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Increased Thermal Activity at Norris Geyser Basin Requires Closure

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  • Samantha Synder
    Increased Thermal Activity at Norris Geyser Basin Requires Closure...07/31/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) The reports below are significant, but not exceptionally
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2003
      Increased Thermal Activity at Norris Geyser Basin Requires
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      The reports below are significant, but not exceptionally unusual (at least
      at this moment). ECTV will be posting breaking news
      events as they occur on our "breaking news" page.

      As events 'heat up' (pun intended), you will see an escalation of
      occurrences. For some, it may cause an unnecessary elevation
      of concern. No, it is not a time to panic, but yes, it is time to pay
      attention. As we enter the time period mentioned by our Mayan
      Elder friends - August 16th to December 15th- there may be some who see
      every report I present as "the one". This could
      cause "alarm-fatigue" and will be counter-productive for your mental health.

      View each report with 'discernment', and simply be aware of your
      surroundings. Perhaps a check list would best serve you. Go
      to our ECTV 'Survival Tips':
      http://www.earthchangestv.com/survival/index.htm Having a general
      foundation of 'preparedness'
      will help minimize panic and over-reaction to each and every bit of news.
      You will know you are reasonably 'aware and
      prepared' and will be less likely to fall prey to shock and bewilderment as
      events escalate.

      Reminder...just because I make statements with passion and conviction does
      not make it "the truth". It simply makes it "my
      truth". Use your God given gift of discernment. You will need it. As our
      journey unfolds, there will be con-artist coming out of
      the woodwork yelling "follow me....follow me" as if they have some secret
      mystical knowingness the rest of us just don't have.
      My advise! as soon as you hear something to the effect of "I know something
      you don't know", run like hell. If they follow you,
      call me, I along with a fast growing community, will turn the tables on them
      before they can say "I was just kidding"!


      Yellowstone Park Closes Volcanic Basin

      Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Suzanne Lewis announced that due to
      high ground temperatures and increased
      thermal activity that could affect visitor and employee safety, a portion of
      the Back Basin at Norris Geyser Basin on the west
      side of the park has been temporarily closed. Yellowstone's more popular
      features within the Norris Geyser Basin, including
      Steamboat and Echinus Geysers and all of Porcelain Basin, remain open to the

      The temporary closure is clearly marked and covers most of the western
      portion of the Back Basin trail starting at the Norris
      Museum. There are approximately 12,500 feet of trails in the Norris Geyser
      Basin-with approximately 5,800 feet affected by the
      temporary closure.

      Norris is the hottest and most seismically active geyser basin in
      Yellowstone. Recent activity in the Norris Geyser Basin has
      included formation of new mud pots, an eruption of Porkchop Geyser (dormant
      since 1989), the draining of several geysers,
      creating steam vents and significantly increased measured ground
      temperatures (up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Additional
      observations include vegetation dying due to thermal activity and the
      changing of several geysers' eruption intervals. Vixen
      Geyser has become more frequent and Echinus Geyser has become more regular.

      Park staff continue to monitor temperatures and thermal features in the
      area. When conditions have returned to acceptable
      ground temperatures and stable surface conditions have improved, the trail
      will be reopened. Norris is another example of
      Yellowstone's thermal features that are constantly evolving and changing.


      Bezymianny Volcano - A large explosion at Bezymianny on 26 July at 2220
      produced an ash plume that rose to a height of ~8
      km a.s.l. and drifted W. KVERT raised the Concern Color Code from Green to
      Red, the highest level. Prior to the eruption, a
      weak thermal anomaly was detected on satellite imagery on 6 July, and two
      shallow low-magnitude earthquakes were recorded
      on 23 and 25 July. On the 25th and 26th a several-pixel-large thermal
      anomaly and a gas-and-ash plume were seen on satellite
      imagery. On the 26th the active phase of the eruption lasted for ~4 hours.


      Leroboleng Volcano - Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia 8.358�S 122.842�E;
      summit elev. 1,117 m; All times are local (= UTC
      + 8 hours) Based on an aircraft report, the Darwin VAAC reported that an
      eruption from Leroboleng on 29 July at 0900 lasted
      10 minutes and produced an ash cloud to a height of ~7.3 km a.s.l.


      Popocat�petl Volcano - During 23-29 July, moderate emissions of mainly gas,
      steam, and sometimes ash occurred at
      Popocat�petl. Aerial photography taken on 21 July revealed than an external
      lava dome was not visible at the bottom of the
      crater. A significant explosion occurred on 25 July at 2053, throwing
      incandescent fragments on Popocat�petl's slopes.
      According to news reports, the loud explosion panicked some residents in
      nearby communities.

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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