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5 Year Old Nephew Speaks to Entity

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  • Samantha Synder
    5 Year Old Nephew Speaks to Entity...06/30/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Last night I had dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. Our family has been blessed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      5 Year Old Nephew Speaks to Entity...06/30/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Last night I had dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. Our family has
      been blessed with beautiful children, one of which is named David. He is now
      five years old. During our dinner and conversation, my sister turned to me
      and asked if she should be concerned of her son speaking to 'a make believe
      friend'. I told her it was not uncommon for children David's age to have
      imaginary friends. The conversation continued. Then my sister, who's name is
      Stacy, tells me she has believed David is a special child. "I am convinced
      he has a highly developed 'sixth sense'. In that moment, the room changed.

      In the blink of an eye, all of us sitting at the table became very serious.
      Our voices dropped in pitch, we looked more closely into each others eyes,
      and we suddenly began to think in ways other than status quo. At this time a
      new guest arrived at the door. It was a close and old friend of my sister's.
      They grew up together and shared many similar life experiences. It was
      Melanie and her husband Jim. It just so happens they have two children very
      close to the same age as David and his younger brother Sam. Soon after they
      joined us at the table, Stacy again brought up the ongoing experience of
      David speaking to his
      imaginary friend. btw, David's new friend is named "Matthew".

      Within three minutes of our conversation, our new guest Melanie spoke up and
      said "why do you think it is make believe". The room suddenly became still.
      "Maybe he is speaking to someone on the other-side" Melanie said in a strong
      affirmative voice.

      Now let me install a brief foundation before I go any further. Before this
      moment, I was the only one in the family who would consider open to such
      phenomena. The rest of my family would certainly fit into the 'mainstream'
      definition. I could tell you of countless times I would bring up new thought
      and dimension to our casual conversations. At any given time their response
      would be "okay Mitchell, you just keep on doing your thing, we still love

      Now back to Melon's statement of something other than 'imaginary'. I am
      sitting across the table watching the face of my sister knowing she would
      return an answer similar to what I have heard all my life. But instead, she
      said something that made me sit straight up in my chair. "Melanie, do you
      think he sees something we don't?" Okay, that's it. I'm going to straighten
      out my sister right here and now. How dare her give affirmation to someone
      who is not even in the family after ripping me, her
      own brother over all these years. But that didn't happen. Instead, I said
      nothing. In fact, I was hoping she would say more. Well, she did.

      Melanie asked Stacy "who had lived in the home prior to their move in".
      Stacy replied "no one, we are the first to live here". Then Tom, Stacy's
      husband reminded all of us sitting at the table; "now remember, this
      subdivision is very new. In fact, it is built very near or on an old
      cemetery." Alright, that's it. I can't stand this even one more second. I am
      going to remind these people that I am the weird one in the family. No one
      speaks like this except for me. Now they better snap out of it or I will
      tell Mom. She'll remind them I am the "unusual" one in the family. But I
      could not utter one word. I was fixated on every single word being said. In
      fact, I was the most silent one in the bunch. Hard to believe, but true.

      Stacy, my sister, went on to confess that sometimes she is frightened by her
      5 year old son David, by his uncanny ability to read people. "Excuse me" I
      said. "Did you just say 'read people'?. Stacy said "yes, read people. I
      guess I haven't told you yet, but I think David uses his sixth sense." I
      told the table, "Oh really. And why would you hide such tantalizing
      information from Uncle Mitchell" (that's me)? Stacy replies in a guilt
      ridden tone, "because I thought you would think I was getting weird". "Yes"
      I said, "you are getting weird. Now if you don't stop this, I am calling Mom
      right now."

      Well, I didn't call Mom. Instead I begged her to continue. And she did. I
      think we were all getting a little nervous. The conversation suddenly
      changed to movies. But every movie we mentioned had to do with David's newly
      iscovered gift. Movies like "The Other", "Omen", "Amityville Horror",
      "Ghost", and of course Bruce Willis "The Sixth Sense".

      The night was coming to an end. I was reflecting on scene's from the movie
      "The Other". I could see myself as the grandmother talking to "Holland" who
      was the 5 year old boy with "the gift". In the movie, Holland could see
      things no one else could see. The grandmother had the gift herself but was
      getting old and wanted to pass on her knowledge to the younger generation.
      Although, I am unaware of any such gift as it relates to me, but I somehow
      have a strong draw to help my nephew develop his.

      The story you have just read is true. I have a feeling there will be a part
      two coming very soon.


      Edgar Cayce and Sunspots

      My interview with Greg Little was outstanding. We discussed what his latest
      research into the mind of 'the sleeping prophet', Edgar Cayce, has brought
      forward. Greg outlined several of Cayce's predictions that have come true,
      and ones that are unfolding in this moment. I also finally got the answer to
      the question "what really did Edgar Cayce say about sunspots?" I have a
      feeling his answer will surprise many of you. This is another 'must listen'.

      Go to our 'audio/video' page:


      This Week On ECTV 'Radio Hour'

      Tuesday July 1st - "Rosemary The Celtic Lady" She is an international
      medium who is gifted with her ability to communicate with 'the other side'.
      I can't wait to tell her of my nephew's experience. Also, since I am on this
      angel kick, I will ask Rosemary to tell us what experiences she has had with
      angels. http://www.RosemaryTheCelticLady.com/

      Thursday July 3rd - Richard Michael Pasichnyk Richard spent more than two
      decades researching the natural and physical sciences, and prehistory and
      history to bring to fruition a new, interdisciplinary paradigm. This
      eventually led him to be the founder of The Living Cosmos Society.

      Thought For The Day

      "What we are seeing is an increasingly felt need for people to integrate the
      spiritual dimension of their lives into what they do for most of the day.
      People are starting to realize that if they are going to spend a good part
      of their lives in the office, they would like that time to be spiritually as
      well as materially rewarding."

      William McLennan Jr.

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