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Earth Changes TV/Article - So The Weather Has Been A Bit Trifle

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  • Mitch Battros
    So The Weather Has Been A Bit Trifle...12/10/02 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Now lets see. Power outage for 1.5 million people for up to 72 hours, Shuttle is three
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      So The Weather Has Been A Bit Trifle...12/10/02
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Now lets see. Power outage for 1.5 million people for up to 72 hours, Shuttle is three days delayed for return voyage, makes daring and successful attempt, NASA is set to shut down space station. If someone were to put these seemingly separate and unrelated events under one umbrella, one may be prone to see a connection.

      I am one of 'those' people. The connecting substance which connects the above suggested  independent events is that of magnetics. Something has changed with our solar system, and some would say our universe, and it is 'charged particles'. It is the electrical magnetic flux which is the foundation of nanotechnology, unified field theory, and perhaps all that is. If this is true, which I am leaning heavily towards, then one must consider an ever changing symbiotic relationship. This would include you, me, the space station, weather, shuttle, the Sun, the Earth, and simply put...all that is. (see equation)

      If a butterfly flaps its wings in India, has a direct connection to a sudden wind in Kansas. If the Sun emits solar storms (charged particles), can cause a power outage for 1.5 million people in America, or 8 million people in Argentina. A solar storm that causes sudden "freak storms" in Europe, can cause the space shuttle to make a risky and urgent trip home. A magnetic field shift that causes the space shuttle to make an unscheduled trip home, can cause an international space station to literally shut down to be operated by remote control.

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme
      Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      Now that we have the 'super-duper doppler weatherman' soon to make their début on our local station, I can now turn my attention to what is causing the Sun act out. And I cannot help myself but to include the noticeably idea of a universal symbiotic universal relationship. Yes, yes I know, all of you with more refined spiritual insight already have the answer to this, and so did our ancestors. I will attempt to form this ancient knowledge into a palatable formula for our more scientific friends. This is part of my individual journey. To bridge the gap between science and the esoteric. I remember writing this in 1995 as part of Earth Changes TV mission statement.

      A Thank You To All

      My surgery was a success. I am in the healing process which will take about 4 weeks in its initial stages. I will be 100% by spring. Thank each and every one of you for you supportive and affirmative assistance of thought and prayer, I believe it is the cause of my being off pain medication after only 5 days.

      Earth Changes TV:

      November 10th "Elloit" author of E.den will be my guest: "This writing depicts life as it once was on Earth. It covers primarily our last five thousand years from a perspective far different than the norm. It is based on the research of far ancient writings. It relates to and includes biblical scripture at its core. Involved in that are many aspects of belief systems and physical life. It is about those things in life that have never been answered. It is about controversy and speculation. It is about what we have perceived is our past, and our future. And most of all, it is about our survival."  Website: http://www.edinnet.com/

      Listen to this interview at 7 PM - 8 PM (pacfic) http://www.live365.com/stations/earthchanges?site=earthchanges

      Thought For The Day

      "The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remains oneself."

                                                                                                             Oscar Wilde

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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