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4126Re:Is there life after death?

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  • Butterfly_Dancer@webtv.net
    Jul 10, 2008
      Good Evening
      I always believed that their is life after Death.
      Jesus told us this and I know there is something greater then us I call
      him the Creator.
      My Grandmother "Mémére" Passed in the 60's I was torn and Heart
      broken being so close to her growing up.
      A week after she passed she appeared to me one night.
      I was asleep and something woke me there was no sound.
      She was in a Glow of White around her head and smiling to me I was
      scared some this was the first time I seen a spirit.
      Although I felt them as a Child.
      Well my Heart was beating hard and I closed my eyes.
      Someone told me she appeared to me in telling me not to mourn that she
      was Happy and without pain.
      I never seen her again but felt her presents many times.
      My Mom Passed in 2002 her Fragrance was around me many times and once
      someone said something against her of always complaining about her pains
      and aches.
      I had the cupboard door open in my Kitchen and the Glass I had taken
      from her apt after she passed came flying out and smashed in the middle
      of the Kitchen floor.
      My family came running in the Kitchen and I said it's Mémére she is
      Oh Yes I believe there is life after Death and I am looking forward to
      I lost a Warrior Zicahota March 4,2007 after a three year battle with
      I feel his touch,he sends me Butterflies etc.I wrote two Poems lately
      about that.
      I am a Poet.
      And I have heard his whispers Honey,Jeanne, I Love you etc.
      Twice I felt someone sitting near me on bed.
      And twice I woke up from a sound sleep pushing someone away I wish I
      didn't do that but I wasn't fully awake.
      I use to hear Claps a few years ago I don't hear them now ??
      Things have falling off my Kitchen Counter, I have heard many Bangs not
      knowing where they came from.
      Things are missing at times and Keys to the car were put on the hooks
      where I have my Frying pans hanging.
      The TV will go off on it's own the lamp on the side of me in my Family
      room where I am sitting right now at times will flicker.
      My Kitchen Gas stove the knobs were turned on and I could smell the gas.
      I will post more of my feelings on this.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      With Love~~~> Jeanne~Butterfly Dancer "Mohawk"
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