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So You Say It's Time To Write A Book!

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  • Samantha Synder
    So You Say It s Time To Write A Book!...07/11/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Yes, I agree. So I will need some help on this. I suppose the best way to go about it
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      So You Say It's Time To Write A Book!...07/11/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Yes, I agree. So I will need some help on this. I suppose the best way to go
      about it is to ask your advise. My first thoughts
      are to look for a 'ghost writer'. Or perhaps an "editor" who has the talent
      to piece together and put into chapters, all the
      newsletter articles I have written over the years. Of course, we can spice
      it up to give it the "self appearance" it will need.

      I have been told the best way to present the book on my subject matter is to
      market as "fiction". Yes, if you just this minute
      had a negative reaction to the word "fiction", you read my mind. But this is
      what I have been told. What are your thoughts
      about this? Perhaps there is another way.

      As you know, almost every single article I write is filled with facts. Very
      little room for something called "fiction". But here is
      the catch...One item I have more passion over, other than the Sun-Earth
      Connection, is the study of "ancient text". Here in
      lies the dilemma. I am told when a author veers off into ancestry and its
      meaning, the publishing community becomes
      extremely strict. This is what James Redfield, author of 'The Celestine
      Prophecy' told me when we had a brief discussion at a
      INTA conference we had attended. He told of his personal experience of the
      juggernaut he came up against. In the end, he
      conceded to steer towards fiction. I don't think anyone could argue his
      decision was correct. But is it still the right decision

      Let me know your thoughts on how to present my research, and understanding
      of this research, to an accepting public. I
      really do need some guidance. My initial thoughts are...this is "the time"
      to go forward and approach the mainstream, along
      with all of us, to introduce on a world scale what may "in fact" be

      So author's, editors, advisors, please step forward, we have work to do!!!!
      Any ideas for a title!


      Thought For The Day

      "A tiny change today brings us to a dramatically different tomorrow. There
      are grand rewards for those who pick
      the high hard roads, but those rewards are hidden by years."

      - Richard Bach

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      I have been Mitch's webmaster for nearly seven years now. I love him dearly,
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      working relationship. Both of us are filled with passion on things we
      believe matter. But just as if we were an old married
      couple, we sometimes disagree or see things just a little differently. Now I
      have my own space to share some different views.

      Come check in with me from time to time and see what's new. Like minded
      people tend to gravitate towards one another.
      Should be a lot of fun, maybe inspiring, and sometimes just a place to vent.

      Let me state this up front so no one gets the wrong idea. If your intention
      is to try and pit Mitch and I against each other,
      there will be only one loser...that's you! Some have tried this before and
      it just won't happen. I care too much for Mitch,
      ECTV and the common mission that has held us together through the years, and
      I know how much he respects and cares for

      I would like to thank Mitch for the opportunity to do this, and I hope that
      you all enjoy the articles. So look for the new link
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      Come see what's on my mind, and let me hear from you as to what's on yours!

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