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Details of Mayan Elders Warning

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  • Samantha Synder
    Details of Mayan Elders Warning...07/18/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Before I disclose what has been handed down to me, of which I have now found out as of just
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      Details of Mayan Elders Warning...07/18/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Before I disclose what has been handed down to me, of which I have now found
      out as of just hours ago, this message was given to Adam Rubel of Saq' Be'
      with the intent to hand this message to me "Mitch Battros" of Earth Changes
      TV. It appears Carlos Barrios, high praised Mayan Elder, was very impressed
      with our interview back in April of this year. As a result of that
      interview, and my relationship with Adam and Saq' Be', I will play an
      instrumental role in upcoming disclosures as handed down to me after tribal
      leaders initiate their counsel, and have agreed decision of collective
      wisdom as to what Maya Prophecy and Mayan Calendar tells of "this time". I
      do not have words for the humility I have for this honor.

      Now, let me lay out a foundation of principal which I feel very passionate
      and important for all of us to remember. The principal of "discernment" is
      becoming more important each and every day. One only has to look back a few
      years to remember when a "reckless" popular radio personality announced
      there was a "companion" to the Hale Bopp comet. He distorted the facts and
      embellished its sensationalism. A few weeks later, 37 people "dead". Then we
      had this person named Richard Noone, telling us the world was coming to an
      end on "5-5-2000". Needless to say, total crap.

      Then we had this freaked out psycho-path named Nancy Leider a.k.a Zeta Lady,
      who convinced what can only be described as a "cult", that her special
      mystical gift to channel "aliens" told her there is a "Planet-X" coming our
      way and it will be seen by February of this year. Then she said it would
      have its devastating influence on Earth by May 15th 2003. Of course nothing
      happened, so she changed the date to June. Again, total crap. Can you
      believe this nut-case forgot there are 20,000 amateur astronomers around the
      world, most of which are every bit a 'non-conformist' as I am. Any such
      celestial orb the size of a large asteroid, much less the size of Earth or
      Jupiter, will be seen months, and more likely, years prior to its coming
      close or entering our solar system. Every amateur astronomer I have every
      met or made contact, would be screaming to every nation of the world, if
      they discovered any such event. Lets not forget, 85% of the time, NASA is
      the "last" to know. Not the other way around. Simply look at the names who
      have discovered celestial orbs. Eighty five 85 to 95% are "amateur
      astronomers". Word is, Zeta Lady is being sued in a 'class-action' lawsuit
      by the very "cult" she created. Seems they're a little pissed off after
      selling all their belongings and moving to who knows where.

      Folks, let me be frank...I am very concerned of how people seem to accept
      whatever non-sensical garbage comes their way. For this reason, I have been
      exceptionally careful to back everything I publish with "reasonable
      evidence". Of course, there have been, and will be, events or ideas that can
      only be described as "conjecture". Nothing wrong with this. The danger lies
      in the action of people putting out statements and forgetting (mostly on
      purpose) what they are saying is nothing more than "an opinion". They
      present it as fact and how dare you question them.

      I want to repeat an affirmation ECTV has carried every since its birth... It
      is most important to follow "your truth", not mine or anyone else. Seek and
      you shall find. Find What? Your Truth!

      We are in a time which has been announced in ancient text from several
      tribes and disciplines. There will be many coming forth yelling "Follow
      me...follow me" as if they have some magical secret information no one else
      has. It will be through our gift of "discernment" that may lead us through
      the mine-field of deception, greed, and ego.

      To this very day, I still receive 10 to 20 request every week asking my
      opinion of where a person should live. Often, they do not like my answer. I
      tell them as I tell you; It is not as important as to "where" you live, as
      to "who" you live with.

      Some of you may remember five years ago when I was taken to task "live" on
      the air. It was during a show when I interviewed Bill Carey, who is an
      expert in "Permaculture". I had just completed my opening monolog, part of
      which was showing the most current earthquakes of 5.0 mag. or larger which
      had occurred within the last 72 hours. I may have mentioned something to the
      effect of 'those living along the ring of fire may want to consider moving'.

