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Earth Changes TV/Article - Incredible Endorsements Flooding In

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  • Mitch Battros
    Incredible Endorsements For ECTV Coming In...06/10/02 by Mitch Battros (ECTV) Wow, who opened the flood gates? Whoever it is, thank you. Perhaps this is one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2002
      Incredible Endorsements For ECTV Coming In...06/10/02
      by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

      Wow, who opened the flood gates? Whoever it is, thank you. Perhaps this is one indication we have hit a turning point. Some may describe it as reaching 'critical mass'. This is a time when a build up hits a certain point, then shifts to a new understanding. I believe this is exactly what is happening with our new scientists breaking free from old out dated models, tables, and formula's. As one of my scientific guest put it " the old formula's just doesn't fit anymore".

      One of the strongest endorsements which came forward last Thursday was from Mukul Sharma, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth University. He has strong evidence confirming what I have been calling a "Mega Cycle" since September 1999 regarding the Sun.  His research shows the Sun's magnetic activity is varying in 100,000-year cycles, a much longer time span than previously thought, and this solar activity, in turn, may likely cause the 100,000-year climate cycles on earth. This research helps scientists understand past climate trends and prepare for future ones.

      "Surprisingly, it looks like solar activity is varying in longer time spans than we realized," says Sharma. "We knew about the shorter cycles (11 year) of solar activity, so maybe these are just little cycles within a larger cycle. Even more surprising is
      the fact that the glacial and interglacial periods on earth during the last 200,000 years appear to be strongly linked to solar activity."

      See Full Story: http://www.earthchangestv.com/secure/Breaking_News/June2002/0607cycles.htm

      Daily Solar Weather announcements on your local weather cast, closer than I thought...
      Here is another great endorsement that has come out in the last few days. A new analysis of observations from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) reveals detailed and unexpected weather patterns not only on the Sun's visible surface but down below as well. Dr. Deborah Haber and Dr. Bradley Hindman from the University of Colorado, presented their results Monday at the AAS meeting in Albuquerque. "For the first time, we can see large-scale weather systems developing on and just below the surface of a star," says Haber.

      Monitoring these solar patterns could also play an important part in improving our ability to predict weather on the Sun that affects us on Earth — by making it possible to forecast coronal mass ejections and solar flares that can cause geomagnetic storms and disrupt electronics on satellites. "We can't predict them now, but we hope we'll be able to do that," Haber says.

      A statement like that sure makes me think they monitor ECTV' site very closely. Here is what they are talking about "ECTV's Equation".

      Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather
      and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

      Full Story: http://www.earthchangestv.com/secure/Breaking_News/June2002/0605global.htm

      As if this wasn't enough, we get yet another thumbs up from Dr. Matt Wheeler and colleagues at the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre in Australia. Using satellite data, Dr. Wheeler and co-workers are able to predict the occurrence of  large waves of air and clouds, so-called Madden-Julian Oscillations (MJOs). As a result, scientists will be able to provide storm warnings weeks earlier than is currently possible, Dr. Wheeler added.

      "The new technique gives about two weeks more notice than conventional weather forecasting," said Dr. Wheeler, speaking Tuesday during an International Science Roundtable for the Media at Prepcom4 of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Bali, Indonesia.

      The work of Dr. Wheeler and his colleagues is contributing to a major international research effort supported by the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) to better understand global climate variability.

      "Extreme climate events such as the droughts and floods experienced recently in Indonesia are part of natural climate variability. Work like Dr. Wheeler's supports WCRP's effort to contribute to sustainable development by improving our ability to predict such events in the context of global climate variability and climate change," said Dr. David Carson, Director of WCRP.

      Full Story: http://www.earthchangestv.com/secure/Breaking_News/June2002/0606possible.htm

      In other news:

      Phoenix Area Prime Spot for Viewing Eclipse:
      (Associated Press) MESA - The ideal place to watch Monday's solar sky show is 50 miles off the coast of Baja California, where the moon will totally engulf the Sun.http://www.earthchangestv.com/secure/Breaking_News/June2002/0609sunset.htm

      SOLAR BLAST: The ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded an unusually beautiful eruption on the Sun today.  The giant "prominence" was bigger than 50 planet Earths from end to end.
      Photo: http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/images2002/09jun02/prominence_big.gif

      Beware of those who yell "follow me...follow me"
      As we witnessed recently, there will be many 'freaks and fools' demanding your attention as if they have some magical secret information that only they know. The latest are related to surprise hidden planets, exploding moons, and UFO's. Not one single person or article related to these matters has an ounce of credibility or the most simple of tangible evidence. It is all mystical thinking, pure ungrounded conjecture, or out right lies and deception. You may wonder, why now. The reason is simple. Because there IS so much real tangible events occurring at this time. Yes, it fits most of what ancient text has told us. More than ever, ancient text and current science are coming together. What better time for the 'freaks and fools' to poke their heads out.

      I am hopeful you can tell the difference from researched data backed by evidence, peer review, and healthy skepticism. But even then, the bottom line is 'we are all just kind of guessing'. The internet provides a 'double-edge sword'. On the one hand, it has been the true turning point to empowering each one of us with information we never had just a few years ago. On the other hand, it provides an avenue to spread pure unfounded garbage. It will be up to you to seek your truth.

      The gift of 'discernment' should be set on high during this time we are in now. The not so good news,  it is going to get even worse in the months and years ahead. Remember, follow your truth, not mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall find. Find What?  Your Truth!

      Thought For The Day

      "History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again."
                                                                                                                 - Carl Sagan

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      Mitch Battros
      Producer - Earth Changes TV

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