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4125Is there life after death?

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  • iammrparanormal
    Jul 9, 2008
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      I was just thinking about the age old question this morning while
      cooking breakfast, is there life after death? The atheist will tell
      you no, the born again believer will tell you yes, my favorite is
      science who most I know say there is no life after death, while
      teaching there is seemingly unaware they teach it. At anyrate I was
      thinking how does a person really know life afte death is real sure
      many believe it, many can give long lecture they believe proves it,
      but is this knowing its real? or believing its real? Me personally I
      have always believed there was life after death atleast after I quit
      being an athiest, but I know that I believe not that I know, so I
      wonder how would I go about knowing.I think the first question to ask
      here might be what is life exactly? is it our awareness? or thoughts?
      our bodies? our consciousness? Certianly there are no shortage of
      theories about what life is, for me its concsious aware thought energy

      I percieve myself to be concious aware thought enrgy residingin a
      flesh and blood body a flesh and blood body that absolutly must me as
      its host to survive .

      Science teaches us that no part of our body moves or functions
      without a prior command from the brain to do so be it a concsious or
      unconcsious command the body cannot function without this command
      I break away from science when it comes to the idea the brain does
      its work alone, I personnaly believe the brain is another vessel we
      use, although we may have preprogramed some things to function
      automaticly, and the brain acting like our own built in organic
      computer activate preset programs and carrying out commands and
      storing information. we are at the keyboard and mouse of the brain
      telling it too . So if I am correct about what life is then. my next
      question might be what do we know about energy, science tells us
      energy can be niether created or destoyed it can only change forms,
      if that be true then life must continue whether the body does or not,
      more over though this also means we have all always existed whether
      we know it or not in one form or another.We may not have always been
      concsious aware energy but we have always existed as energy none the
      less perhaps gaing awareness and becoming concsious and aware as we
      changed form. the more I think about this the more convinced I become
      that not only do we live after we leave our body but we lived before
      we entered our body as well.I would love others thoughts on this.
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