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Tangible Action Taking Place For Transition

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  • Samantha Synder
    Tangible Action Taking Place For Transition...07/09/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Last night s interview with Toni Petrinovich is yet another to reach my top 20
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      Tangible Action Taking Place For Transition...07/09/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Last night's interview with Toni Petrinovich is yet another to reach my top
      20 best interviews. The topic of our discussion was
      centered around how to facilitate the current and progressing physical,
      emotional, and spiritual change taking place.

      Dr. Toni Petrinovich is involved as a team leader which is actively
      addressing the behavioral changes currently taking place
      and escalating by the day. This is the first tangible evidence of society
      acknowledging something inside and outside
      themselves has changed.

      Dr. Petrinovich is now facilitating workshops which involve a full array of
      personalities such as CEO's, Executives, Political
      Leaders, Community Organizers, along with people just like you and me.
      People are coming to Toni, and the organization
      she is associated with named "Open Spaces". The reason is to learn
      techniques in dealing with "the facilitation of chaos,
      confusion and conflict". Yes, that's right folks... local, state, national,
      and world leaders are acknowledging and able to
      identify, something is changing "in people". I would add to this a matching
      change "outside people" such as environment,
      weather, Earth and Sun. In short, our solar systems connection to the
      universe. I believe what is changing 'within' is parallel to
      what we see changing 'without'.

      There is little doubt in anyone's mind in acknowledging "unprecedented
      shifts in weather and climate change". Now, as
      evidenced by the report released last week by the World Meteorologist
      Organization (WMO), indications show humans
      have very little to do with it. In other words...it is all about "cycles".
      Yes, we are in a natural cycle of evolution which the
      Earth has seen many times before. What I would like to introduce, is we as
      humans are also experiencing a natural cycle of

      For many, this may be a very scary, confusing, and unsettling period. It is
      human nature to have a measure of control. To
      maintain a sense of predictability. To have an ambiance of routine,
      familiarity, status quo. But this is the very change that is
      taking place. Most of us will not be able to identify what is happening or
      when it happens. The response I receive from most
      people is something like this... "I don't know what is going on, but I feel
      out of sorts. Something is different, but I can't identify
      what it is". Sound familiar?

      Perhaps what is "going on", is the shift of consciousness our ancestors had
      specifically and with great passion described to us.
      This message has been presented by almost every single ancient civilization
      I have studied. The Mayans, The Essenes, The
      Egyptians, The Dogon's, The Tibetans, The Hopi's, The Anasazi, Jesus,
      Buddha, Confucius.... Each and every tribe or
      civilization stated on clear message. "Life will change, then change again",
      "You will become anew", "You will be re-born",
      "The world will end...as you known it", "Your intuitive nature will
      heighten", "You shall rise to the heavens", "There is only one
      constant...change itself".

      Here is an excerpt from Harrison Owen and 'Open Spaces'. "Genuine Peace
      will never be attained with the elimination
      of chaos, confusion and conflict. In fact all three are essential to the
      continuance of life. Without chaos, there is no
      open space for future possibilities. Without confusion, old ideas and ways
      of thinking stick around well beyond their
      time. And without conflict, ideas and approaches fail to reach their full
      potential, never having been sharpened in
      the intense conversation of critical assessment. Peace of the sort that
      brings wholeness, harmony and health to our
      lives only happens when chaos, confusion and conflict are included and

      Nothing like hitting the changes ahead straight on. Yes folks, I would
      agree, as part of our evolution, as part of change, as
      part of the transition, history tells us chaos, confusion, and conflict are
      an interracial part of the maturation process. Or more
      simply put...the initiation of growing up!

      Listen to my interview with Toni Petrinovich as we address the 'challenge of
      change'. You will probably keep this as one of
      your favorites. Warning! you will hear my rant over bubba bush in the first
      few minutes of my monolog. And, you will hear
      how Toni was able to use this rant to point out my feelings of helplessness
      over what bubba bush is doing, and how this too,
      is part of the "chaos, confusion, and conflict".

      Go to our 'audio/video' page:

      For the more scientific mind...

      Geophysical Condition: Earth's Rising Base Frequency

      Earth's background base frequency, or "heartbeat," (called Schumann
      resonance, or SR) is rising dramatically. Though it
      varies among geographical regions, for decades the overall measurement was
      7.8 cycles per second. This was once thought
      to be a constant; global military communications developed on this
      frequency. Recent reports set the rate at over 11 cycles,
      and climbing. Science doesn't know why, or what to make of it.

      Geophysical Condition: Earth's Diminishing Magnetic Field

      While earth's "pulse" rate is rising, her magnetic field strength, on the
      other hand, is declining. According to Professor
      Bannerjee of the University of New Mexico, the field has lost up to half its
      intensity in the last 4,000 years. And because a
      forerunner of magnetic polar reversals is this field strength, Prof.
      Bannerjee believes that another reversal is due. Gregg
      Braden, who I have had on the show several times believes that because these
      cyclical Shifts are associated with reversals,
      Earth's geological record indicating magnetic reversals also marks previous
      Shifts in history. And, within the enormous time
      scale represented, there
      were quite a few of them.

      What is a Schumann Resonance?

