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Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - Is Nasa In "Lock Down"?

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  • Mitch Battros
    Is Nasa In Lock Down ?...02/01/03 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Before I get into several issues of speculation, on behalf of the Earth Changes TV staff, I give our
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2003
      Is Nasa In "Lock Down"?...02/01/03
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Before I get into several issues of speculation, on behalf of the Earth Changes TV staff, I give our heart felt condolences to the seven shuttle crew members, their family, and the many support staff who worked closely with them. It is nothing less than a tragedy with innocent lives lost.

      I have received unconfirmed reports that Nasa is in "lock down". No one is allowed in or out. An intense and personal investigation is currently taking place. CIA, NSA, FBI, and other government agencies are involved. The reason for this may be due to speculation of foul play. It has been documented that last word made by a Columbia shuttle crew member, thought to be Colonel Rick Husband, was "buh". This has led some to believe the word was "bomb".

      I know many Nasa employee's and contractors monitor the ECTV site. If you are one, please send as much information as you can officially or unofficially.

      Support for this scenario is the fact Nasa lost contact for a short period, then regained transmission and heard the last word to be "buh". There is also speculation surrounding Israel's first spaceman Ilan Ramon, a former fighter pilot and weapons specialist, fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and in the 1982 war in Lebanon. In 1981, he was a member of the mission to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor before it became online.

      Why Was FEMA Put In Charge?

      Here is an email I received from Dr. Bruce Cornet. The letter is from a colleague of his, and has asked to seek help in distributing his message.

      Bruce: spread to all of your contacts, PLEASE: I have been interviewed by CBS channel 11 Dallas, and will soon call a 'Press Conference' here in Cleburne, regarding the 'air borne' dangers of 'T.P.S.', which is Polymeric Isocyanade (sp) I have ALL of my NASA training booklets and IDs, that the public is not being warned about this. This by-product is used in the insulation of the external tank, as well as the tiles on the shuttle. Once blown apart: the particles become as air borne as dust from a window drape. I know. I worked in 'Final Testing' as you know. I have samples of T.P.S., which I will show to the news people who do show up. We need your help. I only have the one phone line that I am keeping open for the TV news people, so tell all you can. The debris area is the focal point, and the prevailing winds. Should moisture hit even a particle of TPS: it will break apart further by hundreds . . .
      More later . . .
      God Bless . . .
      Jason  ("Jason Leigh" <jasonsos@...>)

      In addition to Jason Leigh's alarming letter, the following is posted on the CNN website:

      "If you find Debris Johnson Space Center officials asked those who find debris, call 281 483-3388"

      For The Esoterically Minded

      The following is a email sent by Deb Huglin giving a astrological perspective:

      Dear Mitch,

      I was busy this morning. About the Space Shuttle: I just had a look at the 90-degree stuff.
      A)      The problem started at about 6:24 AM Central Time.
      B)      One or more of the Shuttle Crew had Saturn at 12 Aquarius, 12 Scorpio, 12 Taurus or 12 Leo.
      C)      That one or both the women on board got agitated about the situation on board as the Sun became conjunct with the Ascendant, and was midpoint between moon/Neptune (as well as being within 2 degrees of each of them.)
      D)      That the Crew mistakenly thought they had it under control at the same time, because Jupiter is opposite the Sun (1 degree orb) and in 90 degrees also midpoint between Moon/Saturn as well as being opposite the Asc.
      E)      C & D occurred at about 7:25 AM CST.
      F)      At 8:00 AM CST I bet they saw the tiles peeling off and flying by the windshield…possibly even the cause of the crash…superheat and windshield damage.

      The old Shuttle had problems with the heat reflecting tiles coming loose right from the start of it’s career new. We need new shuttles with porcelain mesh casings instead of glued and screwed tiles. The technology is there.

      I think I will post this over on the Syzygy site if I can find a place...just to see where it goes.

      Deb  (deb_huglin@...)

      Watch for more information as it unfolds...

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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