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Is July's Weather a Precursor to August Prophecy?

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  • Samantha Synder
    Is July s Weather a Precursor to August Prophecy?...07/25/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) With our distraction of touting victory over the murder of two sons, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2003
      Is July's Weather a Precursor to August Prophecy?...07/25/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      With our distraction of touting victory over the murder of two sons, and my
      personal calling-out of the Nesara scam con-artist
      who prey on spiritually minded people, in the name of the 'Great White
      Brotherhood, St. Germain, and all that's holy', it is easy to
      see how one (me) could have over-looked what has been occurring with our
      weather in just that last 72 hours.

      New 'records' have been set each and every day, with hundreds of lives
      having been lost, and thousands being injured or
      displaced. My apologies for taking my eye off the ball even if only for a
      few days. Perhaps that was orchestrated by design
      rather than a more simple explanation of oversight. But that could be a
      whole other article indeed.

      China Quake: Casualties Double (7/24)

      (Beijing) CASUALTY figures from an earthquake that struck southwest China,
      affecting 1.25 million people, jumped today as
      rescue teams got to the worst affected areas. The number of people killed
      remained at 16, but the injured toll nearly doubled
      from Wednesday's figure to 584, with 104 in serious condition, according to
      the latest official tally.

      The deadly 6.2 Richter-scale tremor struck late Monday in Yunnan province's
      Dayao county, located 180 kilometers (110 miles)
      from the provincial capital Kunming. The quake affected 15 other counties
      besides Dayao county, where the epicenter at
      Tanhua town is located. Some 1,508 head of livestock were killed, 24,000
      houses collapsed and 1.1 million houses damaged,
      China Daily said.

      'Popo' Volcano Coats Mexico City in White Ash (7/21)

      MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Popocatepetl volcano exhaled a plume of ash on
      Saturday morning and layered Mexico City in
      white volcanic dust, sending surprised residents seeking cover and coating
      cars and buildings.

      "It was like rain. Our eyes were burning," said Isabel Hernandez, who was
      caught outside with her two children when the ash
      fell on the city. All three covered their mouths with wet pieces of cloth.
      Popocatepetl, known as Popo, 40 miles southeast of the
      capital, sent up a 1.8-mile high plume of ash and incandescent fragments at
      9:20 a.m. local time. Hours later, winds carried the
      cloud of ash to Mexico City, turning the sky dark and raining down fine

      Torrential Rain Hits Japan, 2 Dead 20 Missing (2/21)

      ABC Radio Australia News - Torrential rain has triggered landslides in
      southwestern Japan, leaving at least two people dead
      and about 20 others missing. Authorities say two women were killed when a
      massive mudslide washed away a mountain

      They say a total of 20 people, including a nine-month old baby, are missing
      in Minamata city and other areas on Japan's
      southwestern island of Kyushu. Hundreds of troops are now on their way to
      the sites for disaster relief while the Red Cross has
      sent a medical team as well as blankets and food to Minamata. The seasonal
      rain front has remained over areas in southwestern
      and western Japan and more heavy rain is expected.

      Nowhere Safe as Weather Goes Haywire (7/21)

      (Jeanette Oldham, The Scotsman) Freak weather conditions stretching from
      France to the United States have caused
      widespread destruction, claimed lives and injured dozens of people.

      In Europe, the heatwave currently being experienced across the continent has
      caused parts of glaciers to melt in the Alps and
      resulted in worrying rock slides on the Matterhorn. Consequently,
      Switzerland's most famous mountain has been closed over
      fears further melting could cause massive rock slides in the main climbing
      season. On Tuesday, as Swiss temperatures hit their
      highest for 200 years - reaching 37 degrees - helicopters moved about 70
      people from the Matterhorn after a rock face
      crumbled at 3,400 meters (11,220 feet) down the mountain on the
      Swiss-Italian border.

      Some of the worst storms to hit France in years have left at least four
      people dead and 80 injured. The storms, bringing rain, hail
      and high winds, swept in from the Pyrenees across the south and west of the
      country. They devastated camp sites, created
      deadly driving conditions and cut power to more than 300,000 homes.

      Record High Temperature Set at Boise (7/23)

      As of 6:30 PM, Boise air terminal reported a temperature of 108 degrees.
      This set a new high temperature record for this date.
      Breaking the previous record of 106 degrees set in 1994. This was also day 8
      of temperatures at 100 degrees or greater.
      Breaking the previous record of 7 consecutive days set back in 1960. This
      record will most likely be eclipsed again on
      Wednesday as high temperatures are expected to be 1 to 2 degrees warmer than

      World Swelters, Cool Spots Defy Global Warming (7/23)
      By Alister Doyle

      OSLO (Reuters) - With the world sweltering through one of the hottest years
      on record, some icy bastions have been getting
      frostier in defiance of global warming .

      The rare cool spots, also from Canada to China, cause headaches for policy
      makers seeking to impose expensive measures to
      curb emissions from cars and factories blamed for blanketing the globe and
      driving up temperatures.

      " Something is disrupting the entire climate system," said Rajendra
      Pachauri, the head of the U.N.'s main panel on climate
      change. "It's not as though there is going to be a uniform warming of the
      entire planet." He said that signs of global warming are
      overwhelming, from a heat wave in India this year with temperatures up to
      120 Fahrenheit that killed 1,500 people, to prolonged
      drought in Australia.


