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  • Paranormalvortex@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2002
      This months newsletter is about the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the pentagon. The events of Sept-11-2001 reminds us all that life must be defended and we must all work together to protect eachother from future events of this kind.

      We are dealing with fanatical extremists that hate our way of life. If we want to remain free and safe we must all act to watch out for one another and protect our basic civil liberties. America is a world power, but are we a great power? A superpower is just a labal for a very powerful nation but my question is can we be GREAT? Can we once again become a shining beacon in the night?

      We all must deal with 6,000 lives lost, it effects us greatly because of how bad this disaster was. Just take a minute of prayer and silence to remember the many innocent people lost at the hands of barbaric terrorists who have betrayed islam and turn thier backs to the world.

      We will not forget and we will not give up in this fight for freedom! UNITED WE STAND!
      Paranormal news: No news, in a state of mourning for the people lost in the tragic terrorist attacks of 9-1-1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Letters to the editor: No letters please send letters to the editor.

      ~Editor Paranormalnews, Jon Miler
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