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    From: KOLA Boston Area Update 2/28/02 + = + = + = + = + = + Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:38:31 -0500 From: A Hornbein Subject: APJ
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      From: KOLA
      Boston Area Update 2/28/02
      Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:38:31 -0500
      From: A Hornbein <ahornbein@...>
      Subject: APJ statement - Peltier
      Boston Area Leonard Peltier Support Group Council for Native American
      and the Mashpee Leonard Peltier Support Group 2/28/02
      1. Heads up for June 26th
      2. Text of the inspirational letter from Leonard Peltier at the recently
      attended Alliance for Prison Justice Conference, Feb. 16th, 2002,
      Burlington VT.
      3. Boston local volunteer meetings and opportunities
      4. Truthout - web and email news service - http://www.truthout.com
      ACT NOW for Leonard Peltier:
      Participate in the LPDC Fund Drive 2002. For those who are able,
      consider a tax-deductible donation of $250 or more. However, any amount
      is most gratefully appreciated and used.
      For more information visit: http://www.freepeltier.org
      1.   Save the Date!
      Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,
      Peltier supporters in the Boston area will be organizing an event for
      June 26th,
      2002. It was on June 26th, 1975, that the shoot out took place on Pine
      Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which led to the deaths of two FBI
      agents, Jack Coler and Ron Williams, First Nations warrior, Joe Stuntz
      Killsright, and the 27 year wrongful incarceration of Leonard Peltier.
      Please put this date on your calendar. The details of the event have not
      yet been determined. However it seems likely that it will take place
      downtown, in Boston, in the late afternoon and into the evening. We will
      keep you posted.
      2. Greetings to all who attended "It's About Time" Conference for Prison
      Justice on Feb 16th, Burlington, VT, as well as to all who have asked to
      be added to the e-mail list since the conference. We are now nearly 200
      strong and growing as people hear about us. Please attend our next
      meeting at 4 to 6 PM on Sunday, March 3rd at the Burlington City Hall
      auditorium. Feel free to invite your friends and suggest others to be
      added to our e-mail list. Many people have been asking for the text of
      the inspirational letter from Leonard Peltier which Dave Dellinger read
      at the beginning of the conference. So here it is.
      Alan Taplow   ataplow@...
      FEBRUARY 13, 2002
      Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends, and Supporters,
      I want to thank you and commend you for attending this important
      conference and for your good work to build a movement to expose and
      deconstruct the policies, practices, and abuses that are resulting in
      the overwhelming imprisonment of poor people, youth, and people of
      color. In the history of this country, episodes of racism and human
      rights abuses have played out in different ways, all of which are
      condemned in hindsight, with many wondering how such abuse could have
      been allowed. Whether it be genocide of First Nations peoples, slavery,
      segregation, COINTELPRO, or Japanese concentration camps, few Americans
      today would say that any of these were right and just. I believe people
      will look back similarly on the era we are in now and condemn the mass
      imprisonment -- this mass imprisonment must be by far, the most alarming
      of human rights abuses occurring in this country. It is you, the
      enlightened, devoted, and committed who can and will lead the way to
      change. And I believe that this change must lead not only to prison
      reform, but to a different kind of society where racism and oppression
      have no home.
      Today's prisons are little more than warehouses for society's
      dispossessed, undesirables and dissidents. The move is away from
      rehabilitation toward complete dehumaniza1ion, isolation and long term
      imprisonment. No longer are educational courses offered here in
      Leavenworth and in Kansas state prisons, officials are even restricting
      a prisoner's access to books in prisons across the country, phone and
      visitation rights are being steadily whittled away, making contact with
      our loved ones and support systems nearly impossible and causing
      bitterness and hopelessness to increase dramatically. Our contact with
      the outside world is diminishing and there is no serious avenue to
      report abuses. A major portion of the population is locked up and
      completely isolated purposely, so that there can be no public oversight
      or scrutiny, or even knowledge of how we are treated. I say this to
      encourage you to vigilantly call and work for change. For we behind bars
      are only a fraction of those hurt by this. The impacts of long term
      imprisonment ripple out to family members and their communities, and can
      impact generations. I want you to know how important your work is.
      So again, I thank each of you for being here and for having the courage
      and strength to say 'enough is enough' and to demand: Schools for our
      youth, not prisons! Drug treatment for drug abuse not criminalization!
      Respect, dignity and an end to poverty in our communities, not racism
      and degradation! My hope for justice and for all of our futures exists
      because of you.
      In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,
      Leonard Peltier     February 13, 2002
      3. Boston local volunteer meetings and opportunities.
      Sunday, March 3rd - 10-4
      Tabling at MCNAA pow wow, Sears Town Mall, Commercial Rd, Leominster,
      Monday, March 4th
      Working Meeting, 6:30 - 9:30pm
      40 Penniman Rd., Boston, Ma.
      Tuesday, March 5th
      Caravan to Brattleboro to attend Congressional Briefing video leaving 40
      Penniman Road at 3:00pm
      Wednesday, March 6th
      Working Meeting, 6:30 - 9:30pm
      40 Penniman Rd., Boston, Ma.
      email for more information
      4. We would like to bring to your attention the web site and email news
      service Truthout - http://www.truthout.com
      Truthout is an independent, non-profit news source. In addition to
      scanning in actual documents such as letters from congressional leaders
      to each other and to the aministration, high quality news articles are
      gathered from a wide range of available news sources. While Leonard
      Peltier's newspaper 'Spirit of Crazy Horse' (subscription information at
      www.freepeltier.org) broadly covers First Nations issues, we commend
      Truthout for including these issues as a regular feature and are
      heartened by this direction.
      New!   Letter to Rep. Dan Burton, Chairman of the House Government
      Reform Committee
      New!   Statement of Fact, by Attorney Jennifer Harbury New!   Ethics
      Complaint, filed with the DOJ after Leonard's June, 2000 denial of
      New!   "Indian, American Indian, and Native Americans: Counterfeit
      Identities", by Dr. Michael Yellow Bird
      *Letters to elected official urging the DOJ not to oppose Motion for
      Reduction of Sentence
      *Senate and Mass Rep fax numbers.
      *UN Standard Minimum Rules for Treatment of Prisoners - 1957 *On Calling
      Elected Officials
      *Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy - Chairman, Senate Judiciary
      Committee 6/20/2001 Hearing On "OVERSIGHT: RESTORING CONFIDENCE IN THE
      FBI" *Indians likeliest victims of violence, Associated Press Article -
      19, 2001 (print back to back, two to a sheet)
      Until Freedom Is Won!
      The New Peltier Justice Campaign
      Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
      PO Box 583
      Lawrence, KS 66044
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      Support Group email list: send a blank message with 'on' in the subject
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