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SOHO Is Down; And Maybe For Good

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  • Samantha Synder
    SOHO Is Down; And Maybe For Good...06/23/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Suspicion s are running wild after getting news from NASA and ESA stating the only
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      SOHO Is Down; And Maybe For Good...06/23/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Suspicion's are running wild after getting news from NASA and ESA stating
      the only surviving sun observing satellite is broke;
      and maybe for good.

      The European Space Agency (ESA) put out a news release stating the SOHO
      spacecraft has experienced "an anomaly on the
      pointing mechanism of its high-gain antenna has been recorded". Now just
      what they mean by "anomaly" has gone unexplained.
      This is a shattering blow to what I had predicted to become an essential
      tool in modern weather forecasting.

      Many of you will remember I predicted last year in 2002, we would see on our
      local and national television stations, display a
      newly emerged meteorologist for the first time in history using 'space
      weather' to forecast regional daily weather. Yes, I was
      convinced our lower schooled meteorologist would be sent to a fast-track
      education center to learn how to read, or at least
      interpret, daily 'space weather' reports. They would in turn use this
      knowledge to better understand the Sun-Earth Connection.

      I was convinced beyond a doubt, we would hear a daily report on sunspots,
      solar flares and cme's. It would go something like
      this: "High folks, I hope you had a good weekend. I just returned from a
      three week workshop on how to read the Sun. It was a great
      experience and will surely save lives and help you better plan for future
      events. Some of you may have remembered Mitch Battros with
      Earth Changes TV making this prediction over a year ago. Thumbs up Mitch,
      way to go!" (okay, so you're not likely to hear the last
      sentence :-) ). Now on to a very real scenario.

      "Today's sunspot count is at 164. Sunspot region 395 is very large and
      likely to produce M-Class flares. I would expect at least two CME's
      to occur within 24 hours of the first solar flare. Watch for sudden
      tornado-like winds to develop. In my new class, I have been told to use
      terms like 'wind shears', 'micro-burst', and 'straight line winds'. All of
      the preceding terms are basically definitions which really means
      tornado's without the funnel. Also watch for continued 'freak storms' to
      occur. This is a result of the solar winds pressing down on Earth's
      magnetic field. This event in turn pushes the jet stream down and also
      causes ocean currents to shift. I would expect more 'record
      breaking' temperatures in the next few days. Now back to sports with our man
      Dan the sportsman."

      Here come the suspicion's

      At this time I will assume all news releases from NASA and ESA are on the
      up-and-up. However, I can certainly understand
      how people, both in the scientific community as well as interested
      observers, become highly suspicious over the timing of this
      alleged malfunction.

      In recent weeks, we have observed the Sun displaying extreme activity.
      Sunspot counts in the triple digits, solar flares
      threatening blackouts, cme's with double halo's, record breaking weather
      occurring on almost a daily basis. All this on what is
      supposed to be the 'down side' of cycle 23.

      I am unsure of the cause other then to say it is part of a natural cycle.
      Not a eleven year cycle as Nasa would have us believe,
      but a "Mega Cycle" which occurs in the thousands of year range. For the
      'planet-x' community, I will go on record once again to
      say, I have seen no evidence whatsoever which would indicate a planet the
      size of Earth or even the size of a simple large
      asteroid (5 miles diameter) anywhere in or near our solar system. Those of
      you who believe in the zeta cult will just keep on
      believing. I am not here to dictate what "your truth" is supposed to be. I
      can only speak of "my truth".

      Having said this, I am still the open minded researcher willing to look at
      all reasonable possibilities for our current and future
      patterns. At this point I lean heavily on what our ancestors have told us in
      ancient text. Regarding solar weather alone, science
      can only go back few hundred years at best. But paleontologist and ancient
      text historians can tell us of a much larger picture.
      In this lies my belief of what I call "Mega Cycles". As always, more will be

      More about SOHO

      The high-gain antenna is required to transmit the large amounts of data from
      SOHO's scientific observations to Earth. From
      SOHO's orbit, the antenna has to be pointed in the proper direction - like a
      flashlight - for the data to be received at Earth.
      The exact nature of the antenna problem is not yet known, but the experts
      think that a malfunction has occurred in its motor or
      in the gear assembly that steers the antenna.

      SOHO is safe, as the spacecraft has a low-gain antenna, used to control the
      spacecraft and monitor both spacecraft and
      instrument health and safety, which remains operational. However, if the
      high-gain antenna problem persists, there will be
      periodic losses in the real-time transmission of scientific data of about
      two and a half weeks each three months. The first
      blackout is estimated to begin sometime late in the week of 22 June 2003.

      A number of options are currently being investigated by the SOHO team to
      fully recover or minimize any real-time scientific
      data loss. A joint ESA/NASA press release will follow shortly.

      Just When I Thought 'Yohkoh' Was The Answer

      The Yohkoh satellite was an observatory for studying X-rays and gamma-rays
      from the Sun. Yohkoh was launched from
      Kagoshima, Japan on August 31, 1991, and was lost on December 14, 2001. In
      over ten years of observing the Sun (much
      longer than the proposed mission life), Yohkoh revolutionized our
      understanding of the solar activity. Yohkoh is a project of the
      Institute for Space and Astronautical Sciences. The spacecraft was built in
      Japan and the observing instruments have
      contributions from the U.S. and from the U.K. The name Yohkoh is Japanese
      for "sunbeam".

      Sorry folks, as you can see Yohkoh was decommissioned a year and a half ago.
      The Japanese 'Yohkoh' had been a great
      back-up or 'cross-confirmation' tool. Now all we have is Nasa's word. Hmm,
      sometimes you have to read the "white print" to
      get the meaning. That's right, sometimes we have to read between the lines.

      Earth Changes TV 'Radio Hour'

      Tuesday June 24th: Buryl Pyane - author of "The Body Magnetic" Dr. Buryl
      Payne graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi
      Beta Kappa, from the University of Washington. He holds a Ph.D. in
      Psychology and an M.S, in Physics. While a graduate
      student, he designed, developed and marketed the first commercial
      biofeedback instruments. He holds a patent on the type of
      biofeedback instrument sold by Radio Shack and Thought Technology. He
      founded the company now known as and
      PsychoPhysics Labs. He was on the faculties of Goddard College in Vermont,
      and Boston University prior to directing a holistic
      health clinic in Boston, called the Institute for PsychoenErgetics.

      Thursday June 26th: Greg Little - Gregory Little is an expert not only on
      the lost civilizations of the Americas, he's a leading
      Edgar Cayce researcher. Cayce left behind a vast trove of prophecies
      obtained in a sleeping state. Many of these prophecies
      have proved to be correct, and many of them center around the rediscovery of
      ancient civilizations of great power that have
      been totally forgotten. Greg edits the Association for Research and
      Enlightenment's newsletter and is going to take us on a
      magical journey into our own past--and our future--using a combination of
      Edgar Cayce's prophecies and the latest
      archaeological discoveries. http://www.mysterious-america.net/

      Thought For The Day

      "People with a high level of personal mastery live in a continual learning
      mode. They never 'arrive.' Sometimes,
      language, such as the term 'personal mastery,' creates a misleading sense of
      definiteness, of black and white. But
      personal mastery is not something you possess. It is a process. It is a
      lifelong discipline. People with a high level of
      personal mastery are acutely aware of their ignorance, their incompetence,
      their growth areas. Paradoxical? Only for
      those who do not see that 'the journey is the is the reward.'"

      Peter Senge, in The Fifth Discipline

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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