      It was at this time, Bill Carey pulled out four very detailed topographical
      maps of the United States. He started right off the bat with "So Mitch, what
      makes you think living in-land would be any safer than on the coast of
      California?". I was thinking to myself "oh boy, this is going to be a tough
      one". Meaning, oh great, I'm going to be torn to shreds right here "live" on
      the air. Well thank goodness Bill was gentle with me. This show left an
      ever-lasting impression. It was perfect. It was as if it was my training for
      the 100 + emails I would receive each week (at that time in 1997) asking me
      "Mitch, where should I move?"

      Bill Carey laid out in a most understandable method that every single person
      watching the show could internalize. He started off with "Now see this map,
      see all the rings which spread out from its center". Gee, I felt like I was
      on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
      He held up to the camera an area in the central plains. "Now Mitch, you
      don't want to live here. There are more people killed by tornadoes than any
      other natural cause". I'm sitting there as if I was in school just nodding
      my head. He continued "See over here". He was pointing to the Gulf of Mexico
      and Florida. Bill continues: "you don't want to live over here. Lots of
      hurricanes and floods. Can be a dangerous place to live". Can you see me
      perched on my chair nodding my head in the form of "yes teacher". Then he
      pointed to yet another topo map and said, "see this over here, you don't
      want to live there. Lots of earthquakes and volcano's." as he points to the
      west coast.

      Yes you guessed it. By the time Bill had finished, he had covered every
      single State on the map. The message was obvious. It is not "where" you live
      that will make the difference when the Earth Changes escalate. It will be
      "who" you live with. And yes, this includes yourself. Meaning your ability
      to cope with rapid change and possible devastation.

      Hopefully I have reached a point to disclose what has been told to me
      regarding the upcoming dates. I want to take every measure to project a
      sense of responsibility both to you, and to myself.

      Mayan Elders Message of Warning

      The tribal leaders name is Don Jacinto Patsan. He is of the 'Mam' tribe in
      Huehuetenango, Guatemala. It was delivered directly to Adam Rubel of Seq'
      Be' on Wednesday via Mayan Ajq'ij Carlos Barrios, also from Huehuetenango.
      Then delivered to me Thursday "on air" during our interview via Carlos
      Barrios and Don Jacinto Patsan's request.

      They have told me between the period of August 16th and December 15th 2003,
      there is a strong potential for natural disasters on a "grand scale". A
      specific type, time (as in a particular day), or place was not given. What
      was said is it will take the form of earthquakes, volcanos, fires, and

      Before I continue, a reminder to all, just because I say it with passion and
      conviction, does not make it "the truth". It only makes it "my truth". It is
      because I have faith in the source and integrity of the Elders who have
      handed this knowledge to me, that I bring this to you. Perhaps one of the
      most powerful objective methods of integrity is a "track record". So I would
      suggest it may be wise to give this a more conservative 'wait and see'
      approach prior to acceptance.

      For the Mayan tradition, life and spirituality revolves around their sacred
      calendars. To them, there is no difference from time and space. The Mayan's
      refer to as Najt (time-space). By understanding the various Mayan
      calendars, they are able to look into the spiral of the Najt and make
      predictions with great accuracy about the future. One of these ancient
      predictions relates to the upcoming period between August 16th and December
      15th, 2003. Don Jacinto Patsan from the 'Mam' tribe in the highlands of
      Huehuetenango in Guatemala, brought forth this prophecy because it is
      important for humanity to understand at this time.

      What Don Jacinto and the Elders want us to know is this spiral of Najt is
      not totally ridged and inflexible. We humans poses the capacity to
      influence this spiral, and have the power to affect in either a positive or
      negative way. We may do better to not think of this in terms of black and
      white, rather in shades of gray. The elders say the most important things
      are unity and "balance". It may be wise to maintain our focus during this
      tumultuous period.

      I am told the Ajq?ij (Mayan priests) are conducting "fire ceremonies" for
      this purpose. Adam has told me the Elders have suggested for us to light a
      white and red candle at sunset which would reflect as a connection to the
      Mayan's "fire ceremony".
      I have been reminded while this is a time of great danger, it is also a time
      of great hope for humanity to rise up together in unity and ease the
      transition to a new era. The Hopi's call this period "The Purification".

      Perhaps this is truly the beginning of what I have been calling "the
      transition". I for one, am excited and grateful to be alive in this
      particular period in our evolution. Sure, it is a bit scary, but if you
      share my understanding of what this is truly about, then you to have a light
      burning within thirsting for our next level of existence. No, not in the way
      of death, or should I say, not in the way of death...as we know it!

      Blessings To All,

      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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