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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    Here is a response I m sure many of you received, and in case you haven t, I just wanted to assure everyone that there is no bug here. The programmer explains
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2003
      Here is a response I'm sure many of you received, and in case you
      haven't, I just wanted to assure everyone that there is no bug here. The
      programmer explains what may have started the alarm. My apologies for
      any unnecessary alarm. The links for the email sent by peacepipetv is
      found below.
      As for myself, I rarely open emails from anyone I don't know. With
      everything that is going on, I tend to be more suspicious of things like
      this. I really understand all the confusion everyone must be having
      about what is happening with the LPDC. Communications will be started
      soon, and this period of transition must take place.
      One thing I will suggest to everyone is that once this issue is
      resolved, everyone who still supports Peltier should contact the defense
      committee and renew your support for Peltier. The LPDC ad hoc commmittee
      does not yet have access to the "freepeltier" site, so it would be
      futile to email them at this time. All these distractions must be put to
      the side and our focus sharpened towards Leonards freedom.
      I've seen supporters come and go through the years. Yes, it is difficult
      work and sometimes, seemingly hopeless. This is why it is called a
      struggle by movement people, and that is why a call is always out to
      "join the struggle in solidarity", we all need each others help to
      accomplish our objectives. Leonards case is no different. Speaking as a
      Native man and not as a representative of the LPDC, we really appreciate
      and welcome the support from our non-Native allies. I know that a number
      of occasions that if it wasn't for non-Native support at critical times,
      we would have a lot of Natives dead for their political, spiritual
      beliefs or even just for the color of their skin. These things still
      occur, but not without some type of consequence and thankfully to the
      support given by everyone.
      Saturday, two of Leonards dear friends will be remembered, Standing Deer
      in Accokeek, MD and Nilak in Laytonville, CA. It has been a long time
      since that day in Oglala, and a lot of good work has been done. There is
      still so much more to do. So until the LPDC and LP can work around this
      mess, spend some time reflecting on the struggle. Might be a good time
      to read In the Spirit of Crazy Horse again, cover to cover. Anyone
      remember how you felt the first time? Remember how you probably felt
      that you wanted to do all that you could to correct this injustice?
      Well, that is the focus we all must bring to this struggle. Lets not
      forget the face of our enemy: distraction, confusion, and
      disillusionment. Its part of the divide and conquer tactics, and it is
      the last thing anyone needs.
      I'd like to clarify for people who don't know, I am not speaking for or
      on behalf of the LPDC or the ad hoc committee. I haven't done mass
      emailings as many of you are aware, but Standing Deers' passing left me
      with an obligation, to see that his memory is honored and that his
      visions kept alive. What is happening at the LPDC is something that must
      be addressed by the ad hoc committee and LP. There are some known
      issues, obvious ones dealing with the website, which happens to be the
      main form of communication. And that is to be taken care of soon. So
      when it does, send in a renewal of your support and ask what you can do.
      I've spoken with some of the ad hoc committee and I feel really
      encouraged how things will work in the future. I think you will also.
      In the Spirit of Total Resistance,
      ------ Forwarded Message
      From: PEACEPIPE TV
      Organization: the Peacepipe Network
      Reply-To: PEACEPIPE TV
      Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 20:47:31 -0800
      To: videomeister
      Subject: LPDC Listerver Questions
      My name is Dave, a new webmaster, member of the Tule River tribe in
      California, and I am working on behalf of the LPDC in Lawrence Kansas. I
      understand there has been some confusion regarding the last 2 emails
      sent from the LPDC listserv server. I was attempting to set up the list
      to send notices out to the list members about recent developments, and
      was trying to get used to the system, when I sent the first email. That
      was an accident. The second email was sent to provide the list members
      with some info on the case, and to give people some info as we
      transition to the new website. There are some 81 pages of Leonard
      documents and pictures that people can print, download and use as
      desktop wallpaper. By circulating some links to sites run by our own
      supporters, we were hoping to avoid long periods with no info
      circulating about Leonard. If you have a site we can send to the other
      members, please write me back and I will include them in a future
      mailing. However, there has also been a rumor circulating that this is
      some sort of email virus, it is not. I have some tricky JScript
      programming to make the browser fly around the screen. I use it to get
      attention. It worked a little too well I guess, I have more than 50
      emails to answer. The site is not virused and it is from the LPDC. I am
      providing a temporary home for the LPDC while they build the new
      website, and I had a little trouble getting used to the system. I
      apologize for sending the first email by accident, and for any
      inconvenience. Look for an official statement from Leonard Peltier and
      the LPDC in the next few days.
      I hope you understand,
      David Velasaquez
      PS : For those of you looking for the website link that never came
      through ~ try the links below...
      http://www.eandgcomputers.com/peacepipe/lpdc/index.html or (the one with
      the tricky JScript Programming)
      http://www.eandgcomputers.com/peacepipe/nativeamerican.htm ------ End of
      Forwarded Message
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