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Little People again~~>

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    Here s a post from another List I am in I have permission to post to you all ~Thank s Betty ~~~~~~ Jeanne Around here, things get moved or borrowed
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2002
      Here's a post from another List I am in I have permission to post to you
      all ~Thank's Betty

      Around here, things get moved or "borrowed" constantly, but not in a
      malicious way -- it's their way of letting us know they're here and
      would like to be appreciated as being in existence.  If we need
      something right away, we light sage and ask the Ancestors to bring it
      back or tell us where to find it, because it's important that we have it
      right away.  That never fails, although sometimes our version of
      "right away" and theirs differs.  If we don't need it right away, we
      chuckle, tell them "hello, glad you're here" and ask them to please
      bring it back when they're done with it.  That happens, too.  Where
      we are, we don't have the Little People obviously present nearly as
      often as we have evidence of the Spirit People.  We welcome both.
      Many times, we have been called out to do cleansing ceremonies for
      houses that have unhappy spirits trapped in them.  On rare
      occasions, it has taken twice to get the house to feel like a
      home.  That's why my daily ritual prayer always includes a request for
      releasing for all who have walked on, especially in a violent or sudden
      It's too bad our people have lost or chosen to lay aside the ability
      to realize that we are not alone in our walk here.  There are many who
      would help us along the path, if we only acknowledge them.  There are
      many people who would have such a gift of working with the Spirit People
      and the Little People, if they would only nurture that gift instead of
      being afraid of it.  From the time we're children, it has been drilled
      into us that we can't see or communicate with anything that doesn't have
      physical substance or speak a human language.  We can't possibly
      "hear" voices without being declared a mental case. 
      "Ladies and gentlemen, for your reading pleasure", as the saying used to
      be, may I suggest "Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours", a
      creation story told from the perspective of a Stone Person.  By Jamie
      Sams and Twylah Nitsch.  You may find it interesting. 
      I've tugged on your listening ear enough for one day.  Love and
      prayers, as always.  Safe journeys all.  Betty Red Earth Woman
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