) are minimal. Both agree it is the
      �awareness� of subtle plate tectonics and geomagnetic field flux which
      determines the prediction of quake activity.

      Our ancestors used astrology and minimal science such as moon cycles to
      predict earth changing events. More recently,
      geologist and seismologist such as Jim Berkland, have been able to predict
      earthquakes with great accuracy, perhaps as
      much as 80%, by monitoring animal behavior, solar activity, and planetary
      alignment such as the moon. Both disciplines �old�
      (ancient text) and �new� (science) are monitoring the exact same event i.e.,
      plate tectonics. One uses sophisticated equipment
      such as space satellite monitors to track movement, the other uses �natural�
      monitors such as highly sensitive people, animals
      behavior, and tide tables. And both use �geomagnetic flux� readings.

      Perhaps it is this �living in both worlds� which is the cause of the Mayan
      Prophecy which states �we are in a time when
      people will experience confusion, anxiety, depression, anger. Humans will be
      confronted with themselves. Human
      �intuition� will elevate rapidly. Resistance to change will be at the
      forefront of turmoil or relief. We are now in the
      �time of transition�. �

      Our ancestors have been aware of the �power of the sun� for thousands of
      years. They told us it was the driving force for life,
      death, and transition. I elaborate on this most fascination and inspiring
      principal in my book �Solar Rain� in Chapter II �A
      historical view of "The Sun God".

      You can listen to last nights interview with Dr. Louis Turi on the ECTV�s
      �audio/video� page:


      In Today�s News:

      Tungurahua Volcano (Ecuador)

      Tungurahua volcano, in a state of simmering eruption since October 1999,
      rumbled to life overnight, sending a column of
      smoke and ash three kilometers high. The latest activity followed 50 days of
      relative calm, since a similar eruption affected
      some 16,000 people in the area in early July.

      New Zealand Earthquake (Magnitude 7.2)

      A major earthquake hit the south island of New Zealand on Friday 22nd
      august. This thrust earthquake occurred near the
      southern tip of South Island in a region known as Fiordland. The preliminary
      location, depth, and estimate of fault orientation
      are consistent with the earthquake having resulted from slip on the thrust
      interface between the Pacific and Australian plates.
      The deformed and subducted Australian plate beneath Fiordland and below the
      thrust interface is also highly active, and
      several surface strands of the Alpine Fault are observed in the vicinity of
      the earthquake epicenter in the overriding Pacific
      plate above the thrust interface. Over the past two decades, several large
      earthquakes have occurred in Fiordland. A
      magnitude 7.0 event on August 10, 1993 caused power outages in the Te Anau
      area and was felt throughout South Island
      and as far away as Sydney, Australia. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck on
      May 31, 1989 and was felt strongly in the
      southwestern part of South Island and a magnitude 6.7 quake struck on June
      3, 1988. There were no injuries due to the
      remote location.
      Volcanoes of New Zealand...

      Karthala Volcano (Comoros)

      Karthala Volcano in the Indian Ocean Comoro Islands might soon erupt for the
      first time in 12 years. A steady increase in
      seismic activity points to a growing possibility of renewed rumblings by
      Karthala volcano, which last erupted in 1991. An
      observatory monitoring the volcano said the number of earth tremors had
      increased in the past few months to about 100 a
      day in August from about one or two per day during intervals of calm on

      Mild Earthquake Felt in Yellowstone Park

      (AP) SALT LAKE CITY - A mild earthquake was reported near Yellowstone
      National Park on Thursday, the University of
      Utah Seismograph Stations said. The magnitude 4.4 earthquake, was felt at
      the park's south entrance and at Grant Village, a
      tourist service area. No injuries or damage was reported or expected,
      seismologist Jim Pechmann said. The epicenter at 1:46
      a.m. was Huckleberry Mountain, Wyo., eight miles southeast of the south
      entrance to the park.

      (World News)

      Secret Burials in the Desert, Ultimate Disrespect for U.S. Army Personnel in


      Thought For The Day

      "The more a man knows, the more willing he is to learn -- The less a man
      knows, the more positive he is that
      he knows everything."

      - Robert G. Ingersoll

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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