      Believe it or not, the Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The
      atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if
      there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse
      away in about 10 minutes. There is a 'cavity
      'defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55
      kilometers up. At any moment, the total charge
      residing in this cavity is 500,000 Coulombs. There is a vertical current
      flow between the ground and the ionosphere of 1 - 3 x
      10^-12 Amperes per square meter. The resistance of the atmosphere is 200
      Ohms. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts.
      There are about 1000 lightning storms at any given moment worldwide. Each
      produces 0.5 to 1 Ampere and these
      collectively account for the measured current flow in the Earth's
      'electromagnetic' cavity.

      The Schumann Resonance are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves that
      exist in this cavity. Like waves on a spring,
      they are not present all the time, but have to be 'excited' to be observed.
      They are not caused by anything internal to the
      Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity
      in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense
      lightning activity. They occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50
      cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39
      and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz. So long as the
      properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity
      remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Presumably there
      is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle
      as the Earth's ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar
      activity. Schumann resonance are most easily
      seen between 2000 and 2200 UT.

      Given that the earth's atmosphere carries a charge, a current and a voltage,
      it is not surprising to find such electromagnetic
      waves. The resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity were first
      predicted by the German physicist W. O. Schumann
      between 1952 and 1957, and first detected by Schumann and Konig in 1954. The
      first spectral representation of this
      phenomenon was prepared by Balser and Wagner in 1960. Much of the research
      in the last 20 years has been conducted by
      the Department of the Navy who investigate Extremely Low Frequency
      communication with submarines.

      For more information, see: "Handbook of Atmospheric Electrodynamics, vol.
      I", by Hans Volland, 1995 published by the
      CRC Press. Chapter 11 is entirely on Schumann Resonances and is written by
      Davis Campbell at the Geophysical Institute,
      University of Alaska, Fairbanks AK, 99775. There is also a history of this
      research and an extensive bibliography.

      Possible Outcomes:

      1. Time will appear to speed up as we approach Zero Point. A 24 hour day
      will seem to about 16 hours or less. Remember
      the Schumann Resonance (or "heart beat" of Mother Earth) has been 7.8 cycles
      for thousands of years, but has been rising
      since 1980. It is at about 12 cycles at present. It stops at 13 cycles.

      2. Zero Point or the Shift of the Ages has been predicted by ancient peoples
      for thousands of years. There have been many
      shifts including the one that always occurs every 13,000 years at each half
      of the 26,000 year, Procession of the Equinox.

      3. Zero Point or a flip of the magnetic poles will probably happen soon,
      within the next few years. It could possibly
      synchronize with the Earth's four cycle biorhythm that occurs every 20 years
      on the 12th of August. The next occurrence is
      12th August 2003. The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project (secret
      military time traveling) both locked up to the
      12th August/20 year biorhythm.

      4. It is said that after Zero Point the Sun will rise in the west and set in
      the east, approx. Past occurrences of this change have
      been found in ancient records.

      5. Interestingly, the New World Order plan to be in power by 2003. This may
      or may not happen, depending on many
      factors and agendas. Stay centered and follow your intuition.

      6. The Zero Point flip will probably introduce us to the 4th dimension.
      Here, everything we think or desire will instantly
      manifest. This includes love and fear. Our INTENTION will be of utmost

      7. Most technology that we know will cease to operate. Possible exceptions
      could be technology based on so called "Zero
      Point" or free energy.

      8. Our physical body is changing as we approach Zero Point. Our DNA is being
      "upgraded" to 12 strand. A new light body
      is being created. We are becoming more intuitive.

      9. The Mayan Calendar predicted all the changes that are occurring now. They
      say we are going beyond technology and
      back to the natural cycles of nature and the Universe. By 2012 we will have
      entered the 5th Dimension (after the flip to the
      4th Dimension at Zero Point).

      10. All this information is not fearful. Be prepared for changes that will
      bring in the new age of light. We are going beyond
      money and time where fear based concepts are totally dissolved.


      Introducing Sherry's Corner

      At Sherry's Corner, I will address some of the topics that I believe many of
      you have an interest in.

      I have been Mitch's webmaster for nearly seven years now. I love him dearly,
      and I know he loves me. We have a wonderful
      working relationship. Both of us are filled with passion on things we
      believe matter. But just as if we were an old married
      couple, we sometimes disagree or see things just a little differently. Now I
      have my own space to share some different views.

      Come check in with me from time to time and see what's new. Like minded
      people tend to gravitate towards one another.
      Should be a lot of fun, maybe inspiring, and sometimes just a place to vent.

      Let me state this up front so no one gets the wrong idea. If your intention
      is to try and pit Mitch and I against each other,
      there will be only one loser...that's you! Some have tried this before and
      it just won't happen. I care too much for Mitch,
      ECTV and the common mission that has held us together through the years, and
      I know how much he respects and cares for

      I would like to thank Mitch for the opportunity to do this, and I hope that
      you all enjoy the articles. So look for the new link
      on the top and left side of most of the pages.

      Come see what's on my mind, and let me hear from you as to what's on yours!

      Sherry Todd
      Webmaster, Earth Changes TV

      Thought For The Day

      "In conclusion, hard material necessity and human evolutionary possibility
      now seem to converge to create a
      situation where, in the long run, we will be obliged to do no less than
      realize our greatest possibilities. We are
      engaged in a race between self-discovery and self-destruction. The forces
      that may converge to destroy us are the
      same forces that may foster societal and self-discovery."

      -Duane Elgin

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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