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Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - 'Apocalypse Now' Article May Be Real

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  • Mitch Battros
    Apocalypse Now Article May Be Real...11/17/02 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) I have received several notices requesting authentication of the alleged Apocalypse Now
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2002
      'Apocalypse Now' Article May Be Real...11/17/02
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      I have received several notices requesting authentication of the alleged Apocalypse Now article originally posted by 'Asia Times' out of Taiwan. The fact is, I cannot deny or confirm the authenticity of the alleged interview with top al Qaeda representatives. I will go further to say Asia Times nor About. com can state anything more than I have.

      The chief editor from Asia Times, Allen Quick, retracted the article believing it was a hoax stating "We Fell For It". The Asia Times article reports the reason they retracted the article was because one person told them it was a hoax. So who is this "one" person? Is it a high ranking government official? Is it a covert ops representative? Is it a general with the US military? The answer to all the questions above is simply one word...NO!

      Then who was this person who had a international news agency pull down a terrifying article that would affect the world? It is a person named Mary Landesman who writes articles on computer viruses for a new age internet portal named About.com. So what evidence did Mary Landesman have that would be so convincing to have an editor retract an article and call it a 'hoax'?

      I was very anxious to get to the bottom of this fiasco, in part due to ECTV being the first American news service to break this story. In addition, I must say I was a bit taken back when I received several emails from very concerned people just like yourself, who were just as anxious to have me pull the article because Asia Times said it was a hoax. But Why?

      I come to find out, it was because Mary said so. I know, it is hard to believe. Let me first say Mary Landesman knows of me and respects ECTV and myself. I can say the same for her. I believe she has good intentions and is well meaning. So Mary, please do not take this personally. It is not you who I chastise, but Asia Times for being so weak minded to pull an article because someone simply sends them an email and claims it to be a hoax.

      In my correspondence with Ms. Landesman, I asked the obvious questions I would think any investigative source would ask. Following is the exact line of questioning I asked of About.com sources.

      ECTV - Mitch Battros: "Could you please tell me your source which declares this a hoax?  What criteria do you use to prove a hoax?  Would you mind sending the source which told you this is a confirmed hoax. Do you or About.com hire your own investigators? Which company do you use for investigations? Or do you have an in-house private investigation person or team?"

      About.com - Mary Landesman: "A reasonable inquiry to be sure! Actually, a few simple phone calls & emails to the sources and others referred to were all that was required. Aside from that, have you read either The Peacemaker" or "Sum of all Fears"? You'll find the whole weapons theme draws heavily from those books. The rather obvious lack of constant reference to Allah and other Muslim themes, along with the rather misplaced Koyoto treaty reference, were other indicators and led to my suspicion in the first place. It also carries a theme popular in Brazil, such as the US malfeasance in the third world and the focus of the value of the dollar (Brazil is currently suffering from a tremendous fall in its currency against the dollar). Many of our most popular hoaxes have come from Brazil, so I do tend to examine them more closely. Of course, I did consult the proper authorities/law enforcement agencies as well as colleagues in the originating country (Brazil) prior to publishing to ensure my hunch was correct."

      Good points Mary, but is this enough for you to write Asia Times and tell them it is a 'hoax'? Worse yet, was this enough for the chief editor of an international news agency to pull a story? Something just doesn't seem to fit. But that's just my judgment.

      As you might of guessed, her answers were just too vague for this inquiring mind. So I responded with a reply email...

      ECTV - Mitch Battros: "Hi Mary, I do thank you for kindly taking the time to reply to my query. May I request of you to make a public statement as to its (hoax) origin and source? From what I can gather from your response, you alone classified this to be a hoax.

      May I publish to whom the phone calls were made to? what is your source related to Brazil? and most importantly, who are the  proper authorities/law enforcement agencies you speak of? I believe this would be most helpful to 'source the hoax' and show the chain of evidence which led to your conclusion. This would assist in ending the roaring rumors of deniability and maybe (yes maybe) tone down the speculation of the "c" word... conspiracy. :-)

      I have found it most odd to not see this flushed out hoax, broadcast widely on Drudge or even mainstream news broadcast. Did the law enforcement agencies issue guidance on how to respond to inquiries; or do you believe it will be more of 'let the dogs lay"?

      The releasing of the FBI's statement "suggest Al Qaeda may favor spectacular attacks" right on the heels of the Apocalypse article is certainly a point of interest. But as you know, I do tend toward speculation, reservation, and certainly discernment. Given the timing, ambiance, and list of players, I would greatly appreciate as much data towards this issue as you can spare.

      Once again, thank you for generous time,

      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

      To this day, I have not received a response!

      So lets take a closer look at just what is happening here. I have people all over the world requesting I pull the 'Apocalypse Now' article because Mary said so. Of course they did not say "Mary said so", but in fact that is exactly what is happening. I must say, I find this latest interaction compelling, puzzling, and frankly quite scary. Am I really witnessing the shaping of American, European, Asian and Arab minds? Is this yet another battle of the "hearts and minds" of the world? Is this really based on one persons yet unsubstantiated opinion? How scary is this!!!!

      Is it not of international interest the FBI releases a warning within 12 hours of the release of ECTV's reporting of the 'Apocalypse Now' article stating "al Qaeda may be planning Spectacular Attacks". Then within 24 hours, London, England is shut down due to the capture of three al Qaeda members perched to release toxic gas in the subway system. Is this all a coincidence? Or is it our international secret agencies playing games with our minds? Either way, it gives great credibility to the 'Apocalypse Now' article. Maybe it is just parts of the article which is true. Maybe it was not official al Qaeda members, but others who have a working knowledge of what could be ahead. The bottom line is we are all just kind of guessing. This is a far cry from having substantial evidence to discredit an article of this magnitude.

      As stated in my original article, at times it is very difficult to decide what to print and what not to print. Am I simply feeding the fear machine, making me a pawn, or should I disclose information I believe to be of importance? Whether it be the possibility of a sudden terrorist attack, or an asteroid heading right for us, I will be tasked with a making a decision to print or omit. There is no one answer. I will have to take it one day at a time, one source at a time, one decision at a time. At this time, as to the evidence, and/or lack of evidence provided, the article will remain.

      I wish I could end this article on a more positive note, but I believe what we witnessed regarding authentication of information over the last few days, is just the tip of the ice berg. With single mass media conglomerates owning hundreds of reporting agencies all around the world, I am afraid we may never know just what to believe. It will come down to what I have been saying for the last five years. "Follow your truth, not mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall find. Find What? Your Truth!

      As I have reported in several articles over the last few years, we are in times when many will come forward yelling "follow me...follow me" as if they have some inside secret knowledge. You will need to trust your intuition more than ever. And above all, use your gift of discernment. Remember, just because I say it is true, does not make it "the" truth. It is simply 'my truth'. No one else could say anything more...

      In other news:

      A 7.5 earthquake hit off the coast of Russian late last night around 11 PM (eastern time). The area was in the Northwest region of Kuril Islands. No reports of casualties or damage at this time. I have also not received word of a Tsunami warning as of Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for further information.

      This week on ECTV:

      Gregg Braden will be my guest on both the ECTV television show Monday November 18th, and ECTV 'Radio Hour' broadcast 'live' over the internet Thursday, November 21st at 7 PM (pacific) 10 PM (eastern). Go to the ECTV home page and click on "click here to listen".

      Gregg Braden: http://www.greggbraden.net

      Thought For The Day

      "Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."

                                                                                                        - Samuel Ullman

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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