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  • iammrparanormal
    Jan 9, 2009
      [Book Cover]

      Imagine being told by numerous psychics that you walked with Jesus two
      thousand years ago. This is what happened to John C. Davis, a comedy
      performer of over two decades. How would you react? John decided to find
      a regression therapist and get the answers once and for all. The
      regression revealed what many had already told him: he was the
      reincarnation of John the Beloved Apostle.
      After experiencing through regression the enormous Love of the man
      called Jeshua, John decided that he had to share his stories of
      spiritual healings and miraculous events that have transpired in this
      life as John C. Davis and to share the messages that were given to John
      so long ago.
      Two thousand years of interpretation of scriptures have affected their
      meanings. If we are here to come to know God, would God make the path so
      difficult that we could never find our way? The message brought forth
      from the regression is that the pathway to God is simple: LOVE. No
      Dogma, no ceremony, just Love.
      It is for each of us to find our connection to God within us. Find Love
      and you will find God, for God is Love. It is simple, not esoteric. It
      is a message for all and does not exclude any religion or individual.
      To learn more about John, go to his website at: www.johnof new.com
      <http://www.johnofnew.com/> .

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