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Re: [Paranormalvortex] Re: Anyone have any good UFO stories?

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  • Debra Highfill
    Greetings groupers, I am not certain exactly what a good UFO story is, but I can tell you my true experience and you can decide for yourself. In the year
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002

      Greetings groupers,

          I am not certain exactly what a 'good' UFO story is, but I can tell you my true experience and you can decide for yourself.  In the year 1982 (or there-a-bouts), my husband and I were taking a much-needed 'vacation' at home.   Our two young boys were spending the week-end away from home, and we decided to 'hide-out' at home.  So, we gathered up all the blankets in the house and covered up all the windows so that if anyone came to 'visit' it would appear that we were not home.  We went to the kitchen, which was at the back of the house, so that no lights would shine through the front windows.  We lit candles, and were enjoying our little secret 'vacation' sitting on blankets in the middle of the kitchen floor.  The back of the house was situated so that if you looked out the kitchen window, you would see the grove of trees that was between our house and the road.  We had been sitting on our blanket for quite a while when suddenly we noticed 'light' coming through the make-shift blanket blinds.  At first, we thought it had to be fire in the woods, so we went to the window to check.  When we pulled the blankets back, we could not see any cause for the 'light'.  So, we scratched our heads, and decided to go out and see if we could find some reasonable explanation for our whole backyard being 'lit' up in the middle of the night.  As we passed through the front door and out onto the small porch, we noticed the front yard was 'lit' up as well.  A few seconds later, we were standing in the front yard looking at a huge (approximately 25' across) light just above our house.   After our eyes adjusted to the bright light, we began to realize that what we were looking at was indeed a space ship.  We stood there gawking for quite a while-occassionally looking at one another with that 'do-you-see-what-I-see?' look, before we said a word.  I think they call it shock.  I call it totally freaked out.  About the time we both agreed (with our facial expressions) that we were seeing what we thought we were seeing, a neighbor  came exploding out his front door screaming at the top of his lungs, "Oh my God, Oh my God!".   Then, the three of us stood there gawking for another unknown period of time, when it suddenly moved.  Within the blink of an eye, the unknown visitor was a good twenty miles off to the east, and we were left standing there in the middle of the night with that feeling of having just entered the twilight zone--all three of us.  Since that night, we have been visited on several occasions.  Our son has seen the ships.  Our friends have seen them.  They have never done anything that we recall.  We just have the memories of seeing the ships.  Now that may not be a good UFO story, but it is a true one.  Perhaps they just like to gawk at us.  Who knows.  I just know they are there, and once you've seen one for yourself, you just live with the knowing.  That's all.

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