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    SACRED LAND DEFENSE TEAM ALERT! NATIONAL BOYCOTT OF THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA South Dakota Bulldozes Native Burial Grounds and Sacred Sites The State of South
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2003
      South Dakota Bulldozes Native Burial Grounds and Sacred Sites
      The State of South Dakota hopes to draw more tourists this summer to
      celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
      Preparations include developing newly acquired lands up and down the
      Missouri River, developing the "North Point Area" to provide recreation
      areas, sewage facilities, toilets, welcome centers and fish cleaning
      stations. This development is happening in spite of the well known fact
      that the land along the Missouri River is a burial ground for hundreds
      of thousands of ancestors of the native people from many tribes in the
      Northern Plains.
      The lands in question were transferred to the state from the U.S. Army
      Corps of Engineers by Congress, and contain dozens of developed
      recreation areas.  North Point Recreational Area, where many burials
      are located, now belongs to South Dakota, which began last year to
      further develop the area for tourism and recreation.  Last spring, a
      bulldozer cut in half the burial of a Yankton woman and her child, even
      though the Yankton tribe had repeatedly informed both the Army Corps and
      the state of South Dakota that burials existed in the area and were
      being disturbed. Then, other ancestral remains were scattered around the
      park in loads of earth that was used for landfill. The agencies denied
      that this occurred and the Yankton Sioux were prevented from looking
      through the landfill for their relatives. Other Missouri River tribes
      have ancestral burials and sacred and cultural places on these lands as
      well.  Pawnee, Kiowa, Arikara, Ponca, Lakota and other tribes have
      moved through and lived in this area.
      In March 2003, excavation uncovered more human remains and funerary
      objects, and a court order stopped the construction. In May, U.S.
      District Court Judge Lawrence Piersol ruled the state could resume
      construction, and as the earth moving began, the human remains in the
      native burial grounds were immediately unearthed. Skulls, bones (human
      legs, arms, joints, vertebrae), mourning bowls and ceremonial items have
      been found in the upturned earth. The contractors, disturbed by what
      they uncovered, said they were never told the area is a burial ground
      and that this is a very different job than the one they contracted for.
      The state of South Dakota is ignoring the repeated requests of sovereign
      native nations to stop the desecration of the burial grounds. As a
      result, native activists are calling for a boycott of the State of South
      Please contact the South Dakota Department of Tourism to let them know
      you support the boycott of the state because of the desecration of
      native burial grounds, and that you will not visit or support the state
      of South Dakota until the excavation stops and the wishes of native
      people are respected. Tell them that you will not visit a state that
      robs Indian people of their lands, then bulldozes their sacred sites and
      burial grounds to build parking lots, picnic areas and RV sewage dumps -
      all in the name of tourist dollars. Spread the word by telling your
      family and friends to join with thousands of others who will not go to
      South Dakota until the state stops this senseless desecration.
      Contact list for South Dakota action to register your boycott:
      Secretary John Calvin
      South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development
      Capitol Lake Plaza
      711 East Wells Avenue
      c/o 500 East Capitol Avenue
      Pierre, SD 57501-5070
      Phone: (605) 773-3301 or (605) 773-5032
      Fax:  (605) 773-3256
      E-mail: SDINFO@...
      South Dakota Governor M. Michael Rounds
      Phone: 605-773-3661, Fax 605-773-5844
      E-mail: governor@...
      South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Department
      Phone: 605-773-3391
      E-mail: Parkinfo@...
      Please call your congressional representative to let them know how you
      feel. The past and current treatment of indigenous peoples must be
      recognized at the federal level.  You may also contact South Dakota
      U.S. Senate and congressional representatives, and the U.S. Army Corps
      of Engineers to register your protest.
      Senator Tom Daschle (D)
      Phone: (202) 224-2321, Fax: (202) 224-6603
      E-mail: daschle.senate.gov
      Senator Tim Johnson (D)
      Phone: (202) 224-5842, Fax: (202) 228-5765
      E-mail: johnson.senate.gov
      Representative Bill Janklow (R)
      Phone: (202) 225-2801, Fax: (202) 225-5823
      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      Colonel Kurt Ubbelohde, Commander, Omaha District
      215 North 17th Street
      Omaha, NB 68102-4978
      To prevent further destruction of ancestral burials and other sacred
      places, the Yankton Sioux Nation has begun an encampment at the North
      Point Recreational Area and a media campaign to call attention to events
      there. Please call, write or e-mail the Yankton Sioux Nation with your
      support. They are accepting donations to support the camp.
      For more information, contact:
      The White Swan/North Point Team
      c/o The Braveheart Society, Faith Spotted Eagle
      P.O. Box 667, Lake Andes, SD, 57356
      E-mail: eagletrax@...
      Phone: (605) 487- 7769, (605) 487-7980
      To read a May 13, 2003 article on this situation from Indian Country
      Today, "Yankton Standoff Begins to Protect Sacred Site", by David
      Melmer, see: http://www.indiancountry.com/article/1052831135
      THANK YOU!
      Toby McLeod
      Sacred Land Film Project
      P.O. Box C-151
      La Honda, CA 94020
      tel:  650-747-0685
      fax:  650-747-0750
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