      Schlesinger said in a recent speech that the IPCC focused too narrowly on
      factors like human emissions of gases such as
      carbon dioxide, volcanoes and an 11-year sunspot cycle. He said it played
      down other possible factors like long-term variations
      in solar activity.

      Jon Ove Hagen, professor of glaciology at Oslo University, said most
      glaciers from Alaska to the Himalayas were melting. "By
      contrast, in 100 years' time one expects that the Antarctic ice will
      increase in volume because of more snow," he said.

      Lynn Rosentrater, Arctic climate scientist at the WWF environmental group,
      said sea levels were expected to rise this century
      more because water in the oceans would expand with higher temperatures.
      Secondarily, melting glaciers in Alaska, Canada and
      Scandinavia would add to water in the oceans. Among anomalies in climate
      change, she said that a cooling over northeastern
      Canada in recent years also "now seems to be stabilizing and now looking
      more toward warming."

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet
      Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human
      Disruption (mitch battros)

      Micro-burst-Straight-line winds, and Wind Shears (7/24)
      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

      Firefighters who were at the station during the storm said the wind was like
      nothing they had ever seen. It doubled trees to the
      ground, he said. Wind damage from severe thunderstorms peaks in Georgia in
      July, according to the National Weather Service.
      The winds in Tuesday's storms rivaled those of a weak tornado, but the
      Weather Service said no funnel clouds were confirmed.


      What Does Ancient Text Have To Say?

      Well folks, might as well settle in to receiving news on a weekly basis just
      as above. The world is in fact changing. As you read
      the tone of each article above, we can clearly see a significant shift in
      consciousness in accepting weather and climate
      conditions. It is no longer a question of is there "earth changes". There is
      left only the question of how, when, where! In other
      words, 'what is it going to look like?'. We just don't really know.

      Perhaps ancient text gives us a definite affirmation that it "is" here, and
      escalating, but most text stops short of giving us a more
      detailed outline. I would suggest this to be in perfect order. Why? It
      appears there is a common thread which weaves in and out
      of every single document related to our ancestors. That thread is "us". This
      is to say "we" must have an influence on the energy
      around us. Some believe we can influence the Sun. Others believe it is the
      Sun, which influences us. I do tend to lean on the
      latter statement, however, I am open to both energy fields having influence

      In the world of acupuncture, it is commonly known, and easily accepted, that
      it takes two forces to make up the one. This
      understanding is best known as "Yin" and "Yang". There are limitless
      definitions of 'yin' and 'yang'. Here are just a few.
      Expansion and Contraction, Male and Female, Positive and Negative, Ego and
      Spirit, Give and Take... and the list goes on and
      on. But we can clearly see the pattern is the same. It is based on the
      universal law of 'cause and effect'. It is the two opposing
      energies which make up the one. In the acupuncture world we call this
      oneness "chi". This is the Chinese word for 'one energy'.
      In Japan it is called "ki". In India it is called "prauna". The Mayan's
      called it "gaia". Luke Skywalker called it "the force".

      One might say the answer to this seemingly polarized dilemma, is to develop
      the discipline of "balance". Could this be the
      message of our ancestors? Do we as simple humans have such a great power as
      to influence the weather around us? Could it
      be through a measure of what is now often described as "unified field
      theory" otherwise know as the joining of consciousness
      through pray and meditation, that we can change our reality?

      I must confess, I struggle with this notion. How could we have someone like
      bubba bush leading our country. Is it true the
      majority of Americans support his beliefs and methods? Am I a lone wolf
      somehow caught up in a pack not my own? If the
      theory of the power of consciousness is correct, then clearly, the majority
      of the world, or at least Americans, must want
      murder, imperialism, and the breaking down of spiritual unity.

      But Wait!!! Perhaps there is something yet to come which is, and was,
      intended to "Balance" what we see today. I am
      suggesting there is, and it will come in the way of "Earth Changes". I am
      convinced this is exactly what our ancestors have
      been telling us. And to be even more specific, the recent Mayan Elder High
      Priest telling us of what is to come beginning
      August 16th and continue to December 15th. But they also make a strong and
      specific statement. "We have the opportunity to
      change our ways (thinking) and minimize what is to come.

      Could this be true? Do we as humans really have such power? Is there enough
      conscious people in the world to make this
      profound "shift" at this time in history? I wish I could say yes, but folks,
      I just don't see it. I believe in the principle of "critical
      mass". The principal of "critical mass" suggest there will need to be a
      greater number of people contemplating on a unified
      matter. This could be just 1% over the opposing consciousness. In other
      words a simple majority.

      For example: If the world was populated by 60 billion people, the principal
      of "critical mass" suggest it would take 30 billion + 1
      to create the shift needed. With this in mind, I can only assume as a
      reflection on 'this current time', that at least 30 billion +1
      exude the consciousness of lack and limitation. In other words war, ego, and

      But in this lies the hope. It is my belief, that it is the 'Earth Changes'
      themselves which will perpetuate the 'shift' in
      consciousness. When the 'earth changes' reach to a pitch so high, as for
      humans to experience their true humility in the way of
      helplessness by overwhelming forces and it being not at the hand of another
      human, then at this time, we will see the 'Miracle".
      As history writes itself, this era maybe referred to as "The Great

      Thought For The Day

      "To solve big problems you have to be willing to do unpopular things."

      - Lee

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